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Charactersatwork theuseofpersonasinproductmanagement-brainmates-100712051602-phpapp02


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  • 1. Characters at workThe use of personas in product management Page no. White paper | presentation July 2010
  • 2. OverviewAdrienne Tan, co-founder of brainmates has published a white paperon a topic that is highly relevant to product managers. The origin of the persona tool Use of personas and their benefits Types of persona including primary and secondary buyers, negative personas and family personas Tips and guidelines on good persona development Ways to avoid pitfalls and challenges related to personas To get your free copy of the white paper please email
  • 3. Product managers love to solve problemsEffective product management requires practitioners to solvelucrative customer problems that drive significant value forbusinesses over a period of time.The brainmates Product DeliveryCycle provides a structure thatdefines tools and activities thathelp companies deliverprofitable products and servicesPersonas can be used to help todefine, develop and deployproducts that solve customerproblems.
  • 4. What are personas?
  • 5. A key tool for product managers User personas are “archetypical” customers of a product or service User personas bridge the gap between an abstract target market group and real customers. Developing a persona helps product managers focus on the goals, motivations and behaviours of their target customer and provides a meaningful way of focussing on the whole target market group.
  • 6. Benefits of creating personas
  • 7. Benefits of creating personas Encourage product managers to think of the buyer and/or user oftheir product Distil large target markets into a single person that stakeholders canrelate to and understand Provide a focal point for planning and help solve disagreementsover product decisions Provide product managers with solid evidence against other interestgroups who are making uninformed or snap decisions
  • 8. It’s easier to satisfy your customerwhen you know your customer
  • 9. Developing a persona helps keep product definition and development focused on the customer which in turn leads to revenue generation and achievement of business goals and objectivesKnowing the customer helps businesses to make the right productdecisions and deliver optimal value to the customerIf the customer’s needs and wants are met then customers aremore likely to be satisfied.This will help the business to differentiate and stand-out from thecompetition
  • 10. A brief history of personas 10
  • 11. A brief history of personas The term user persona was coined by Alan Cooper in 1998 in hisbook ‘The inmates are running the asylum’ User personas were borne to prevent software from beingdeveloped in an ad hoc, random or accidental manner User personas helped teams ensure products were user driven,not feature driven Personas are now a heavily researched area of productmanagement, development and related disciplines
  • 12. Use of personas todayProduct managers, user experience designers and developers usepersonas to:  Fuel ideation and development processes  Create products and services including physical goods, retail experiences, software applications and more  Test, refine and improve the experiences involved in using products and services  Anticipate future opportunities  Identify factors of value on which to differentiate from competitors
  • 13. Types of personas 13
  • 14. Types of personasSeveral personas can be created and each provides different insightsthat help in product design, development and deployment  Primary persona  Secondary persona  Negative persona  Group or family persona Learn more about the definition, development of, and uses of each of these person types in the full white paper. Freely available by contacting
  • 15. When to create personasPersonas should be developed during the Product Planning stageThe Market Requirementsarticulate customerrequirements which may includebuyers and users.It’s best to ensure a solidunderstanding of the ‘customer’before preparing requirementsthat feed into later stages ofproduct requirements
  • 16. How to create personas 16
  • 17. How to create personasCreating personas requires a combination of quantitative andqualitative analysis. The steps below explain the subsequent processand these are defined in full detail in the white paper. 1. Market segmentation 2. Customer research – primary and secondary 3. Complete persona – using the brainmates persona template To get your free copy of the white paper please email
  • 18. Persona beware!There are some common pitfalls and risks associated withcreating personas: Be focused – where appropriate, it’s better to create multiplepersonas than to try to wrap different customers into one Don’t act on assumptions or hunches – base persona details onreal, accurate and validated information Ensure you review personas with all stakeholders – customerservice, operations, sales, research, marketing and other staff Where possible, gather direct input from real customers
  • 19. Ultimately, it’s aboutunderstanding your customers 19
  • 20. ConclusionsThe use of personas in product management and related disciplinescan help internal and external stakeholders to better understand thetarget market and customers.These ‘Characters’ help bring life to otherwise dry and complexstatistics and profiles.Personas transform data and details into true and meaningful insight.Personas are a useful tool for product managers in the definition,development and deployment of products and services
  • 21. Request the white paperemail request your free copy
  • 22. Product innovation and design.brainmates leads companies to define, develop anddeploy customer-centric products and services.Phone: +61 (2) 9232 8147Email: Page no.