Good Belly Probiotic


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Probiotics are essential for your gut and belly, but which probiotics are best for your stomach?

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Good Belly Probiotic

  1. 1. Good belly probiotic BY PROBIOTICS EXPERT: DR. RAGA
  2. 2. What is Good belly probiotic?  Good belly probiotic is an organic delicious probiotic drink which contains live and active cultures of Lactobacillus plantarum 229v. This strain of probiotic culture has been studied and found to have a positive effect on the daily digestive health.  This product is available in varieties of unique flavor combinations.  A range of probiotic products which are free from dairy and gluten. Also, it is said to be 100% vegan.
  3. 3. What are probiotics?  Probiotics are living microorganisms which delivers health benefits to the body when taken in adequate amounts.  According to experts, not all beneficial bacteria can have the title of “probiotic”. In order for a certain strain of beneficial bacteria to become beneficial, these should have the ability to pass through the stomach’s acidic environment and reach the intestines where it performs most of its work.
  4. 4. Features of Good belly probiotic  Certified organic probiotic drink  0% gluten: Good belly probiotic uses non-GMO oat flour. The green cap of the product means that this probiotic drink is NSF gluten-free.  Free from dairy and other ingredients which tend to be allergens for most people such as tree nuts, peanuts, seafoods, fish  100% vegan: This product do not use any animalderived items in its processing though fruits were mainly utilized for its production.
  5. 5. Ingredients of Good belly probiotic  Filtered water, organic evaporated cane sugar, organic juice from concentrate, 2% or less of organic oat flour, organic flavor, organic acai puree, natural flavor, calcium citrate, citric acid, vegetable and fruit juice for color), organic barley, malt, lactobacillus plantarum 299V
  6. 6. How does Good belly probiotic work?  Good belly probiotic is a probiotic drink which contains live and active cultures of lactobacillus plantarum.  As this probiotic is consumed by an individual, it goes straight to the stomach. The test for most probiotics’ effectiveness is the ability of these beneficial bacteria to survive the harsh environment of the stomach which is caused by low pH or acidity.  Good belly probiotics are able to withstand the stomach’s acidity, making these beneficial bacteria to arrive at the intestines live and adequate.
  7. 7. How does Good belly probiotic work?  When the probiotic strains reach the intestines, they set up their colonies and promote their growth as well as multiplication at the area.  Aside from setting up their colony at the intestines, they thrive off the same nutrients which are consumed by the pathogens or disease-causing bacteria.  Lastly, these beneficial live bacteria produce lactic acid which promotes a digestive environment that is unfavorable to the pathogens.
  8. 8. How does Good belly probiotic work?  However, if the pathogens win over or outnumber the beneficial bacteria, some problems in the digestive system may arise such as flatulence, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.  The body’s natural beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microflora are periodically and normally removed from by the body through the sloughing off the digestive/intestinal cells. Together, with these cells, the beneficial bacteria are eliminated as well.  To promote healthy digestion, probiotics are essential to replenish the intestines’ number of beneficial bacteria.
  9. 9. Good belly probiotic products 1. Good belly +  20 billion probiotic Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per 2.7 oz serving  Comes with multi-vitamins 2. GoodBelly Organic Quarts  It has 20 billion CFUs of probiotics per 8 oz serving.  An upgrade of probiotics for those who love drinking juice products. 3. GoodBelly Gluten-Free Quarts  Made up of 20 billion CFUs of probiotics per 8 oz serving  Safe for people who are sensitive to gluten  NSF-certifieed gluten-free
  10. 10. Good belly probiotic products 4. GoodBelly Carrot Ginger  Good belly’s first ever probiotic drink which is vegan.  Has 20 billion live and active probiotic cultures of Lactobacillus Plantarum 299V per 8 oz serving.  Free from dairy and soy-free  Certified Gluten-Free by the NSF 5. GoodBelly BigShot50  An oat milk (dairy free) that consists of 50 billion CFUs of probiotics per serving.  Mostly recommended for those who have digestive flare-ups 6. GoodBelly StraightShot  Also comes in the form of non-dairy oat milk that have 20 billion live cultures of probitocs per serving.
  11. 11. Reminders in using Good belly probiotic  Since this product is a drink and contains probiotics, it is advised to keep it refrigerated. However, if it is left unrefrigerated, the manufacturer recommends to refrigerate it as long as it’s not opened. If it is left unrefrigerated and opened for a long time, it should rather be discarded.  Can be used 2-3 weeks after its expiration date as long as it is refrigerated constantly and smells as well as tastes the way it should.  The use of probiotics in infants, pregnant women, or nursing mothers should be consulted to a physician prior to use.
  12. 12. My Favorite Probiotic  While Good Belly Probiotic products do have health      benefits, I do not see it as my personal favorite probiotic. Many of these probiotics will not safely pass through your stomach acids and the benefits will be rendered useless. Probacto is the best probiotic that I have ever run into. They use multiple strains and they are spore forming so they can last while not refrigerated. They do not use cheap bacteria, but expensive ones such as B. Subtilis. Probacto also contains prebiotics to help stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. Probacto contains digestive enzymes to assist in die-off. Probacto is enteric coated and made to be slow release so it will release in your gut gradually
  13. 13. Conclusion  Probiotics are increasingly manufactured in different forms as a sign of innovation amongst the probiotic companies nowadays. Made in the form of juice and oat milk, Good belly is another probiotic which is produced to answer the digestive problems in some people with particular consideration to those who are intolerant to dairy as well as gluten products. These are another source of probiotics, but I do not think of it as a replacement for Kefir or other high end probiotic supplements. It is lacking in many areas as well.