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Description of Department of Natural Sciences

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  • March 01, 2007
  • Departmentof naturalsciences1

    1. 1. Turks & Caicos Islands Community College
    2. 2. Mrs. Claudia Smith, Academic Dean
    3. 3. Welcome ToDepartment of Natural Sciences Dr. J. O. Mubenwafor Head of Department
    4. 4. Department of Natural Sciences
    5. 5. The Department of Natural Sciences includes:• Biology• Chemistry• Computer Science• Environmental Science• Information Technology• Mathematics• Nursing and• Physics
    6. 6. The Department offers the following degrees:Associate of Science degree in Computer ScienceAssociate of Science degree in Environmental ScienceAssociate of Science degree in General Studies (Science) with concentration in Biology, Chemistry, Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics. These subjects may also be taken at GCE Advanced Level and CAPE
    7. 7. The Department also offers:One-Year Certificate in Computer Applications,comprising:• Introduction to Computers• Word Processing application• Spreadsheet application• Database application
    8. 8. Computer Science• Introduction to Computers II• Productivity Software• Math for Computer Science• Introduction to the Internet• Programming Logic/Design• Web Page Development• Database Application Development• Programming Language II• Operating Systems
    9. 9. Computer Science• Data Communication & Networking• Information Systems• Data Structures• Database Systems• Computers Architecture• Accounting Information Systems
    10. 10. Our past students ofComputer Science are now workingin technical positions with TCI Government.
    11. 11. General Studies (Science Option)The following courses are offered within individual programs
    12. 12. Biology• General Biology• Principles of Biology: The Biosphere• Principles of Biology: The Organism• Marine Biology• Genetics• Biotechnology• Environmental Genetics• Ecology• Human Health & Disease
    13. 13. Chemistry• Physical Chemistry• The Structure of Matter• Chemical Energetic and Dynamics• Inorganic Chemistry• Organic Chemistry• Environmental Chemistry
    14. 14. Environmental Science• Introduction to Environmental Science• Introduction to Archaeology• Human Impact on the Environment• Introduction to Earth Sciences• Environmental Ethics• Quantitative Studies for Environmental Science• Biogeography• Weather and Climate• Geographic Information Systems• Marine Geology• Ancient Environments
    15. 15. Caribbean Community Climate Change WorkshopEnvironmentalScience students(Michael, Felicia &Reginald) withDr. Mube andMr. Been (Lecture)at the CaribsaveNational Workshop onClimate Change.
    16. 16. Information Technology• Information Technology• Introduction To Information Technology• Introduction to the Internet & Web Page Development• Computer Networks• Productivity Tools & Software• Programming Concepts, Logic & Design
    17. 17. Mathematics• College Algebra• General Mathematics• Mathematics for Science Students• Calculus• Probability & Statistics• Particle Mechanics• Mathematical Methods
    18. 18. Physics• General Physics• Environmental Physics• Building Technology Physics• Oscillations & Waves• Thermal & Mechanical Properties of Matter• Quantum & Nuclear Physics• Astrophysics & Cosmology• Medical/Health Physics
    19. 19. The Department of Natural Sciences is also a "Service Department":We offer:• Math, Computer Courses and Information Tech to Business Studies Students,• Math, Computer Courses and Physics to Engineering Technology Students• Math, Computer Courses and Physics toBuilding and Design Technology Students• Math, Computer and Sciences Courses to Primary Teachers Education Students Math, and Computer Courses to Public Sector Management Students
    20. 20. See some of the graduates from the Department of Natural Sciences …
    21. 21. Congratulations Dr. Jameika Javon HarveyDr. HarveystudiedMathematics,Chemistry andBiology at ourCollege
    22. 22. Raven is a Pre-Medical student at University of Massachusets Dartmouth, USARaven studiedBiology, Physics& Chemistry atour College andwas the valedictorian.She was inductedinto Golden KeyInternationalSociety
    23. 23. Raven displays her Certificate of induction ine with our stated aims?
    24. 24. Pre-Medical graduates from the College; Class of 2010They studiedBiology,Chemistryand Physicsat theCollege. Bentivia, Kilicia, Dr. Mube, Daline and Antoniece
    25. 25. Pre-Medical graduates from the College Class of 2008They studiedBiology,Chemistryand Physicsat theCollege.Hugh, Andreka, Danatra, Dr Mube, Arlene, Andrico & Dimitri
    26. 26. Turks & Caicos Islands needs:Environmental scientists who can…• measure and record features of the environment; study, assess and develop methods of controlling or minimizing the harmful effects of human activity on the environment; and develop conservation plans.• develop ways of minimizing the impact of industrial, agricultural and urban …
    27. 27. Environmental scientists who can…• plan and conduct research into the physical and biological nature of the environment• develop conservation plans• undertake laboratory work• run community education programs• investigate and report on breaches of environmental guidelines
    28. 28. Environmental scientists who can…• analyze pollutants, identify their sources and assess their effects on the environment• monitor the effects of pollution and land degradation, and recommend ways of prevention and control• monitor the environmental impacts of development activities
    29. 29. Turks and Caicos Islands needs:Medical DoctorsDentistsPharmacistsNursesMedical Laboratory TechniciansPediatriciansScience Teachers
    30. 30. Turks and Caicos Islands needs:System AnalystsNetwork AdministratorsProgrammersDatabase AdministratorsWebpage DesignersWebpage AdministratorsStatisticians
    31. 31. So, come to …Turks and Caicos Islands Community College
    32. 32. Choose … Department OfNatural Sciences
    33. 33. Choose any of the following programs …Associate of Arts (AA) in Computer ScienceAssociate of Science (AS) in Environmental Sc.Associate of Science (AS) in General Studies with concentration in any three of the following: (a). Biology (b). Chemistry (c). Mathematics (d). Physics (e). Information Tech.
    34. 34. For further information …Contact: The Registrar, TCI Community College P. O. Box 236 Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos IslandsTel: (649) 946-1163E-mail:
    35. 35. Thank You © Dr. J. O. Mubenwafor