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  • 1. WHITE PAPER enabling successful business change How to drive a step change in the on-time on-budget execution of important business change programmes
  • 2. How to drive a step change in the on-time on-budget execution of important business change programmes Managing the successful execution of important business change programmes has become even more critical for executives looking to achieve a step change in performance. The success of strategic initiatives, whether at the organisational level or within business units or functions, can dramatically impact the underlying value of an enterprise, its cash flows, relationships with its customers and the morale of its people. At KeyedInTM Solutions we understand the importance of transformation, business acquisitions and large change programmes; we also know how these programmes can generate significant levels of business risk if not executed on time and on budget. In some cases a poorly managed transformation can even lead to business failure. More commonly the inability to deliver the benefits expected or promised will result in business stagnation and negatively impact the business’ performance relative to its competitors. Many of the risks inherent in business change are to be found in poor execution and oversight, rather than management and their advisers having a bad strategy. From planning to execution there are critical risks that our solutions can help you manage. • Lack of uniformity and rigour in how initiatives and projects are proposed, budgets requested and assigned, and impacts supported and justified • Forecasting and planning activities not synchronised with subsequent project execution and management (too often a bottom up approach is taken rather than top down) • Senior management have no visibility around project execution including milestones, issues and benefits realisation leading to unnecessary surprises • Individual projects and initiatives are not synchronised with activities elsewhere so that dependencies are overlooked or ignored – sometimes leading to adverse impacts to customers and employees Enabling Successful Business Change KEY FACTS: • MANAGING THE SUCCESSFUL EXECUTION OF IMPORTANT BUSINESS CHANGE PROGRAMMES HAS BECOME EVEN MORE CRITICAL FOR EXECUTIVES LOOKING TO ACHIEVE A STEP CHANGE IN PERFORMANCE. • MANY OF THE RISKS INHERENT IN BUSINESS CHANGE ARE TO BE FOUND IN POOR EXECUTION AND OVERSIGHT, RATHER THAN MANAGEMENT AND THEIR ADVISERS HAVING A BAD STRATEGY. • IN THIS WHITEPAPER WE FOCUS ON HOW AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE DEPENDENCIES BETWEEN DIFFERENT INITIATIVES, AS WELL AS BUSINESS AS USUAL PROCESSES AND ACTIVITIES HELPS IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT CHANGE INITIATIVES, FROM DECISION MAKING AND PLANNING TO BENEFITS DELIVERY. www.keyedinpmo.co.uk 2
  • 3. A poorly managed business change programme or a transformation failure can have dramatic consequences for management teams and the businesses that they serve. • Negative market perceptions • Business interruptions or failure • Management loss or tenure • Inability to deliver expected benefits • Cost overruns • Diminished customer and supplier relationships • Talent flight We offer proven results A leading international provider of innovative value added services to independent pharmacists and pharmaceutical manufacturers across Europe, required a solution that would allow them to view the performance of a portfolio in multiple ways and at different levels (e.g. by programme and country). They also needed a solution that was simple to use, that kept training and implementation costs to a minimum, but at the same time would be scalable enough to cope with any unexpected growth in business projects. SaaS solutions provide a cost efficient and easy to use answer for many of our clients, both large and small, as was demonstrated when one of our larger clients, a global life and pensions business, implemented our PPM and PSA solutions. They required a solution to co-ordinate resource deployment across a large portfolio of projects. The processes and solution were rolled out across the group when they merged with another Life Insurance organisation. SaaS was also the preferred delivery model for a global pharmaceutical company based in the UK, as they implemented both our PPM and PSA solutions across multiple business units. Whilst each part of the business was working on different initiatives, they were consistently seeking the same benefits. www.keyedinpmo.co.uk 3 KEY FACTS: • A poorly managed business change programme or a transformation failure can have dramatic consequences for management teams and the businesses that they serve.
