Fast track probiotic


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Fast track probiotic

  1. 1. By Probiotics Expert: Dr. Raga Fast track probiotic
  2. 2. What is Fast Track Probiotic?  Fast Track Probiotic is a refreshing probiotic liquid that is manufactured through a certified organic fermentation process.  It has a unique formulation that contains rich source of probiotic bacteria, lactobacillus that is primarily made to be readily used by the digestive system.  Also, it is an effervescent liquid that is incorporated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.  Aside from that, it is considered to be the “World’s First Certified, gluten-free probiotic liquid”.
  3. 3. How do probiotics work?  Probiotics are defined as live microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts) which are beneficial to its host when taken in adequate amounts.  In most people with compromised immune system, the level of good bacteria in their intestines need to be increased. This is to boost the immune system of an individual.  When the good bacteria counts are high, these bacteria will have better capabilities of establishing their colonies in the intestines at a faster rate.  The fight of the immune system against the bad bacteria or the pathogenic microorganisms depends on their number. Whichever outnumbers the other, their effects
  4. 4. Why is there a need for probiotics?  Factors such as stress and wide-spread use of antibiotic therapy are the major causes of imbalances in the intestinal flora.  In cases such as Candida, yeast infections, thrush, leaky gut syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and eczema, are some of the medical conditions in which bacteria balance within the body is imbalanced.  In order to promote the replenishment of good bacteria in the digestive system, probiotics are needed.
  5. 5. Fast Track Probiotic Ingredients The Fast Track Probiotics contain ingredients such as:  Purified water, organic soya bean, organic agave, organic chick peas, organic biodynamic rice, organic alfalfa seed, organic mung beans, organic linseed, organic lentils  Fermented with beneficial bacteria like: o Lactobacillus strains-acidophilus, delbreukii, caseii, bulgaricus, causasicus, fermenti, plantarum, brevis, helveticus, leichmanni, lactis o Bifidabacterium strains- bifidum, saccharomyces boulardii, saccharomyces
  6. 6. Fast Track Probiotics Features  Certified KOSHER  An effervescent liquid which is very refreshing  Made from organic process of fermentation  The World’s first Gluten-free probiotic drink  Contains approximately 40 million CFUs per gram  A rich source of friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus  Provides natural supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes which are all vital to optimal functioning of the body.
  7. 7. Why is Fast Track Probiotics Gluten- Free?  According to statistics, 1% of the world’s population suffers from gluten intolerance.  Since Fast Track Probiotics is a gluten-free product, it is a great source of beneficial bacteria for people who have food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances.
  8. 8. Who should take Fast track probiotic?  Fast track probiotic is an excellent source of beneficial bacteria for everyone.  It is recommended to be used in medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, eczema, candida, yeast infections, and thrush.  Also, it provides a supply of probiotics, vitamins minerals, amino acids, and enzymes for people who have food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities.
  9. 9. Fast Track Probiotics Dosage  This probiotic product is advised to be a part of start-up program for promoting optimal digestive health.  It is recommended to drink 30 to 50 mL of this drink together with a teaspoon of In-Liven for the first 10-14 days. This is to jumpstart the good bacteria that have been supplied to the intestines.  After that, every three months, a clean-out regimen should be done by utilizing Fast Track with 3 teaspoons of In-Liven a day for a period of 10-14 days.  For people with serious intolerance, they are advised to drink 50-75 mL per day in a period of 10-14 days.
  10. 10. How to use Fast Track Probiotics?  This probiotic product is advised to be refrigerated because it is an active source of beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus.  Before opening the bottle, gently shake the bottle. Then, the cap should be slowed untwisted to release any gas contained in the bottle. Gentle shaking is needed because some sediment, nutrient for bacteria (prebiotics) settles at the bottom of the bottle.  Can be diluted to water, freshly squeezed juices. Also, it can be added to several recipes, salad dressings, as well as smoothies.
  11. 11. Side effects of Fast Track Probiotics  The most reported side effect of using probiotics is experiencing intestinal gas.  However, there are some side effects which may cause the condition called “Excessive Drainage Syndrome”. This condition involves symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and headache.  These side effects are associated with the effects of cleansing toxins within the body and may retain for a few days.  Most health practitioners advise lowering of the dosage to lessen the side effects. Others recommend undergoing colonic therapy, fiber, and stool softeners.
  12. 12. My Favorite Probiotic  Probacto is the best probiotic that I have ever run into. They use multiple strains and they are spore forming so they can last while not refrigerated. They do not use cheap bacteria, but expensive ones such as B. Subtilis.  Probacto also contains prebiotics to help stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut.  Probacto contains digestive enzymes to assist in your digestion.  Probacto is enteric coated and made to be slow release so it will release in your gut
  13. 13. Conclusion  There are so many probiotic products which appear in the market nowadays. Most of the companies find ways to discover how they could improve the quality and features of the probiotic products they make. One of the ideas is the production of a gluten-free probiotic drink. This is a very unique innovation that provides solution for the imbalance of bacteria in people who are allergic and intolerant to gluten. Along with these facts, having enough knowledge about the instructions and dosage of the product is a must. This is to ensure that the optimal results and effectiveness of the product can be obtained.