DrRic The Heart of Yoga- Lotus Yoga (slide share edition)
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DrRic The Heart of Yoga- Lotus Yoga (slide share edition)



My talk given at Lotus Yoga 2012Feb

My talk given at Lotus Yoga 2012Feb



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  • Based on a survey of our patients, we found a consistent theme of what frustrates them about conventional medicine practices and why they felt First Health was different. Since identifying these 4 key areas, we have made a consistent effort to offer our absolute best to:Listen attentively to Patients concernsMake the patient the driving force as the center of careMinimize wait timesExplain all the options for treatment, and give the patient choices (medications, alternative medicine, nutritional medicine/supplementation, psychological medicine)
  • Design notes: list of providersWe want this to look much more inviting—these chairs are way too cold.Had thoughts about putting the actual providers in the chairs. Could be an actual live picture with a sample patient in the red chair or could be a group of providers sitting around the table.

DrRic The Heart of Yoga- Lotus Yoga (slide share edition) DrRic The Heart of Yoga- Lotus Yoga (slide share edition) Presentation Transcript

  • The Heart of Yoga Enrique Saguil, MD First Health AssociatesWe didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • Release:• This lecture is not meant to substitute for medical care• Please see your doctor for questions• A copy of this ppt is available by calling (847) 593-3330 Or friend DrRic Saguil
  • Ric Saguil, MDWe didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • The First Health Approach We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • Your Community of Care Ric Saguil, MD Jason Gruss, MD Tom Jordan, RD Katrina Christie, LCPC Jennifer Green, ND Joe Musolino, DC Emery Paredes, PT Courtney Day, EP Aimee Weber, EP Yu Zhu, MD China You
  • What is this thing in our chest?
  • Sir Isaac Newton followers:• It’s made of muscle• It moves blood like a pump• It beats/contracts every second
  • Albert Einstein followers:• True seat of control for daily function• An area of radiating energy• A way into consciousness
  • Yogic practitioners:• A vortex of energy (Anahata)• Allows us to give and receive love without fear or attachment
  • What we learned in school –it gives life!
  • What we learned at the “physical” –its going to attack us The heart will die if cholesterol or blood pressure is too high AHA heart attack risk calc – americanheart.org
  • What we learn in some yoga classes
  • The Saguil Approach• Rescue• Stabilize• Grounding• Nutrition/Movement/Behavior• Flare up/maintenance planning
  • Rescue• Coronary artery disease
  • Western medicine• Bypass• Angioplasty• Medicines to increase heart function contractility preload lowering after load lowering
  • Probably not you?• 233,000 women die annually• 19416.7 women will die this month• 4854.2 women will die this week• 693.5 will die today• 28 women have died during this lecture• 1.5 million heart attacks annually• 500,000 die annually• Cardiac event every 26 seconds• 1 Death every minute
  • • Chest discomfort• Discomfort in other areas of the upper body• Shortness of breath• Other-cold sweat, lightheadedness, nausea
  • Think you are smart enough to wait?• 60% of men is massive MI or death• 50% of women is massive MI or death Alberto Salazar …who should run to get a physical next week?
  • Soft Rescue-Risk Screening• History and Physical/ekg• BMI/BP/waist to hip ratio• Homocysteine/Cardiac CRP reynoldsriskscore.org• Fasting lipid/Fractionated lipid• Exercise stress echo/thallium• Ultrafast CT scanning of the heart
  • The Saguil Approach• Rescue• Stabilize• Grounding• Nutrition/Movement/Behavior• Flare up/maintenance planning
  • Stabilize and plan the wean• Return to ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living)• Plan sustainable changes.• Plan to get off rescue meds with diet, grounding and movement• Or lower side effect stabilizing med/s
  • Meds:• Asa - daily• HCTZ – 50 daily• Beta blocker – bid• Ace inhibitor 1-2xday• Calcium channel blocker – 1-2xday• Nitroglycerin – 2xday• Coumadin – daily• On and on and on….they do work to “normalize” the numbers
  • Dr Saguil’s Special Forces:• The concept of “Grounding” with - Nutrition/Behavior/Movement Registered Dietician Behavioral Health Exercise Physiologist Yoga?
  • Who to trust your heart to?• Nutrition• Managing stress• Fitness/Yoga• Love, Intimacy, Support Now covered by• 28 patients for 1 year Medicare!!• Low fat vegetarian• Stop smoking• Stress management Dean Ornish’s Program• Moderate exercise• 82% experimental group had reversal of heart disease 1yr …more reversal 5yr
  • Western -maintenance goals• Control blood pressure medicines• Control cholesterol medicines• Control diabetes medicines• Prolong life? medicines/surgery• Nutrition and exercise uncovered benefit (HSA/Flex?) “Get your annual numbers in line”
