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Winter brings cold and dry and if you are already "off", getting exposed to an infection can put you in the ER. These are some steps to facilitate healing. Please see my blog on the short version of ...

Winter brings cold and dry and if you are already "off", getting exposed to an infection can put you in the ER. These are some steps to facilitate healing. Please see my blog on the short version of what I recommend for patients- http://herbal411review.blogspot.com/2012/10/cold-and-flu-herbal-go-bag.html



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DrRic Colds coughs and caps presentation slideshare DrRic Colds coughs and caps presentation slideshare Presentation Transcript

  • Colds, Coughs and Capsules Enrique Saguil, M.D.We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • The First Health ApproachWe didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • Your Community of Care Ric Saguil, MD Jason Gruss, MD Tom Jordan, RD Katrina Christie, LCPC Jennifer Green, ND Joe Musolino, DC Emery Paredes, PT Aimee Weber, EP Yu Zhu, MD China You
  • Why Listen?• Knowledge will Empower• Empowering can Assist “Bodily Functions”• Assisting will- “Compress the Time Frame of Healing”• Compressing Time will Decrease GOMER’s – (the faster you get better, the less visits to the office or ER) Get Out of My Emergency Room
  • Lean Mean Fighting Machine Characteristics:• Nose filters and sticks particles• Bronchi spasms and ejects bacteria• Lung sacs engulf virus• Tonsils warehouse WBC’s for battle• White blood cells hunt/kill• Brain orchestrates coordinated defense• Muscle/skin contract, heat, contain• Gut spits things out (vomit and diarrhea)
  • The Nose• Nose is a filter (don’t trim too much)• Clean the filter twice a day (keep it sticky/clean)• Help decrease swelling (for better breathing)• Smell is turned off (nausea turned on)• Special mention Sinuses and Middle Ears: Keeping the nasal lining flat will decrease headache and ear pain We didn’t invent the practice of medicine…. we’re just changing the way it’s provided.
  • Keep the Nose functioning with:• Liquefy mucous (airborne/H2O) 5xday• Decongestants/Mucolytics (eucalyptus oil) 2-5xday• Quercetin 500mg twice a day at onset 2xday• Neti Pot or Simply Saline or Steam Cave 2xday• Khella –Nasalcrom 2xday• Astelin Nasal Rx (zyrtec/claritin D in spray on form) 2xday• Puffs Plus (prevents erosions from wiping)
  • The Sinuses• Sinus are necessary to “hollow out the skull” (<weight)• Lined with live tissue-same that makes nose snot• If the fire escape is blocked, the rooms don’t empty- when the nose is blocked, the sinus and inner ears don’t drain so accumulate pus, bacteria, pressure• Eustacian Tube Dysfunction/blockage causes crackling to the ear until the nose “unclogs”
  • Keep the Sinus cavities clear with:• Neti Pot or Simply Saline or Steam Cave 2xday• Facial massage/compress/acupuncture 2xday• Postural drainage (down dog, half moon, wheel) 2xday• Pelargonium – Umcka (South African Geranium) 5xday• Prescription Steroids (tabs or nasal spray) daily
  • The Lungs• Lung has tiny hairs that beat upward and out (cilia)• Lung air sacs have walls that secrete mucous• Lung is encircles by muscle that narrows the passage and blocks bad air from entering• Lung has a diaphragm that launches objects/bacteria/virus into space
  • Keeping Lungs Clear:• Steam Cave/Steamed up bathroom (Eucalyptus oil drops)• Liquefy (airborne and water till you pee clear every 2 hours)• Mucolytics (eucalyptus tincture/lozenges)• Khella –Intal inhaler (ok for kids)• Butterbur (antispasm/antiinflam) and Licorice Tea (mucilage)• Chest Pulmonary Therapy (scraping in TCM)• Bronchodilator prescription (asthma inhaler)• Maintain sleep/rest –Rx Tessalon/Codeine
