Iop part 3 -proactive intro to 12 steps


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Iop part 3 -proactive intro to 12 steps

  1. 1. Review of Last Week0 What did you learn about the patterns of mental health, physical health and substance abuse issues in your family? 0 People who feel crappy –due to physical problems or mental health issues – are more likely to develop addictions as a way to try and feel better 0 Many people who come from addicted families learn that substances are a way to cope, instead of developing good coping skills.0 What 2 things did you identify that you could do to help yourself feel better? 0 Why/how do they help you feel better? 0 What changes do you notice in yourself when you do those things?
  2. 2. Be Proactive0 Take initiative by realizing that your decisions (and how they align with your values and principles) are the primary determining factor for happiness in your life.0 Take responsibility for your choices and the subsequent consequences that follow.
  3. 3. Activity0 Addicted vs. Sober 0 Make 2 columns on your paper/white board 0 Label one “Addicted” and the other “Sober” 0 Spend 5 minutes brainstorming characteristics of the “ideal addict.” 0 Spend 5 minutes brainstorming characteristics of the “ideal sober person.” 0 Compare and contrast the two. 0 Which is easier? Better? 0 Which type of person would you rather be around and why? 0 Now identify which characteristics of each you currently have *Remember that sobriety is a way of life, not just being clean
  4. 4. Defining Values and Principles0 Honesty (Head-Heart-Gut) 0 With Self 0 With Others 0 What decisions have you made in the past 6 months which related toward honesty with yourself or others? 0 How does dishonesty serve as a relapse trigger?0 Hope 0 Belief that things can get better 0 What has happened or what have you done to increase your hope and positive outlook?
  5. 5. 0 Faith 0 In self 0 I have faith that I _______________________ 0 In others 0 Who do you have faith in? Why? 0 In Good Orderly Direction 0 What is Good Orderly Direction0 Compassion/Brotherly Love 0 Toward others you do not know 0 To help deal with resentment/anger
  6. 6. 0 Courage 0 What does courage mean to you? 0 What do you do to build up your courage? 0 What things have you done this week that have required courage? 0 How did they turn out? 0 How did you feel afterward? 0 What things did you avoid because you were afraid? 0 What were you afraid of? 0 How could you deal with this next time?
  7. 7. 0 Discipline and Consistency 0 What do they mean to you? 0 What is the difference between discipline and motivation? 0 How do you help yourself stay disciplined/motivated?
  8. 8. Taking Responsibility0 For Choices and Actions 0 Make informed, thoughtful choices 0 Think before you act 0 Addicts are impulsive. Sober people choose long-term goals over immediate gratification 0 What is one choice or decision you made this week that was impulsive or just plain wrong? How did you feel about it? What did you do next? 0 What is one choice or decision you made this week that was positive? How did you feel about it?
  9. 9. Responsibility cont…0 For Feelings 0 Start with “I feel” or “I felt,” not “You made me feel…” 0 Anger/Anxiety/Depression are feelings that tell us to do something 0 You have the ability to evaluate the feeling to determine if it is worth the energy 0 You have the ability to do something to change the situation or your feelings about the situation
  10. 10. In Practice0 How did each of the following decisions align with your values and principles, and impact your happiness? 0 You decided to come to group today 0 You decided to go to work 0 You decided not to use 0 You decided not to get upset at the slow cashier and the long line.
  11. 11. Homework0 Review your Addicted vs. Sober worksheet0 Circle each characteristic you want to change (i.e. being manipulative, impulsive, undependable etc.)0 List three (3) ways you could change each 0 Example: 0 Manipulative: Put other people’s feelings first, _____________, _____________ 0 Impulsive: Decide to think things over before saying yes or no, _______________, _______________ 0 Undependable: Keep calendar and review each morning, _______________, ______________