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Prevention of fire in data centres
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Prevention of fire in data centres


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Prevention of fire in Data Centres 23rd March 2013 Matt Schofield Roberto Cella Stefano Chiti
  • 2. Data Centre operators can lose >$1M*/hour if fire causes outage• Technology: – Blade servers running hotter in denser configurations – Data centre consolidation widening impact of outages• Regulation: – Sarbannes Oxley/Data Protection increases liability of CEO/CFO for losing critical records• Consumer visibility: – Mobile, internet and telephone access makes outages visible (c.f. Claro Arg fined >USD 2M for partial outage)Fuente: Proteccion contra el fuego.* Para un cliente de InAsset un outage de 17 minutos costo 660,000 euros
  • 3. Traditional NFPA fixes leave a gap • Redundancy/continuity plan: – Good solution for critical systems with huge impact of any outage (e.g. United Airlines, 1999: 24,000 flights, 300,000 people) but cost USD M+ • Physical barriers around Data Centre: – Block 75% of causes of fire from outside Data Centre, but not the 25% which are due to internal overheating/failure • Detection and extinction: – Agents are themselves noxious (noise and peak pressure of discharge can damage hardware, and take up to a day to clean up), and faster air circulation for cooling makes detection harderFuente: Protegiendo la TI
  • 4. Prevent fire with low oxygen • Proven: – Data Centre: Allianz, BMW, British Airways, Daimler Crystler, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Lafarge, Siemens, TUV etc – Fruit: Isolcell storing 350,000 tonnes worldwide including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay • Secure: – 14.5% oxygen (vs. 21% normal) is equivalent to being at 3,300m – Safe for human operators , but completely prevents ignition – Air is clean and low humidity, so it doesn’t damage hardware • Environmentally friendly: – Low energy process to reduce oxygen continuouslyFuente: Brochure Firefighter en, or_reference list
  • 5. Isolcell in Green Mountain "world class" power usage effectiveness, reducing the cost of operation by up to 30 percent, because source water directly from the fjord year-round at a temperature of 46 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius)
  • 6. Isolcell in Green Mountain 21,000 sq m spread over "3 x 2 floors of Mountain Halls: • 7,000 sq m of colocation space; • 4,000 sq m of containerized data racks
  • 7. Isolcell in Green Mountain no carbon emissions. For resilience, the electricity supply will be fed directly from three separate hydroelectric power stations
  • 8. Isolcell in Green Mountain
  • 9. Isolcell in Green Mountain