  • 4. At KeyedInTM Solutions we help our clients and their people successfully deliver large change programmes by delivering solutions that significantly reduce execution risk. We do this by ensuring that we understand our clients’ needs and strategies, and focus on the issues and challenges that could lead to an unsuccessful implementation. By combining our strong heritage, as a provider of programme management solutions, with a contemporary point of view on the transformation lifecycle, and leading insights delivered by our business partners, we bring a strong value proposition. Our Value Proposition Too often senior executives and stakeholders become frustrated that they are unable to manage the level of risk associated with the execution of strategically important change programmes and the high cost associated with the over-reliance on external consulting firms. The ever widening execution gap that separates strategic decision making from project related activities means that leadership can quickly lose sight of progress, and issues that can accumulate almost daily go unresolved. Our solutions and expertise can help bridge that gap. The Transformation and Business Change Lifecycle Business transformations and large change programmes can be complex and, to be successful, require organisational synchronisation and an understanding of the dependencies between different initiatives, as well as business as usual processes and activities. We understand the lifecycle of change and have applied our expertise, together with that of our business partners, to ensure that you have the right resources available to you as you work through the different stages: www.keyedinpmo.co.uk 4
  • 5. Best Practice Programme Management Solutions - Steps to Success Because we have our own Enterprise Programme Management Office framework (EPMO), developed by the experienced practitioners in our team, we have been able to develop our solutions to support the needs of executives and programme managers in a wide array of businesses and transformational initiatives. www.keyedinpmo.co.uk 5 Know - How Industry Enablers Transformation Levers Management 1. Determine 2. Design 3. Develop 4. Deploy 5. Deliver Benefits & ROI Improvement Opportunities Transformation Strategy Initiative Alignment Programme Management Benefits Realisation Transformation Strategy Transformational Change Roadmap Initiatives Developing an agile and results oriented culture Establishing process that drive quality operations Enabling greater IT Value Process People Technology
  • 6. 6 www.keyedinpmo.co.uk Roles & Responsibilities Strategy Business Case Decisions Executive Experience Real Industry Experience Consulting Industry Experience Review business cases Prioritise Approve/deny accordingly Ensure project summary rolls into PMO portfolio Tollgate reviews - review project value, budget, schedule, and issues Approve and coordinate communication and change management plans Re-visit project assumptions Approve transition and ongoing funding Review post completion analysis Review project opportunities Review benefits/value scoring Prioritise and provide approval to proceed with business case Create PMO processes and governance Develop standard tools and templates Chart of Authority Communicate goals Enterprise Programme Management Offices (EPMO) Project / Programme Managers Initiate detailed project planning Execute all activities Execute communication and change management plans Close out project/ transition budget Ongoing measurement of intended project benefits Complete Business Case Create Project Charter Fill out P&L Project template Identify projects Define benefits/value Gather supporting data & assumptions Having the right approach to developing your EPMO will be critical to the success of your change programme. It represents the link between the decisions that you make and the executional activities required to implement change and deliver benefits Establishing clear roles and responsibilities, and accountabilities, based on a sound approach to programme management will be vital. At KeyedInTM Solutions we have focused on a top down approach with our clients; making sure that the EPMO and senior executives have the tools they need to manage the performance of strategically important change initiatives, from decision making and planning to benefits delivery.
  • 7. 7 www.keyedinpmo.co.uk The “Perfect” Solution There is always a perfect solution. However, this can bring unnecessary complexity which can contribute to the very risks that need to be mitigated. Executive Experience Real Industry Experience Consulting Industry Experience Strategy Business Case Decisions Enterprise Programme Management Offices (EPMO) Library of Programmes & Projects Resource Plan Expenditure Plan Benefit Realisation Management Project & Programme Milestones Project/Programme Managers Task Based Planning Change Management Risk Management Project Status Reporting Progress Management Resource Scheduling Document Management Issue Management Management Reporting Create “To Do” Actions We work with our clients to introduce critical functionality first, with a focus on business outcomes, management oversight, reporting and enabling the right flow of information to the right people at the right time. The management of information at a higher level will create a pull effect from managers who appreciate the need to manage detail. Unlike many of our competitors we don’t want to sell you every bell and whistle because we understand the dangers that come with complexity. So while KeyedInTM Solutions can offer unrivalled functionality, we understand that each client is at a different stage of maturity in their ability to adopt enabling technology. So keep it simple, take a top down approach and only introduce the detailed functionality when it is needed and when it can be successfully embedded.
