Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn : IAML Annual Study Weekend 2014 Talk

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Academic Music Librarians Seminar: …

Academic Music Librarians Seminar:

Learning to teach; and teaching to learn: is there a place for pedagogical theory in teaching bibliographic and research skills?

Part of the territory for an academic subject librarian is providing library-related training ...

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  • 1. Learning to Teach, and Teaching to Learn Is there a place for pedagogical theory in teaching bibliographic and research skills?
  • 2. This new credit-rated short course is for professionals and artists working in arts education, community or participatory settings and who want to enhance their learning and teaching practice. The Teaching Artist 1: Reflective Practice is a post-graduate module that looks into the role and function of formal or informal education in the performing arts. During the evening classes students will explore the pedagogic, personal and social factors that affect learning and development. Sessions will focus on the professional’s role in an education or performing arts setting and provide opportunities for personal development in these rapidly changing sectors. It has been designed to enable students to reflect on their existing teaching practice. Students will plan and implement enhancements which will improve the experience and learning of their own pupils.
  • 3. In vacant or in pensive mode …
  • 4. E-learning
  • 5. A-Z of Educational Vocabulary!
  • 6. Is there a Place for Pedagogical Theory in Teaching Bibliographic and Research Skills? 1983: ‘Tell them what you’re going to tell them; tell them it; then tell them what you told them.’ And in 2014?
  • 7. Weblinks • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland short courses: • http://rcs.ac.uk/shortcourses/teachingskills/ • Biggs, John, ‘Aligning teaching for constructing learning‘ • http://tinyurl.com/brs3y9k • Flipping the classroom, read Khan:- • http://tinyurl.com/noya7n4