  • Special Mention RX• Vitamin D3 helps steroid resistant response (>30ng/mL) 2000IU 2xday• Magnesium improved lung function COPD400mg 2xday• Vitamin C improved FEV1 in asthma 500mg2xday• Prednisone 5-day Burst Rx (watch sleep, sugar, sanity)• Influenza Vaccine
  • T and A• Tonsil and Adenoids –Guards at the Gate• Pop up in a second/Stay for months (like relatives!)• May add to snoring• Surgery relieves future pain but not infection
  • RX• Rx Pain control to help eat and drink• Chloraseptic/lozenges honey/gargles 4-5xday• Warm tea to sooth/popsicles to cool 4-5xday• Tea or Syrup (eucalyptus, thyme, licorice, camomile) 4-5xday• Reishi mushroom spray (New Chapter) 2 sprays 4xday• Butterbur (PA free)/Turmeric (with pepper) 2xday
  • WBC’s• Fall into the circulation with Stress Response• Relaxation Response important to turn off WBC’s when infection finished• Symptoms of infection can if infection gone but life is unhealthy• WBC’s go live with toxins/tobacco/tequila/taco bell (fast food)• Bad nutrition alters protective response of WBC so you cant fight infections
  • RX• Astragalus (capsules or sticks/tea) 20-30mg 3xday• Elderberry (syrup for kids or New Chapter/Garden of Life) 4-5xday• Hydration (airborne and water till you pee)• Sleep cycle while home from work or school (REM maintenance with valerian or melatonin) 30min before sleep• Multi vit/omega 3/vit D3 (part of standard daily nutrition)• Exercise/walking/deep breaths for prevention
  • Brain• Hypothalamus increases temp to kill bacteria• Cognitive function decreases/midbrain rules
  • “Be Cool”• Control temperature (acetominophen regular dosing) 5xday• Keep cool (watch for seizure with rapid change)• Don’t do your taxes/sign a contract• Keep sleep wake cycles intact (light and dark)
  • Muscle• Full body aches are from WBC chemicals• Fatigue is from no food or water• Cramps are from hydration• Strength lost by 20% in 1 week bedrest• Skin covering important to maintain hydration
  • RX• Hydration (airborne and water till you pee)• Acetaminophen (NSAID) 5xday• Magnesium 400mg 2xday• Turmeric with piperine/pepper about 750 2xday• Massage (oil/abhyanga) Shiatzu/Tui Na 2-3xday• Pan Away/Peppermint/Lavendar• Traumeel/homeopathics (with complicated hx see an ND)
  • GUT• Responsible for hydration/nutrition• Takes a lot of energy to run• Influenced by the brain in pain (nausea)• Great at protecting itself (too good)• Houses an army of billions (friendly flora)
  • Maximizing nutrition/minimizing further damage• Minimize further energy drainage• Maintain hydration (fuel can wait unless Diabetic)• No dairy (watch caffeine rebound)• BRAT diet (Bananas/Rice/Apple sauce/Toast) X 24hours• Advance as tolerated (begin antiinflammatory diet)• Zofran/Acupressure for nausea• Hemorrhoid Cream OTC• Probiotics daily
  • “Good Bacteria” in a bottle:• Yogurt =70 thousand bacteria• Most probiotics have =4 billion of bifidobacterium, lactobacillus -(GG, acidophyilus, rhamnosus, reuteri), Saccharomyces boulardii• For Antibiotic associated diarrhea -(S. boulardii, L GG Lactobacillus Sporogenes, L. reuteri)• For Regular Diarrhea -(Lactobacillus reuteri, L rhamnosus, S boulardi, bifodobacteria)• Rx probiotic VSL#3 =300billion of lactobacillus casei, L plantarum, L acidophilus, L delbreueckii, Bifidobacterium longum, B breve, B infantis Streptococcus salivarius
  • DrRic Summary• Brat diet/tea/no dairy x 24hours• Neti pot/nasacrom/postural drainage• Airborne and fluid (till you pee every 2 hours)• Garden of Life Immunity Sinus 4xday or• New Chapter Sinus Take Care• Probiotics daily• Vitamin D3 2000IU 2xday• New Chapter Life Shield Throat Defense 4xday• Ricola Eucalyptus/Eucalyptus oil/Thieves oil• If you start and antibiotic, just add on to the above
  • Creating a Template for Lifestyle Change January 12, 3-4pm Whole Foods Market Thanks for Listening! DrRic Saguil 2010 South Arlington Heights Road Arlington Heights, IL Phone: 847-593-3330 www.FirstHealthAssociates.com