Learning to live in your own special style !


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"To live is the rarest thing in this world, most people just exist" - Oscar Wilde.
I totally concur with these words. We seem to have un-necessarily complicated our lives today. Although, we are breathing , yet we have somehow elapsed the simple principles of living. Here are some simple and realistic ways I could think of that we need to bring into our lives to make our stay on this planet worth living !

Here are Nine Ways to Live Your life, Not Simply Exist !

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Learning to live in your own special style !

  1. 1. Not only does it make sense to Enjoy your life in your own Blissful Realm, but also it is so much relieving that you do not need to act, talk , work and be the person who You are actually not. Dr Sonica Krishan
  2. 2. You don't need to be a spendthrift, but as much you can allow yourself - Live in Abundance, Breath in Gratitude and Attract his Grace! Dr Sonica Krishan
  3. 3. Life is Temporary, then why bind ourselves with Permanent Obsessions. We need to learn to allow ourselves to be a little Carefree, a little Liberated. Dr Sonica Krishan
  4. 4. Keep a regular watch on your Thoughts. Practicing Meditation c ould be highly supportive to keep watch on your mind's projections. Our worst Enemies are our own Thoughts! Dr Sonica Krishan
  5. 5. Silence and Serenity are synonyms. This means if we want Peace and Composure in our lives, we need to value Silence Dr Sonica Krishan
  6. 6. We must always bear in mind to Thank Him for all the troubles that we do not have and also Stop Complaining for the troubles we have. Dr Sonica Krishan
  7. 7. Discover the Purpose of your Life, Dwell in it sincerely and Rejoice. This is your Gift back to the Almighty, who has gifted you with the paramount excellence of Human Birth ! Dr Sonica Krishan
  8. 8. When we are occasionally bewildered by Tough Times, we must understand that these are those Precious Moments in Life, which would in some way sooner or later lead us to emerge as Successful Entity. Dr Sonica Krishan
  9. 9. Make yourself internally Strong and Efficient, so as to take charge of your Mental state now. Expand the 'Spiritual' you, irrespective to the age you belong. It has to be Now, or it could be Never. Dr Sonica Krishan