Leading Digital Transformation: Mit Lean Collaboration zum Wettbewerbsvorteil


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Wettbewerbsvorteile mit ergebnis-fokussierten Communities

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  • The key messages from the analysts reflect the most organisation will move to using collaborative tools by 2014, available across all devices anytime anywhere.Increased productivity is evident in the use of social tools within the enterprise.Integration of social technologies and corporate tools is a necessity in to drive higher business impact in the enterprises that use them.If organisation choose to ignore social collaboration, it will come to them anyway – its happening now.
  • Leading Digital Transformation: Mit Lean Collaboration zum Wettbewerbsvorteil

    1. 1. Paul.Gromball@tmg-muenchen.de The Road Map Digital Transformation Program Turning Technology into Business Results 1
    2. 2. 2 Digital Transformation: The Design Road Map Enabling Technology Solution: Microsoft Turning Technology into Business Results Digital Business Case Design: TMG Digital Transformation Program 1 2 3 4
    3. 3. 3 PC BrowserPhone Best experience across devices OnlineOn-Premise Hybrid Cloud on your terms 1. Enabling Technology Solution: Microsoft Technology for enabling Digital Leadership “User generated Content” “Big Data” Microsoft‘s business productivity solution
    4. 4. ? 2. Turning Technology into Business Results: Designing Digital Leadership for outperforming Competition Digital Master • High Tech • Retail • Banking Digital Starter • Pharmaceuticals • Consumer Goods • Manufacturing Application Design: WHAT Source: MIT Center for Digital Business 4 Engagement Performer • Insurance • Utilities Application Fashionist • Telecom • Travel Observations: • Clients with stronger Application Design derive more revenue from their assets • Clients with higher Leadership Excellence are more profitable and achieve higher market valuations -4% +6% -10% +9% -24% -11% +9% +26% LeadershipDesign:HOW
    5. 5. LEADING DIGITAL: Building Instant Organizations Leading Digital by Design Platform Shaping the “Organizational Dynamics” of “Idea Flows” 5 Business Case Manager Invites Area Manager Invites Workstream Manager Invites Knowledge Experts Achieving Business Goals by rapid and distributed resource mobilization Area-Team Business Goal
    6. 6. 6 Mobile Mind Shift Integration of the Customer in the Solution Process Digital Transformation of „Customer Experience“ Sales with Laptop TraditionalSalesSupportTool for„complex“ selling Objectives of Change : • Substitution • Extension • Transformation Business Case Example: Sales & After Sales Results: • Payback-Time: 1,5 Years • 20% Cost Reduction • 25% more Sales 3. Digital Business Case Design: TMG Objectives: • Remove Paper-based Processes • Mobile Applications for Sales and Service • Integration of Data Islands for Analytics The Vision
    7. 7. Be Focused! by aligning people with goals Be Successful! by Social Accountability for Value Creation Be Social! by Online Interaction Be Savvy! by “Division of Knowledge” Be Engaged! by instant feedback of idea flow impact The Transformation Process The TMG 5-B Governance-Model 1 2 3 4 5 Ziel Business Goal 7
    8. 8. 8 Markets: Regional Units Central FunctionsBU-ManagementCorporate Management BU-View Digital Multiplication Set-up: Business Case Pilot Market View 4. Digital Transformation Program: Set-up Exploration by Interactions with other Teams: Discover new facts Engagement by Interactions with each other: Learning new habits Integrate two Interaction Processes for becoming more Productive & Creative Productivity Creativity Process A Process B
    9. 9. 9 Lessons learned: Successful Digital Leadership does not happen outside-in. It must be driven inside-out I) Internal Communities: Result-oriented “Working as Team” Partner HQ Country--Org Follower System-Boundary II) External Communities: Interests-oriented “Operating as Individual” Risk: Becoming an “Echo Chamber” 9 Smart Customer “ External” Connected Customers • Followers seek insight from Customers • Customers collaborate on competitor research • Customers tell the world when they are not happy • LEADING DIGITAL 9 Scalable Communities of Sharing Engagement & Exploration Cycle “ Internal” Result-focuses Communities • Sales/Marketing • Manufacturing • Sourcing • Engineering • Human Resource • Finance
    10. 10. Digital Master: Targeted Business Case Selection • Pilot: Sales & After Sales: Top-Line Growth • Change Management: Cost Reduction • HR-Management: Improve employee satisfaction • Strategy/Innovation: Product/Market Strategy • Finance: Profit Improvement Digital Business Cases Example Program 10 Ziel Strategy 2018 Example LEADING DIGITAL
    11. 11. 11 Transforming the Company into a “Idea-Processing Machine” Combining individual thinking with social learning from experiences of others by interactions for idea discovery, implementation and decision making Material-Processing Idea-Processing Big Data From Vertical to Horizontal User generated Content
    12. 12. 12 Economic Burning Platform Strategic Low-Risk Experiment Cost & Revenue Improvement Build-up of competitive Capabilities Response to declining Performance Learning about potential capabilities Digital Transformation: Motivation of Clients Porsche Volkswagen Boehringer DHL
    13. 13. Use Case: Schaeffler Group 13
    14. 14. What if you could work like a network? Use-Case Coaching Industry 4.0 Consulting Cloud Service …for selected Use Cases... …for strategic Solutions.. …for Project-Acceleration… TMG Services and Solutions 14 ..for „Case For Action“... Digital Maturity Benchmarking
    15. 15. TMG Profile Mission: Helping our Clients to design successful Digital Transformations Centers of Competence: Dynamic Competitive Strategies, Social Business Management, Technology driven Strategic Change, Social Media, Cloud Computing Facts: , Founded 1987, 70 Experts in Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe Automotive Engineering . Industry 15