  • Alternative -maintenance goals• Eat properly FFFF• Poop properly “• Move Yoga/Qi Gong• Sleep “• Commune/contribute Service to others• Love Behavior “Lack of disease does not equate health”
  • Fat’s where it’s at• Monounsaturated• No vegetable oils• Olive oil/macadamia nut oil/toasted sesame seed oil/walnut oil
  • Fiber• Changes satiety• Slows absorption• Pulls cholesterol• Adds bulk to stool/massages gi tract
  • Flat-curve carbs• Low glycemic index/load
  • Refined nutrition that “dumps insulin” GoGo Juice from Toddlers and Tiara’s star Anna Holler
  • Friendly herbs• Ashwaganda – anxiety 500 bid• Boswellia – inflammation 300 2-3xday• Guggul – cholesterol 500 tid for 3 months• Triphala – bowel regulation 1000 qhs• Gymnema – chew 3-4 xday
  • Dr Ric’s beginner supp’s…• Multivitamin (watch vit A, calcium)• Omega 3 fish oil• Vit D• Disease/medicine specific repleation:• Hawthorne• Tumeric• Coq10• Sshhh……until you maximize your nutrition!
  • Colorado Blizzard Feb 2012“There’s no more meat or lettuce!!!”
  • Learn three dishesLearn three spices
  • Dr Ric Fav’s• Roasted Asparagus Spears – OO, Fresh Garlic, Crushed Red Pepper, Salt - 350x12 min• Spinach/Garlic Stir Fry – OO, Spinach, Fresh Garlic, Grated Ginger, Oyster Sauce – Medx15min• Sockeye Salmon – OO, Salt, Pepper, Fresh Garlic, Tumeric P – 400x20min• Community Supported Agriculture!
  • Movement (exercise)• 150 m/week moderate exercise• 75 m/week of vigorous (vig/mod)• 30 m/day/5days/week• 10 m/3xd/5days/week• 2500 steps/day (ACSM high success than 10,000/d)• http://www.startwalkingnow.org/
  • Calories per hourActivity 100 lb 150 lb 200 lbBicycling, 6 mph 160 240 312Bicycling, 12 mph 270 410 534Jogging, 7 mph 610 920 1,230Jumping rope 500 750 1,000Running 5.5 mph 440 660 962Running, 10 mph 850 1,280 1,664Swimming, 25 yds/min 185 275 358Swimming, 50 yds/min 325 500 650Tennis, singles 265 400 535Walking, 2 mph 160 240 312Walking, 3 mph 210 320 416Walking, 4.5 mph 295 440 572
  • Energy Movement!!!!!• Einstein and quantum physics• Traditional Chinese medicine• Ayurveda/yoga• Reiki• Healing touch• Prayer/intention• Food/Plants/oils/aromatherapy
  • Ayurveda Whole System Approach to Energy System Approach• Chakras• Nadi’s• Marma point TCM’s points to reduce symptoms
  • Moving energy Do it yourselfHave it done to you
  • Asana that help open the heart energy Expand the chest and link to breath
  • Behavior-Love, Service, Grounding• Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (temp LV dys 4-6 wk)• Women with highest marital stress 3x higher for MI• Menstrual synchrony• Harmonic coherence… Living individually Group healing
  • Contestants ready….deep breath in …..and…..“Starting all together sounds off but time will improve tone automatically” -
  • Breathing as exercise? Inspiratory Reserve (potential forincreased lung volume) Normal in/out Expiratory Reserve
  • BAW/Yoga/Meditation• Stress reducing activity• Decreases bp,hr,rr,blood thickness• Shhhh!!! It also allows transformation!
  • Pranayama (BAM!)• Ujjayi Victory or Ocean• Nadi Shodana Nadi cleansing/ Alternate nostril• 4-7-8 Andy Weil 5-10 minutes beginning and ending your day
  • Meditation• Moving• Supported Tim Olmsted -Pres. Pema Chodron• Group Foundation -Spiritual Director Buddist Center• Open Steamboat Springs CO -Teaches with Yongey Rinpoche
  • Supported meditation• Sight -candle, mandala, image• Sound -singing bowl, nature, breath, om• Smell -aromatherapy, nature• Taste -mindful eating• Touch -healing touch, comfort, mala beads• Breath, mantra, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong• Keep the concept of “monkey mind” on a leash
  • Meditation timers Start: 5-10 minutes twice a day Maintain: 30 minutes twice a day to www.spotlightsix.com/iphone-meditation-timer
  • Flare Up/Maintenance planning• Re-conceptualize flare up pain• Plan Reassessment and Reset goals• Accountability is key
  • Bringing it back in Western style!
  • -The internal milieu is a continuous fight
  • How to choose the right tool for you? ? Get the right helpIntegrative medicine …."combines mainstream medical therapies and CAM therapiesfor which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of safety and effectiveness.“ www.integrativemedicine.arizona.edu
  • DrRic’s take home points1. Patient heal thy self,2. Find your own “center for healing”3. Use western medicine, but do your research4. If you find a doc that listens and is an example of health…never let go and share with others.
  • Q & A? Next Lecture: Hiking for Health Whole Foods Market Schaumburg March 10th (sat) 2-3pm (847) 585-5800 For future public appearances:DrRic onSaguil invent the practice of medicine…. We didn’t we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • Bibliography• Seven Countries Study Ancel Keys• Framingham Heart Study• Harvard Nurses Health Study• China Study T Colin Campbell• The Spectrum Dean Ornish• The Relaxation Response Herb Benson