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  • 1. Thinking Technology Check my sweet technology theme
  • 2. (pause for applause)
  • 3. Hold on…. • What?!?! A computer that exceeds human intelligence? But that‟s mad!
  • 4. Personal Notes I like cheese. And apples. Amber, please take out I bet cheese and apples would a piece of paper and a be a great combination. pen. I know they would.
  • 5. So what? • Piece of paper becomes part of ones “permanent memory trace” • Problems: “Receptive capacity soon exhausted” • The advantage of permanence may become obsolete once one “no longer want to retain it in (ones) memory”. • Mnemic System
  • 6. Could slate be the solution?!?! • Slate provides a place to keep information until it‟s no longer needed, when it is erased. • Problems: In order to store new information, old information must be erased, one cannot “preserve a permanent trace” • Analogous of human‟s pept. cn.
  • 7. Why is he raving about paper and slate? • Fraud did it as an analogy for human‟s suppression and repression of information we receive.
  • 8. Derrida • “Does it change anything that Freud did not know about computers?”
  • 9. Computers are smart. • RAM = slate • Hard-drive = piece of paper that can be added to make larger • So how are they different to us?
  • 10. Consciousness Murphie and Potts discuss consciousness as being described as: • Emotion • Perception • Cogitation • Creativity • Memory • The sense of self.
  • 11. Things to consider Thought relies… • on techniques and technologies (writing, communication, mnemonics) • on systems (dialectical method, computers) • on techniques, technologies and systems to give the illusion of something separate from these.
  • 12. Point of this presentation? • Think about it…
  • 13. Reference List • Freud, Sigmund (1971) “A note upon the mystic writing pad” in Freud, Sigmund The complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud, Vol. 19, trans J. Strachey, London: The Hogarth Press, pp 226-232 • Derrida, Jacques (1996) Archive fever: a freudian impression trans. Eric Prenowitz, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp 7-23 • Murphie, Andrew and Potts, John (2003) „Technology, thought and conciousness‟ in Culture and technology, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 142-168 • Kozulin, A. (1990). Vygotsky's psychology: A biography of Ideas. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.