DrRic The Moorings Lecture on Hypertension (slide share edition)
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DrRic The Moorings Lecture on Hypertension (slide share edition)



Lecture given on the basics of hypertension and what to expect if you are diagnosed with it.

Lecture given on the basics of hypertension and what to expect if you are diagnosed with it.



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  • Just to understand better, let me show you how things work in the body
  • Blood flows in and out of chambers with the force of muscle contraction
  • Muscle fibers of the heart are broken down into tow simple filaments that slide and lock onto each other via calcium attraction- its called a sliding filament theory…..its fantasticThese green molecules called myosin are in a cocked or unwound spring phase without energy, they become electrically attracted to connect spots on the coiled protein-actin. The only way to expose the connect spots is to bath the pink area with calcium. When calcium is present and the “spring” then contracts. When energy or atp is produced by the mitochondria (powerhouse) the spring releases and cocks up again gets ready to pull the fiber along again. The process repeats until one fiber has slid down the entire length of the other fiber causing complete contraction of the entire muscle. Then calcium is taken away and the entire fiber complex relaxes back to startin length. This is important to know because when the calcium “bathing the acting” part is slowed down or limited, contraction is also limited. The theory of a calcium channel blocker pill
  • The body is a great instrument with very good feedback systems in place to regulate how hard the pump pushes. Barorecptors are found in the aorta and carotid located behind the sternum and in the neck. When the tissue here gets stretched or manipulated ( like tickling your side) electric impulses are sent to the brain and the brain suddenly says drop the pressure in the body by opening all the flood gates and emptying the lake-so bp drops suddenlyIn addition, the brain says slow down the heart rate fast and the pace of contraction is really slowed almost to a resting or sleeping state
  • In wrestling, it is called the “sleeper hold” or a choke, if tight enough, the heart will slow and bp will drop putting your opponent to “sleep”In the er the first and most primitive manuver to slow a fast heart rate is carotid massage, even before the iv lines get put in or medicine gets placed under the toungue
  • this is the vascular bed, not like the bed you sleep on but more like a flower bed, vast and when spread out flat=enormous one persons bed spread flat is almost the sqaure footage of a football fieldBlood vessels always travel in pairs…where there is an artery, there will be a vein right next to it. When oxygenated blood leaves the heart, it pumps to the very end of the artery then into the bed and out to the tissue….
  • Here is a pic of the very end of the artery where capillaries connect out and reach through the tissue to the veins. Remember around the arterys are circular muscles that when contracted, tighten like a blood pressure cuff. When the circular smooth muscle tightens it collapses the size of the artery and narrows the diameter/lumen. This can turn your high flow hose to just a drizzle. These circular muscles are also in the areas where the blood vessels enter into the capillary bed, they are called sphincters. When sphincters are tight, no flow occurs, when loose all the beds are flooded with blood. As I mentioned, this bed is the size of a football field, if I flood a football field it will take a lot of my blood to do so, of 6liters, my pressure will drop. This is what beta blockers can do (they also have another function to slow the rate of the pump but more later…)
  • Venules can open up and the “empty space” will pull the blood from the artery to the vein. So another method of dropping blood pressure is by having all the veins relax and open to encourage the blood to flow. The problem is if the vein is blocked or congested, blood wont flow and tissue can suffer and become ischemic (slow death), like a swollen leg or edema turning blue or purple
  • Bmi is important, it has been determined to be an ideal weight at which the human body will function best in all its systems

DrRic The Moorings Lecture on Hypertension (slide share edition) DrRic The Moorings Lecture on Hypertension (slide share edition) Presentation Transcript