Jumu'ah- tul-wida


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This slide presentation is about Jumu'ah-Tul-Wida, last Friday of Ramadan. It provides few important points for reflection and action

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  • Jumu'ah- tul-wida

    1. 1. Khutbah given at Masjid Da’wah, Bonifay, FL on July, 25, 2014
    2. 2. 1. Day of recalling the purpose of Ramadan 2. Day of Shukr 3. Day of Glorifying Allah 4. Ramadan an honored guest- about to depart 5. Day of sadness and regret 6. Day of happiness 7. Day of accountability 8. Day of planning for coming year 9. Day of special Dua 10. Ramadan left 2 kinds of Muslims 11. An Innovation in relation to last Friday of Ramadan
    3. 3.  Taqwa is very comprehensive word. It is inclusive of all that is good. Its real meaning is to fulfill what is obligated by Allah (SWT) and to refrain from what Allah(SWT) has forbidden. It is to be done sincerely for Him and for His love. It is to be done to attain His rewards and with the fear of His chastisement.
    4. 4. Shield
    5. 5. he seven heavens and the earth and all beings therein declare His glory: there not a thing but celebrates His praise; and yet ye understand not how they declare His glory! Verily He is Oft- Forbearing Most Forgiving. (Isra,17:44)
    6. 6.  Salman Al Farsl(R) reported Prophet(SAW) said In a sermon in the last of Shaban::«  A great month, a blessed month,  A month containing, a night which Is better than a thousand months,  God has ordained the fasting during it as an obligation, and passing of Its nights In prayer as a voluntary practice.  If someone draws near to God during Ramadan with some good deed he will be like one who fulfills an obligatory duty in another month.  It is the month of endurance and the reward of endurance Is paradise.  This is the month of sharing with others,  A month In which the believer's provision (RIzk) is increased.  If someone gives one, who has been fasting, something to break the fast, It will provide forgiveness of his sins and save him from hell, and he will have reward equal to his without his reward being diminished in any respect.
    7. 7. Say: "In the Bounty of Allah and in His Mercy in that let them rejoice": that is better than the (wealth) they hoard. (Yunus,10:58) •Believers rejoice this day for fulfilling the obligations upon them in the month of Ramadan • They celebrate this day for the fulfillment of the promise of forgivenes from Allah (SWT) •They rejoice for the hope of Mercy and rewards from Allah (SWT). •They are happy that through acceptance of their fasting, they will enter Jannah through door of Rayyan.
    8. 8. We needs to reflect : • Did we fast properly as required? •Ask Allah’s forgiveness for the mistakes and shortcomings •Do Tauabah for sins committed knowingly or otherwise •Make intention to improve our deeds in the submission of • Allah
    9. 9.  Recitation, memorization and understanding of Quran  Salah with congregation  Tahajjud  Optional Salah or nawafil  Optional fasting  Spending in the way of Allah to help needy  Learn and teach Al Islam  Seek company of righteous  Dawah to Al Islam
    10. 10. The fortunate are the ones who: •Used their time in Ramadan to work for the Hereafter •Neither worldly commitment nor its desires distracted them from fulfilling the rights of Allah. •All their sins are forgiven
    11. 11.  Some Imams offer five Salahs (Prayers) in Ramadan after the last Jumu’ah Prayer, with an Adhan and Iqamah for each. They call it Salat-ul-Qada’ Al-’Umry (making up for Prayer once in a lifetime).  The common people perform it, as its name denotes, to make up for all the missed Salahs in one’s entire life;  The Imams offer it to compensate for the imperfect parts of their Salahs, and they blame everyone who does not offer it  It was neither reported from the Prophet - ‫وسلم‬ ‫عليه‬ ‫هللا‬ ‫صلى‬- nor from his Sahabah or the Imams of guidance that they offered this Salah or urged people to do it.