Iop part 7 values and ideals


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  • AbundanceAcceptanceAccessibilityAccomplishmentAccuracyAchievementAcknowledgementActivenessAdaptabilityAdorationAdroitnessAdventureAffectionAffluenceAggressivenessAgilityAlertnessAltruismAmbitionAmusementAnticipationAppreciationApproachabilityArticulacyAssertivenessAssuranceAttentivenessAttractivenessAudacityAvailabilityAwarenessAweBalanceBeautyBeing the bestBelongingBenevolenceBlissBoldnessBraveryBrillianceBuoyancyCalmnessCamaraderieCandorCapabilityCareCarefulnessCelebrityCertaintyChallengeCharityCharmChastityCheerfulnessClarityCleanlinessClear-mindednessClevernessClosenessComfortCommitmentCompassionCompletionComposureConcentrationConfidenceConformityCongruencyConnectionConsciousnessConsistencyContentmentContinuityContributionControlConvictionConvivialityCoolnessCooperationCordialityCorrectnessCourageCourtesyCraftinessCreativityCredibilityCunningCuriosityDaringDecisivenessDecorumDeferenceDelightDependabilityDepthDesireDeterminationDevotionDevoutnessDexterityDignityDiligenceDirectionDirectnessDisciplineDiscoveryDiscretionDiversityDominanceDreamingDriveDutyDynamismEagernessEconomyEcstasyEducationEffectivenessEfficiencyElationEleganceEmpathyEncouragementEnduranceEnergyEnjoymentEntertainmentEnthusiasmExcellenceExcitementExhilarationExpectancyExpediencyExperienceExpertiseExplorationExpressivenessExtravaganceExtroversionExuberanceFairnessFaithFameFamilyFascinationFashionFearlessnessFerocityFidelityFiercenessFinancial independenceFirmnessFitnessFlexibilityFlowFluencyFocusFortitudeFranknessFreedomFriendlinessFrugalityFunGallantryGenerosityGentilityGivingGraceGratitudeGregariousnessGrowthGuidanceHappinessHarmonyHealthHeartHelpfulnessHeroismHolinessHonestyHonorHopefulnessHospitalityHumilityHumorHygieneImaginationImpactImpartialityIndependenceIndustryIngenuityInquisitivenessInsightfulnessInspirationIntegrityIntelligenceIntensityIntimacyIntrepidnessIntroversionIntuitionIntuitivenessInventivenessInvestingJoyJudiciousnessJusticeKeennessKindnessKnowledgeLeadershipLearningLiberationLibertyLivelinessLogicLongevityLoveLoyaltyMajestyMaking a differenceMasteryMaturityMeeknessMellownessMeticulousnessMindfulnessModestyMotivationMysteriousnessNeatnessNerveObedienceOpen-mindednessOpennessOptimismOrderOrganizationOriginalityOutlandishnessOutrageousnessPassionPeacePerceptivenessPerfectionPerkinessPerseverancePersistencePersuasivenessPhilanthropyPietyPlayfulnessPleasantnessPleasurePoisePolishPopularityPotencyPowerPracticalityPragmatismPrecisionPreparednessPresencePrivacyProactivityProfessionalismProsperityPrudencePunctualityPurityRealismReasonReasonablenessRecognitionRecreationRefinementReflectionRelaxationReliabilityReligiousnessResilienceResolutionResolveResourcefulnessRespectRestRestraintReverenceRichnessRigorSacrednessSacrificeSagacitySaintlinessSanguinitySatisfactionSecuritySelf-controlSelflessnessSelf-relianceSensitivitySensualitySerenityServiceSexualitySharingShrewdnessSignificanceSilenceSillinessSimplicitySinceritySkillfulnessSolidaritySolitudeSoundnessSpeedSpiritSpiritualitySpontaneitySpunkStabilityStealthStillnessStrengthStructureSuccessSupportSupremacySurpriseSympathySynergyTeamworkTemperanceThankfulnessThoroughnessThoughtfulnessThriftTidinessTimelinessTraditionalismTranquilityTranscendenceTrustTrustworthinessTruthUnderstandingUnflappabilityUniquenessUnityUsefulnessUtilityValorVarietyVictoryVigorVirtueVisionVitalityVivacityWarmthWatchfulnessWealthWillfulnessWillingnessWinningWisdomWittinessWonderYouthfulnessZeal
  • Iop part 7 values and ideals

    1. 1. Review Last Week0 For each of the following identify 1. How will you know when you have achieved your goal 2. What do you need to learn, and how are you going to do it? 3. What do you need to do---specifically? 4. 1 way you can maintain your motivation? 0 To get in shape 0 To stay clean 0 To improve your social circle 0 To improve your parenting skills
    2. 2. Objectives0 Self-discover0 Clarify your deeply important character values and life goals.0 Envision the ideal characteristics for each of your various roles and relationships in life.
    3. 3. Self-Discovery0 Many addicts have forgotten who they are (if they ever knew)0 Addiction encourages people to be chameleons in order to get acceptance0 Growing up in an addicted household teaches people not to trust, feel or speak
    4. 4. Activity0 Identify the 10 people who you spent the most time with or who were most influential in your life. Can include family, friends, neighbors, coaches, ministers, teachers, bosses etc. 0 For each of those people, identify what they taught you about… 0 Yourself 0 What is important in life 0 What you do not want to be like or do0 What did the media (television, music, magazines) teach you about… 0 Yourself 0 What is important in life 0 What you do not want to be like or do
    5. 5. Activity0 Who Says…. 0 In the previous activity, you identified what values and messages you got from other people. Review each of those messages 0 Do you agree with them? Why or why not? 0 If your child or best friend did not have one of these qualities, would you care about them less?
    6. 6. Activity0 Think back and list who your mentors or idols were at each of the following ages: 0 Middle School 0 High School 0 Early 20s 0 Now0 What was it about them that you admired?
    7. 7. Activity0 Break up into small groups0 Review several magazines such as People, Oprah, Redbook, Family Circle, GQ, Sports Illustrated 0 Look at the articles and advertisments. 0 What are they telling you about? 0 Why is this important/Why do you (or the average person) care? 0 What values and ideas are they communicating to you? 0 How would the people in the magazine define success?
    8. 8. Success0 People define success differently.0 Did you agree with mainstream media’s portrayal of what success means?0 On your paper, make 4 columns (landscape)0 On the left side of your paper, list what success means to you0 In the 2nd column, define that characteristic in observable terms (What would that look like)0 In the third column, identify how your current behaviors prevent you from achieving each of the characteristics0 The 4th column is your homework
    9. 9. Homework0 Review your vision of success0 Identify one thing you can start doing to achieve each characteristic listed 0 Example: 0 Success means being happy. 0 I will know I am happy when I am able to notice and appreciate the little things every day. 0 I am preventing that right now by using too much energy being angry and resentful and trying to control things over which I have no control 0 To achieve this goal, I can start saying the serenity prayer to remind me to let go of the things I cannot control