Kerala development strategy for saving 35 million people


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Alternative development strategy for Kerala to save 35 million people is proposed.

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Kerala development strategy for saving 35 million people

  1. 1. KERALA : ALTERNATIVE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR SAVING THIRTY FIVE MILLION PEOPLE OF KERALA IN THE WAKE OF INCREASING POVERTY, POLLUTION AND ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM DR. RAJU M. MATHEW (Propounded Knowmatics & Mathew’s Theories of Knowledge; conducted research on Education, the Global Economic Crisis, Economics of Knowledge & Knowledge Industry besides Islam, Christianity and Hinduism)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTORY WORDS • This presentation is an expression of commitment towards the people of Kerala, especially the new generation youth and women and all the little children, without any fear or favor of the creators and beneficiaries of the rotten political, social, religious and economic systems. • It is the result of several years of independent study and research, started with the publication of my first book from England and America in 1981 and the subsequent works published from Rome, Moscow, the Hague and etc. appeared in several languages. • It is meant for discussions, debates and immediate follow up actions for ensuring a better life for over 35 million people in Kerala besides non- resident Keralites. What is required is a ‘New Kerala Model of Development’ to upgrade Kerala to the level of some European countries, that will be useful to the people of several other countries too. • Hope that at least school children and college or university students in Kerala become pro-active for the future of Kerala, over and above their political or religious affiliations. International experts and organizations can also do something for saving Kerala and its 35 million people.
  3. 3. KERALA’S IMPENDING PERIL • Kerala with 35 million people is heading towards a peril for the decline of employment opportunities in the Gulf and other parts of the world, negative growth of agriculture and industries and the stagnation of the service sector in Kerala. Education in Kerala is getting obsolete and irrelevant and politicalizsed at a mediocre level, especially universities. • The aspiration of the people for a high standard of living, though beyond their means, is the major reason for making quick or easy money, geometrically growing scams and financial crimes, growing frustration, alcoholism, crime, especially crime against women and the growing religious fundamentalism and terrorism besides high level political and administrative corruptions, unfair trade practices and food adulteration carried out by some well known branded companies. • The entire Kerala is turning as a garbage centre for poor waste management that pollutes the air, water and land, affecting the health of the people. For the lack of infrastructure development, high ways, cities and even village roads are over crowded., Kerala faces shortage of pure drinking water and power supply at least four to six months in spite of rain, some times floods for another five to six months . • The greatest curse of Kerala is the irresponsible and immature political leaderships of the Congress Party lead United Democratic Front (UDF) and Marxist Party lead Left Democratic Front (LDF) who are always on silly and sensational issues without any concern for the basic issues of the very survival and growth of 35 Million people in Kerala. The religious and communal leaderships are no way better than the petty minded and money hungry politicians of both UDF and LDF; BJP too is not an exception. All these factors contribute for the prevailing corruptions and inefficiency of the governmental machinery or public administration.
  4. 4. THE FALL OF ‘GOD’S OWN LAND’ • In the name of development, Kerala has been doing a lot of harm to its sensitive ecology or environment, by filling the ponds and streams and encroaching the banks of rivers and lakes, destroying forest belts, polluting almost all water sources, uprooting hills to fill wet and paddy lands besides mining sand and clay from highly fertile land. • Now Kerala depends over 80% of fruits and vegetable and over 90% of meat or chicken and 70% of milk that are consumed, to the other states in India. Most of these products are really inconsumable for the over dosage of deadly chemical fertilizers or insecticide or over-dosed growth hormones or cancer causing preservatives. Even the red chilly powder, yellow turmeric powder and even the raw or red rice with well known brands in Kerala are highly adulterated with deadly and cancer-causing chemicals. • The Government and the over-sensitive medias and channels and powerful leaders of Islam, Christianity and Hinduism in Kerala are ineffective in these serious matters for they are over-engaged in some financial scams or sex-related crimes or third-rate political controversies or problems of private schools or hospitals. They can also be easily bribed. The channels need advertisement and sponsorship; politicians and officials need bribes; religious leaders want power, money and prestige. • For the mounting organic and inorganic wastes and garbage, unhygienic surroundings, contaminated drinking water, multiplying mosquitoes and stray dogs, the poisonous and adulterated food, uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic drinks and above all unhealthy lifestyle, Kerala is turning into a land of chronically sick persons with cancer and heart patients; and thriving hospitals, medical shops and pharmacies. In Kerala healthcare has been reduced into over-dozed consumption of pharmaceutical products and drugs.
