IT governance and post merger management


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Corporations are often hampered in responding quickly to customer needs by their legacy systems. Analyzing that complexity and linking it to customer visible change can free them to respond.

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IT governance and post merger management

  1. 1. IT governance andPost Merger Management Matt Schofield 21st March 2013
  2. 2. IT governance Strategy goals and objectives of the business which define IT capabilities Organization Structure, skills, style, roles and required and the strategic role of IT in the responsibilities that allow IT to industry effectively deliver technology and information capabilities Performance Application/data management architecture BusinessProcesses and context Applications and data thatmeasurements to support the business’sdrive efficiency, execution of core activitieseffectiveness,quality andproductivitythroughout IT Governance & Technical processes infrastructure Technology infrastructure that support development and production environments for Key management processes applications that assure effective delivery and sustaining a high performing IT function Exhibit 1
  3. 3. Scaleability EXEMPLO Batch (offline) Online (users) Norte Daily batch Nordeste Core Satélite banking São Paulo End of ATM month Transactions growing 15%-26% p.a. due to Records growing 10%-12% p.a. internet channel & MIS, while current accounts growing just 11,5% p.a. 50,7M Outros SAT- 44.000 Serviços pagtos. MIS Poupanç a 19.000 OnlineCarteira 7,9MContas Contascorrentes corrente s 2000 01 02 03 04 2005 2000 01 02 03 04 05 2006Fonte: Exemplo 2
  4. 4. Mapping elements of IT for a merger Hard to justify strong Modules with many Modules with few customisation because records require records can use a low visibility and few scaleability PC LAN records Administrative modules are Administration invisible to end users Produtos Channel modules Channels are highly visible to Easy to justify end users customisation because high volume and visible to customers 3
  5. 5. Quantifying relative importance of different IT elements for a mergerMapa de sistemas de x EXEMPLO(número de arquivos 2005, crescimento médio a.a. 2000-2005) COBIS/Sybase/Visual Basic Sybase Solaris/Visual Recursos humanos (?) Basic Contabilidade (?) Câmara (?) Remessas (?) SQL NT/Visual Basic Garantias (?) Cobranças (308) 16% Firmas (?) Digitalização (?) Pagamentos (?) InternetAdministração Intranet (?) Administração (?) Cheques (?) Finanware (?) NT/Oracle MIS (438.891) 14% Armazenamento de dados (?) Oracle NT/ Delphi BPM (?) Contas correntes (32.126) 10% Contas poupança (102.990) 7% Comércio exterior (4.886) 18% Transferência de capitais (?) Adm. cartões (166.621) 14% Administradora fundos (?) Cartão corporativo (?) Carteira (12.767) 12% Mesa de dinheiro (?) Factoring (88) 14% Seguros (371) 23% Leasing (701) 18% Investimentos (?) Câmbios (?) Crédito (?) Produtos Canais Escri- 24 24 SAT 24 Caixa IVR tórios online Celular faturam. Telefone autom.Fonte: Entrevistas com desenvolvimento 4