Protecting your Online Image – Managing Ranking Sites and Digital Attacks


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Learn how to protect your image, manage your reputation and increase visitors to your office utilizing proven, inbound marketing strategies specifically tailored to physician's offices. To learn more about how we can help, visit

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  • TV vs. YouTube – YouTube is inbound because people are searching for you or choosing to watch your video. TV advertisements are outbound because you are paying to invade their program with your message. Unless it’s below the line and earned via PR, more on that later.
  • Again, blog shares are inbound because people found your blog and pushed it themselves. Total impressions is typically an outbound measurement saying how many people your ad may or may not have reached. Inbound is great because you get real time results and can adjust accordingly.
  • Sales note: on some sites you must update the information every 6 months for it to stay current. It takes XXXXXX amount of hours to get that done – on JUST one site in some cases. Also, use wrong phone number example we just encountered with Orlando Health and OOC?
  • The stats up there can all be replaced by graphics from the infographic.
  • The stats up there can all be replaced by graphics from the infographic.
  • Audience QuestionHow many of you develop content for your website?OK – how many of you develop content monthly? Weekly? Daily?
  • Protecting your Online Image – Managing Ranking Sites and Digital Attacks

    1. 1. Why Inbound Marketing Matters  Inbound Marketing Reduces Your Average Cost per Lead by $230 PER Patient.  Inbound Marketing will work with your existing marketing mix (or independently if you dont market at all) to create more leads and generate more appointments.
    2. 2. So, What is Inbound Marketing?  Inbound marketing is when a patient finds your office on their own (through search, social media, PR, etc.)  Outbound marketing is when you invade their lives to grow your business (print/radio/TV ads, billboards, direct mail, etc.)
    3. 3. So, What is Inbound Marketing?  Successful Inbound Marketing Programs Include: ◦ Online Reputation Management (ORM) ◦ A Content Management System (CMS) ◦ Social Media Development (SMD)
    4. 4. Inbound Vs. OutboundYou name if it’s inbound or outbound. Respond with your clicker. 1. Television 2. YouTube
    5. 5. Inbound Vs. OutboundYou name if it’s inbound or outbound. Respond with your clicker. 1. Blog Shares 2. Impressions
    6. 6. So, What is Inbound Marketing?  To Work, Each Plan Needs: ◦ Content ◦ Communication ◦ Consistency ◦ Creativity
    7. 7. Inbound Marketing andOnline Reputation Management (ORM)  Online local/review sites allow for anyone to review your physician(s) ◦ There are no barriers to entry and few defenses against those who would use the medium to attack rivals, sabotage competitors, or flaunt grudges.  ORM is your first line of defense in protecting and improving your online reputation
    8. 8. Inbound Marketing andOnline Reputation Management (ORM)  Examples Include: ◦ ◦ ◦
    9. 9. Inbound Marketing andOnline Reputation Management (ORM)  Review Sites Display Prominently on Google:
    10. 10. Inbound Marketing andOnline Reputation Management (ORM) 80% of shoppers change their purchase decisions based on negative reviews. More than 92% of buyers regularly check reviews online before making a purchase or service decision. 84% of marketers agree that building consumer trust will become marketing’s primary objective in the near future.
    11. 11. How Important is Google? • More than an average of 170,000,000 unique visitors head to Google each month. •More than 74% of their searches are for small businesses (that’s you guys). • Searching for healthcare information is the 3rd most common activity on the internet. • The recent “Penguin” updates put even more emphasis on keywords and content.
    12. 12. YELP – The Consumer has thePower Physician review sites aren’t the only place people are reviewing you though. • Yelp has been called “the most important site for small businesses next to Google.” • Yelp research shows a customer whose review praises “customer service” is more than five times as likely to give a 5-star review than a 1-star review. • Every star in a rating leads to a 5-9% jump in revenue
    13. 13. Inbound Marketingand Content Management  Content Management is More than Just Social Media  Content Management Includes: ◦ Custom Content Development ◦ Social Media Management ◦ Local Search Monitoring and Updating ◦ Video
    14. 14. On Average, How Much Content do You Develop for Your Website? 1. I develop daily content 2. I develop weekly content 3. I develop monthly content 4. I haven’t touched it since we launched it
    15. 15. Inbound Marketing andContent Management  Consistent Content Development is Crucial to Increase Search Ranking and Build Loyalty.  By creating content you position your doctor(s) as an expert in the field
    16. 16. Inbound Marketing andContent Management: BLOGGING  70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than advertisements
    17. 17. What Social Media Platform Do You Use toPromote Your Office? 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. YouTube 4. Google+ 5. None of the above 6. All of the above 7. At least two of the above