  5. 5. THE GREATEST TRAGEDY • The greatest tragedy of Kerala is its total failure : 1) to develop the talents and brain power of its children and youth for the primitive, corrupting and unscientific education system; 2) to tap the productive talents and the critical brainpower of its men and women for the poor planning and development strategy; 3) to provide a clean and healthy living conditions 4) to make use of its land in a scientific way ; 5) to keep its ponds, streams, rivers and lakes clean and pure; 6) to develop the minimum infrastructure for development and healthy living and 7) to protect the marginalized tribal and socially backward people. • These crimes and injustices have effectively been committed for the corruption, mismanagement and poor governance offered alternatively by the Congress-lead UDF and Marxist Party (CPM) lead LDF Governments for the last fifty years. They are not at all interested on the basic issues of the people. Less than five per cent of the brainpower and productive talents of the people of Kerala are utilized, though Kerala is endowed with some of the best brains and talents.
  6. 6. ECONOMICS AND POLITICS OF ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM • The three dominant religions in Kerala are Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Since the beginning of 90s, Islam in Kerala has been turning towards radicalism and fundamentalism. As a result, so many young and even well educated Muslim youth have been attracted towards fundamentalism and jihad movement. This has also provoked both the Hindus and the Christians, affecting religious harmony of Kerala besides tarnishing the centuries old image of Muslims in Kerala as the peace-loving, liberal and spiritual Muslims, quite different from the other parts of India. • The following site of the of the Pakistan Defense Forum gives a clear account of the gravity of Islamic Fundamentalism in Kerala in 2010 and the role of interest of Pakistan in flourishing Islamic Fundamentalism in Kerala. In 2013, situations have changed. Islamic fundamentalism gaining ground in Kerala - Pakistan Defence > Forum › World Affairs Nov 2, 2010 - Organisations from Goa (Citizen's Forum), Rajasthan (Community ... Islamic fundamentalism gaining ground in Kerala - • The major source of funding for training and recruiting Muslim boys and youth for fundamentalism, especially from lower and upper middle class Muslim families, giving them a lot of money for lavish spending, projecting them as the human rights or anti-corruption activists besides ‘True Muslims’ and spreading Islamic Fundamentalism in Kerala, comes from China through Pakistan via the Gulf countries. Both China and Pakistan have strategic interests, mainly political and economic rather than religious, to spread Islamic Fundamentalism and brand Muslims in Kerala as ‘Fundamentalists’ or ‘Radicals’. China is also involved in the growth of ‘Maoists’ in non-Muslim areas. • Islamic Fundamentalism has a very strong grip in Kerala, capable of influencing the affairs of the Congress –lead UDF and the Marxist Party-lead LDF through funding, money laundering and black-mailing the top leaders and providing supporters for election campaign or political rallies. It has its own say in most medias and channels in Kerala. The miraculous growth of some unknown business firms, both in Kerala and the Gulf Region, into multi-national enterprises during the last few years is closely associated with the funding of Pakistan or China for spreading Islamic Fundamentalism in Kerala or India. They are a major source of funding and support.
  7. 7. ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM – A STRATEGIC WEAPON AGAINST KERALA • Both China and Pakistan are interested to exploit the job and business opportunities in the Gulf Region. They are also eager to weaken the economic stability of India. But the major stumbling bloc for China and Pakistan to enter the Gulf Region in a big way is India, especially the migrant work force and business people from Kerala. • The economic stability and progress of Kerala, especially the Muslims, depend upon the emigrant work force or business people from Kerala working in the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Kuwait. It is a strategic move on the part of both China and Pakistan to spread Islamic Fundamentalism in India, more particularly Kerala and brand Muslims in Kerala as Islamic Fundamentalists so as prevent their stay or entry in the Gulf. • After the Arab Spring, especially the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism in Egypt and other countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Kuwait have adopted a tough stand against Islamic Fundamentalism or terrorism. These countries have put hundreds of the nationals and the expats, including some prominent individuals and professors under prison or trial for their religious extremism and support of Islamic fundamentalists of other countries, including the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. These Muslim countries never tolerate Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism that have been dealt with iron hand. • Both China and Pakistan have been giving wide publicity in the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism in Kerala. Even a minute act of religious fundamentalism has been projected as a major one. They have been creating or spreading the image internationally ,especially in the Gulf and the West that that the Muslims in Kerala are the dangerous Islamic Fundamentalists with supporting media clippings and the crime reports. • As a result, these countries have started to look upon the Muslim migrant workers and business people from Kerala with suspicion. They have already taken some strategic decision against these people. They have started to send back so many Malayalies to Kerala on several other grounds too. So many Kerala Muslims will lose their job or business in the Gulf Region within three years; visa for higher education or job for the western countries will also be denied. Unless urgent ‘damage controlling measures’ have been taken seriously, the economic stability of Kerala will be shattered . It is time for the Government of India to take realistic strategies and policies. • In this game, China is a major beneficiary along with Philippines and Korea. Pakistan is also projecting the image that they are fighting against Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan besides fighting against the Taliban of Afghanistan. India is a major loser in the battle for its soft stand against Islamic Fundamentalism for consideration of ‘vote banks’ unlike the Gulf Muslims countries,including the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and etc.