  • 8. 8 www.keyedinpmo.co.uk Steps to Failure - Avoid the “Bottom Up” Trap KeyedInTM Solutions has over 20 years experience implementing Project Portfolio Management solutions in large organisations. The experience gained has led to significant design changes to our solution aimed at producing a much more pragmatic approach which is much more likely to be successful when rolled out It isn’t always easy to keep your eye on the big picture and the EPMO has an important role in ensuring that teams stay focused on business outcomes. Without clear direction and reinforcement from business leaders, a change programme can take on a life of its own, with teams becoming mired in the complexity of enabling tools. An execution led “bottom up” approach assumes that everyone will use the system consistently and that they will update it in a timely manner. However, experience has shown us that few organisations ever achieve this level of compliance and virtually none of them can sustain this approach. Managers will revert to using technology that they are most comfortable with resulting in chaos. This creates a huge reporting overhead in an attempt to establish the full picture. Issues do not get highlighted in time and the business may need to bring in additional external resources to try to get projects back on track.
  • 9. 9 www.keyedinpmo.co.uk Executive Experience Real Industry Experience Consulting Real Industry Experience Strategy Business Case Decisions Project / Program Managers Task Based Planning Change Management Risk Management Project Status Reporting Progress Management Resource Scheduling Document Management Issue Management Management Reporting Create “To Do” Actions Enterprise Programme Management Offices (EPMO) Microsoft PowerPoint Increased Management Effort To Regain Control Increased Consulting Effort To Regain Control How Do We Work With You? As a client service organisation we focus on the needs and risks faced by each of our clients; starting with the executive management team and their strategy, we can assess each phase of their transformation plan or change programme, from strategy and business case to benefits delivery, to understand how our solutions can complement, add value and manage risk.
  • 10. 10 www.keyedinpmo.co.uk Top-Down Approach We see too many of our clients and our competitors deploying highly complex and expensive project management solutions that ultimately fail to deliver. We believe in a top-down approach, putting in place only those solutions that make sense and which are easy to implement. In short, we focus on business outcomes first, with technology as the enabler of progress and a means to identify unresolved issues: • Focus on the business objectives and desired outcomes of a project & programme delivery solution. • Specify the information you require to manage your business and avoid the practice of managers volunteering adhoc and unstructured information. • Avoid taking on unnecessary and impossible challenges – the most obvious one is that we need to recognise that different managers have different styles and it is folly to try to compel each manager to manage their projects in the same way. This is a people issue and not a tool issue. Rapid Deployment With no internal infrastructure and no internal IT support required, your software is deployed with a click of a button. Configuration is easy and with numerous user guides and tutorials available from our Resources Centre you will be up and running in no time. For more complex business requirements and larger implementations a series of tailored implementation services are available to ensure you maximise the benefits of the software.
  • 11. 11 www.keyedinpmo.co.uk Easy Upgrade With KeyedInTM Projects, software updates are automatic. Our Product Updates section provides a comprehensive overview of all of our new features, dashboards and reports. With no need to upgrade the software internally your overall cost of ownership is significantly reduced. Users are provided with significant notice of new releases and workshops are provided to familiarise users with new functionality. We Will Help You Get Up and Running Quickly We have a tailored implementation methodology that will help you to configure the solution to meet your organisations requirements, we can help load your data and we will train your people. Our business partners work with us and our clients to help set strategy, plan initiatives and develop business cases, so that we can be with you each step of the way. We recognise that getting the right data and making the right decisions are essential to any successful transformation or change programme. . KEY FACTS: • We see too many of our clients and our competitors deploying highly complex and expensive project management solutions that ultimately fail to deliver.
  • 12. About KeyedInTM Solutions KeyedIn Solutions drives business performance in project management with simplified SaaS solutions. We enable our customers to jettison the rigidity and expense of on-premise enterprise systems for more agile and cost-effective solutions – with no compromise on features or functionality. We focus on a handful of specialised vertical markets, such as professional services, where our experience enables us to offer expert consultancy and customisation to ensure our SaaS solutions dovetail perfectly with our customers’ requirements. Corporate Headquarters 5001 American Blvd West Suite 1010 Minneapolis, MN 55437, USA p +1 866 662 6820 www.keyedin.com EMEA Headquarters Maple House Woodland Park West Yorkshire, BD19 6BW, UK p +44 (0)1274 863300 Copyright © 2013 KeyedIn Solutions. All rights reserved. KIPR_UE_WP_ENABLING_0213 Part of the KeyedIn Solutions Business Portfolio