Certified Planning Engineer , a must have credential for planning and scheduling professional


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Planning engineers oversee the operation of a particular project along with the project manager. This could be either at site or in an office depending on the stage of the project. The largest projects are carried out on behalf of oil companies, construction companies, governments and the rail network. Planning engineers are responsible for working out a sequence of activities that are required to complete a project and linking them all together using the resources to the best possible effect.

This Certified Planning Engineer certification program is to recognize professionals who meet demanding requirements of planning and scheduling a project and who has worked alongside a project manager in delivering engineering types of project.

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Certified Planning Engineer , a must have credential for planning and scheduling professional

  1. 1. The Certified Planning Engineer CPE certification program is targeted at individual who is responsible for planning and scheduling project activities. Targeted at information technology industry, manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, and engineering services. A planning engineer work closely with the project manager to sequence project activities that are required to complete a project and linking them all together using the available resources and subject to the project constraints to develop the project plan. During the project planning phase, planning engineer create plans and schedules and figure out what materials and equipment will be needed as well as estimate the expected amount of labor in terms of people and cost. In addition, they often calculate the projected overall cost of the project as well as the time line for completion. This certification program is a professional credential for individual to be recognized as a certified planning engineer, and those seeking a rewarding career and compensation package toward a planning manager position. Global Academy of Finance & Management GAFM® The Global Academy of Finance and Management International Board of Standards (IBS) issues the CPE Certified Planning Engineer to qualified applicants who have met our requirements of: Education, Training, Experience, Industry Knowledge, Ethics, and Continuing Education. Get this credential if you want to make a difference and take advantage of the vast job opportunities in project management across the globe. Target Participant Individual with a minimum of two years experience in project management, individual who need to secure senior position (eg. planning manager, project engineer); better employment opportunities and compensation package in oil and gas, manufacturing, construction industry. International Board of Standards GAFM ® Board of Standards has been Accredited by the TÜV Technischer Überwachungs-Verein Österreich, a 140 years old EU/Austrian Technical Inspection Association) which works to validate the quality of products and services of all kinds to protect the public and for safety. Our GAFM and Board of Standards Makes History and Becomes First EU/US Based Certification Body to Achieve Training Accreditation as an: ISO 29990 Certified for Non Formal Training . © Copyright GAFM® Certified Planning ENGINEER
  2. 2. © Copyright GAFM®© Copyright GAFM® GAFM CPE Module One Initiating the Project How the project was originated; the project management body of knowledge and the associated processes involved in the project life cycle; project governance; stakeholders roles and responsibilities; developing the Project Charter and a high level Project Plan. To manage a project successfully it is important for a Project Manager to have the essential skills which include leadership skills, negotiation skills and communication skills. GAFM CPE Module Two Planning the Project Planning is the most time consuming task of any project. Key areas include definition of the project boundaries and scope; identifying and planning for resources; procurement of materials; scope of work for sub-contractors; planning the time required to execute project activities; identifying the risk affecting project scope; confirming the quality requirements; and producing key planning documents which include among others are Project Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Quality Management Plan. GAFM CPE Module Three Scope Verification • Reviewing the scope of work, client requirements, division of responsibility, project objectives and constraints to develop the strategy for effective project delivery. • Identifying major activities to be performed and the preferred sequence in which they are to be accomplished. • Developing an integrated plan to effectively execute the scope of work and meet project objectives by identifying cost/schedule areas for the further definition of the scope of work. • Coordinating with project management. GAFM CPE Module Four Project Schedule Development • Develop a project schedule that includes the entire project scope of work, client requirements, schedule hierarchy, division of responsibility, schedule review, approval requirements, and distribution. • Developing a master project schedule, identifying major milestones to achieve the project completion date. • Developing detailed schedules by WBS, and assigning costs, labor, and equipment to each activity to determine progress requirements to meet the project completion date. • Obtaining project team schedule review and approval GAFM CPE Module Five Executing, Monitoring, Controlling the Project and Reporting the Project Status Project Integration Management is the most important component of the nine project management body of knowledge. Continuous monitoring of the risk affecting the project scope, schedule, and cost; handling project issues; managing change; and communicating project status are the common activities involved in the execution and controlling phase.
  3. 3. Global Alliances © Copyright GAFM® Program duration : 4 Days The program includes • Training services • Examination • Certification • 2 years membership • Shipping of certification document © Copyright GAFM®