  8. 8. THE PRICE OF RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM • Branding of or inculcating the young Muslims and others in Kerala with religious fundamentalism or extremism has a very negative impact on their migration or employment in the Gulf Region as well as in the West. Recently some of the imams and others from Kerala, employed in these countries, have lost their job for their radical views. All these will affect the inflow of foreign money to Kerala besides increasing economic crisis, especially of the Muslims that leads to increasing poverty, frustration, alcoholism, sexual crimes, money laundering and religious fundamentalism. It has a its own impact on to the entire India. • But the religious, communal and political leaders in Kerala are not at all concerned or sensitive about all these exploding situations other than engaging in their routine mediocre political manipulations or controversies and making political bargaining for their economic and political power. Kerala has to pay a very great price for its religious fundamentalism. There exists an inverse or opposite relationship between Religious Fundamentalism and Peace or Development. Fundamentalism is against Spirituality and Humanism of any religion, leading towards Fascism and Satanic Worship. • The Government of India must also take notice of such development with strong and corrective measures. Sensitive areas , groups in attractive names and individuals must be put under constant vigil. Mass education and awareness programs must also be launched for de-radicalization. Religious leaders must be ready to become more mature and responsible and to take counter strategies. Unless the Muslims in Kerala create a new image and adopt firm stand against fundamentalism, their future will be doomed for ever with total socio-economic collapse within a very span of time, affecting the entire Kerala community.
  9. 9. THE FALL AND DECLINE OF THE ‘KERALA MODEL OF DEVELOPMENT’ • During 70s and 80s, the ‘Kerala Model of Development’ was hailed as a great miracle. Since 90s, it met with a fall and decline with depletion of farm lands, increasing water pollution, acute shortage of pure drinking water, frequent power failure and mounting garbage not only in cities but even in remote villages coupled with declining farm products, obsolete education and deteriorating public healthcare system. • Both the UDF and the LDF have equal responsibility for the deterioration of Kerala, besides Islam and Christianity, the two organized religions with a lot of political bargaining power. Universities in Kerala could not do any positive contribution in this regard other than producing some degree holders and making some politically motivated controversies. Medias and channels in Kerala are interested either to increase their subscription or rating so as to generate more revenue besides promoting their own pseudo experts and ‘king makers’.
  10. 10. KERALA MEDIA AND CHANNEL CULTURE • Till the early 70s, the country toddy shops, barbershops and tea shops in Kerala served as the centers for gossips and heated political or social discussions. Now competing TV channels have taken up the role of the old country tea or toddy or barber shops in gossips and heated political debates and spreading the news of crimes or scams that too in a mediocre way. • These channels are a clear indication of the declining intellectual caliber, educational standards, political maturity and moral values of the people of Kerala. Pseudo intellectuals and mediocre public figures dominate these channels with their ugly and poisonous words and mannerism. It is time for the media in Kerala to adopt a mature and socially responsible role.
  11. 11. FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD • The famous quotation of Alexander Pope “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” is very much true in the case of Kerala politics, business, industry, culture and religion • Every issue in Kerala is capable of turning into a scam or controversy and a matter of heated media debates and political or legal battle so as to deviate people from socially productive activities and engage them unproductively. • While reputed firms or people with integrity, character and expertise in Kerala fear to tread, criminals and mediocre rush in politics, ‘solar energy’, ‘teak plantation’, ‘goat farming’ or ‘real estate’ to cheat people in terms of millions with attractive investment offers. • People in Kerala can easily be cheated with the lavish offers of easy money and unreasonable profits, for their aspiration for high standard of living beyond their means. • The latest scam is the solar panel scam engineered by a group of hard core criminals, even bluffing the former Marxist Party lead left government and the present Congress Party lead right Government, re-establishing the low or mediocre intellectual calibre and poor practical political wisdom of these leaders. As a result, their political debates or visions or strategies do not rise above the level of elementary school dropouts.