    18. 18. Inbound Marketing andContent Management: SOCIAL MEDIA  Creating a strong, structured social media plan has shown to have numerous benefits: ◦ 74% of marketers found that increased web traffic occurred with 6+ hours a week invested in social media
    19. 19. Inbound Marketing andContent Management: SOCIAL MEDIA ◦ 61% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media ◦ 85% of marketers indicated that social media efforts have generated more exposure for their business
    20. 20. Benefits of Social Media UseReported by Marketers:
    21. 21. Marketing andContent Management: LOCAL SEARCH  More than 74% of searches are for local content and small businesses  Patients can’t find your information if it isn’t up to date and confirmed.
    22. 22. Inbound Marketing andContent Management: VIDEO  76% of marketers plan on increasing their YouTube and/or video marketing this year (meaning if you aren’t making videos, your competitors are)  YouTube is the 3rd most visited site on the web behind Google and Facebook  There are more than 800 million unique users on YouTube each month
    23. 23. The Lifespan of Your Content A Timeline of How Your Content Impacts ORM:  Create content (example: YouTube video)  Use video to create article / blog post  These create separate posts on your website  Promote through your social media channels  Increase Google listings/rankings  Potential to push down negative reviews
    24. 24. How Many Users Were Last Reported to beUsing HealthGrades? 1.5 Million 2.25 Million 3.100 Million
    25. 25. Claiming Your Reputation - HeatlthGrades  Why Does Claiming Your Profile Here Matter? ◦ More than 100 million users ◦ As shown earlier, HealthGrades listings often show up near the top of Google search results ◦ Information pulled is often inaccurate and negative reviews can deter patients from picking up the phone before they even
    26. 26. Claiming Your Reputation – HeatlthGrades How to Claim Your Listing Here is the main HealthGrades screen. To claim your profile, click on the “Physicians: Update Your Free Profile” link on the top right. Note: We highly recommend gathering the required data you need to complete your profile before ever logging on to HealthGrades (more on that in a bit).
    27. 27. Claiming Your Reputation – HeatlthGrades How to Claim Your Listing  After clicking on the link to claim your profile you’ll be taken to this page.  To claim your profile you’ll need some basic information about your physician and an NID.
    28. 28. Claiming Your Reputation – HeatlthGrades How to Claim Your Listing Once you login, you’ll be greeted with this screen. Press the “Manage My Profile” button to begin.
    29. 29. Claiming Your Reputation – HeatlthGrades How to Claim Your Listing Here’s what you’ll see. To complete the profile you’ll need all of the information listed on the left sidebar.
    30. 30. Claiming Your Reputation – HeatlthGrades How to Claim Your Listing  Things to Expect: ◦ Updating all of the information typically takes between 2-4 hours per physician. ◦ A bulk of your time will be spent under the “Procedures & Conditions” tab – prepare accordingly.  You can also manage entire practices from one login, however the process is a bit more complex.Did You Know: 74% of patients will consider two or more physiciansfor their current medical condition (HealthGrades 2010 survey).
    31. 31. What To Do After Claiming Your Profiles  Encourage positive reviews ◦ Has a patient had a particularly good experience? Tell them how to share. ◦ Offer referral cards to patients you think will provide positive feedback for your physician.  Continually monitor your site for negative or untrue reviews ◦ Take action when you spot a negative review
    32. 32. Dealing with Bad Reviews They will happen. Don’t fret. Instead, have a plan/policy in place for responding and dealing with reviews Some sites will allow you to dispute reviews if you can prove they are untrue – check each site for such a feature
    33. 33. Dealing with Bad Reviews  No matter what, you must respond to negative reviews and attempt to make the situation better ◦ Take blame ◦ Assure the it won’t happen again (if plausible)  It’s important to show that you care and will do everything within your power to rectify the problem  By dealing with negative reviews and promoting positive ones, you will help your online reputation and show up higher in search results
    34. 34. Dealing with Bad Reviews  Sometimes people are just out to get you.  What do you do when a patient is out to get you? ◦ Hire attorney ◦ Reach out to the website and make a case for having the review removed, even when they don’t have an option to remove it you can still contact them ◦ Be proactive in your content development  More testimonials and more custom content will benefit you in the end.
    35. 35. Key Reminders Moving Forward  Online review sites force accountability  The patient has more power than ever  Patient service is key  Invest in your employees and your customers and it will pay off
    36. 36. Key Reminders Moving Forward  There are no “quick fixes” to repair your bad reputation  Focus on quality content and customer service  Most of all, appreciate your patients and they will reward you
    37. 37. Thank You for Your Time!All stats taken from the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Social MediaExaminer and Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report 2010 and2011, respectively.