  12. 12. KERALA IS HEADING TO SOCIO-ECONOMIC CATESTROPHE • Though Kerala is endowed with gifted youth with best brains and talents, natural beauty, fertile land and frequent rain over six to eight months, heavy investment for education, it is heading towards impending crisis for the poor governance coupled with corruptions, controversy-loving and problem-making political leadership, irrelevant education system, short-sighted and disintegrated developmental strategy, frequent power crisis and above all inefficient waste or garbage disposal and high level water pollution affecting the health of the people. • The prevailing hopelessness and pessimism drive many youth towards crime, suicide, alcoholism and even religious terrorism. An economic or social catastrophe is inevitable for Kerala, though it has a great developmental potentialities. Kerala needs urgent measures and integrated socio-economic development strategies and even international collaborations to make the life of over 35 million people better.
  13. 13. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN KERALA • The present scenario of Information Technology in Kerala is not much different from the age of 1990s. IT Education, IT Research, IT Policy of the Government of Kerala, IT Projects such as 'Smartcity' , ‘Infopark' ' Technopark' and etc have become obsolete to the extent of 15 to 20 years. Kerala is lagging behind other parts of India even in e- Governance., coupled with highly irrelevant Education System indifferent to Development and Social Innovations. • The IT experts and policy makers of Kerala do not have much idea about the latest R&D activates taking place in IT especially in the European Union. Most of the well publicised Major IT Projects in Kerala cannot create at least one tenth of the Projected or Expected Jobs when they are made fully operational. The age of unintelligent data coding has reached in its terminal stage. We are moving to the Intelligent Internet. • Kerala must go from the age of unintelligent Coding and Decoding Works (glorified as Software Development) to the age of Intelligent Knowledge Processing and the Consumption, Production, Delivery and Marketing of Knowledge Products globally. • Knowmatics , originated in Kerala, has been designed for the New Generation Knowledge Industry for exploiting the Brainpower and Knowledge Bases of individuals or the society at large to bring out and market value added Knowledge Products and Services globally for the fast growing Education , Professional Services, Decision-Making, Scientific Research and Knowledge-Intensive Social Production Processes. The two attached YouTube videos explain Knowmatics and Knowledge Industries.
  14. 14. HOLISTIC AND INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY • Kerala needs a Holistic and Integrated Development Strategy, taking into account the inability of the government to mobilize resources for development. Who ever comes into power, either the left or the right, the role of the government has been limited to just running the system with some minor adjustments for the resource shortage. • Lack of capital, poor infrastructure, frequent power failure and non-availability of land and water for industrial or agriculture or infrastructural development do not encourage private entrepreneurs and investors to come and invest with some gimmicks like Road shows, Global Investors Meet or Emerging Kerala. • But these problems are not an excuse for any Government, either left or right, to keep people ever under the spell of crime, poverty, frustration, corruption, unhygienic and disease-spreading situations without improving the living conditions of the people and protecting the Nature. • It is an unpardonable crime for the politicians to stick on the mediocre political manipulations and to generate controversies to cover up their incompetency in studying the real problems and aspirations of the people; identifying the basic problems of development, finding out solutions and planning and executing Integrated Development Projects and thereby bringing development. • The rulers or ministers and top officials must find time to study, meditate, plan, execute and evaluate in stead of always mingling with the party workers and the general public. They must know the art of creating trust, delegating the powers and above all achieving control and coordination. • With political tricks and manipulations no ruler can substitute Vision, Skill, Expertise and Knowledge. If they don’t have the expertise, find out the suitable people and make use of them with proper monitoring mechanism, ensuring accountability. Here lies the basic reason for the backwardness of Kerala in spite of the alternate rule of the Left (LDF) and the Right (UDF) for the last fifty years. • All party politics and ideological discourses become irrelevant in the Real Politics of Hunger, Ignorance and Denial of Dignity. ‘Food, Dignity and Knowledge for All’ is the Ideological Foundation of the emerging state craft and political economy.
  15. 15. THIRTY FIVE MILLION PEOPLE QUESTION • To save the lives of 35 million people, the only option for Kerala is introducing the People- and the Nature-friendly Holistic and Integrated Mega Development Projects with Public-Private Participation. • Kerala must mobilize international funding, support, technology and expertise in tapping the Solar Energy on a massive scale (not limited with some solar panels ), introducing the water purification system and eliminating water pollution and introducing high-tech garbage or waste management system. European Union can help Kerala a lot in these matters. • Kerala must formulate the optimal land utilization for the development of agriculture, non- polluting industry and urban development. Top priority must be given in modernizing the education system –schools and universities and developing the new generation knowledge industries for the optimal development and utilization of brain power and knowledge resources. • Long term strategies must be introduced in Protecting the Nature – Air, Land, Water and the Ecology- besides establishing the Nature Protection Authority with sweeping Administrative and Statutory Powers. It should be made transparent and every thing must be brought under e- Governance so as to avoid any corruption or manipulation. • Kerala must make use of the recent development in ‘Internet of Things/People/Cities’ in executing Mega Projects with Public –Private Participation in which the European Union ,especially Spain, is fast ahead of America. • Kerala needs the best education in the world to equip the new generation gifted with the best brain and talents. It is not England or America but Finland is having the best education system in the world. Kerala has to learn a lot from Finland in modernizing its education system for building a Knowledge Economy, in stead of solely depending on some Right or Left affiliated ‘Educational Experts’ who miserably failed to improve the quality of education in Kerala with their mediocre political agenda.
  16. 16. PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTICIPATION • Recently, the European Union has successfully developed the technology for the massive utilization of solar power and to provide electricity to millions of people and introduced the latest water purification system on a massive scale besides effective waste or garbage management. • The Government of Kerala must come forward to introduce Mega Public- Private Participation (PPP) Projects on solar energy, water purification, waste management, farm development, educational reforms and knowledge industries with the financial support and technology of the European Union and other international agencies. People will be ready to invest in terms of billions, if well worked out PPP Projects are introduced. • The political leaderships must be ready to realize the aspiration of the people and writing on the wall and thereby dedicate and commit themselves for such an integrated development strategy rather than following the scam, controversy and corruption oriented political manipulations. The media must also adopt a bit more responsible and pro-people and pro-development approaches, in stead of involving in negativism, controversies and mediocre political debates.
  17. 17. FUNDS AND EXPERTISE • If the leaders and the people of Kerala are committed for the cause of the New Integrated Development Strategy, international funding, expertise and technology will flow to Kerala in terms of several billions. Non-resident Keralites with money and expertise will be ready to rebuild Kerala. • Within five years we can rebuild Kerala with clean environment, pure and perennial drinking water supply, uninterrupted power supply, high quality infrastructure, most modern education system, well developed farm lands and poison-free vegetables, fruits and diary and other farm products and above all highly sophisticated Knowledge Industries to engage every educated person in Kerala with high income.
  18. 18. MEGA PPP PROJECTS • Kerala can successfully and profitably launch two or three mega solar energy projects to meet its entire power needs; five to ten mega water purification and supply projects based on sea, lake and river waters; a chain of the most modern waste and garbage management projects, a series of infrastructure projects, most modern education system comparable to Finland, scientific land utilization projects and the New Generation Knowledge Industry Project covering the entire Kerala house holds. These projects must be under Public-Private Participation. We can mobilize capital, entrepreneurships, technology and expertise besides international support for these projects for the Integrated Development of Kerala so as to eliminate poverty, pollution, religious terrorism and alcoholism.
  19. 19. MAKE THE SHY AND TIMID ANGLES COURAGEOUS • Kerala has several well established business and industrial firms, like V-Guard Industries, Anna Groups and etc. Keralites in other parts of India have established successful enterprises such as Joythi Laboratories. There are so many Keralites who are the captains of multi-million dollar business or industrial enterprises in other countries like Lulu or Shoba Group . They can do a lot other than setting up Shopping Malls, Jewelry, Sari Shops and Housing Complexes or employing film stars their ambassadors . • There are so many rich families in Kerala having millions of dollars worth investable capital. But they are shy and timid to make use of their wealth and expertise for the integrated development of Kerala for the lack of favorable conditions and high level corruption of the politicians and bureaucrats coupled with jealous and angry political leaders, religious leaders and trade union leaders who are the beneficiaries of the crisis and poverty of Kerala. • It is a historical necessity to emerge a new breed of political, religious, cultural, industrial, business ,media and trade union leadership in Kerala for the Integrated Development of Kerala. In the coming election, both the Congress Party lead UDF and Marxist Party lead LDF besides the BJP have no other option but to adopt the Integrated Development Strategy for a New Kerala Model and implement mega projects for Solar Energy, Water Purification, Waste and Garbage Management, Infrastructure Development, Educational Reform, Knowledge Industries and above all Scientific and Optimal Land Utilization.
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