Joel Schlessinger MD - Hand Held Devices and Top Cosmeceuticals

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger's presentation on Hand Held Devices and Top Cosmeceuticals from the DermChat Lecture in Austin, Texas on September 21, 2012.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger's presentation on Hand Held Devices and Top Cosmeceuticals from the DermChat Lecture in Austin, Texas on September 21, 2012.

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  • 1. Joel Schlessinger, MD, FAAD, FAACSDermChat Lecture, Austin Omaha, Neb. Founder, Cosmetic Surgery Forum  
  • 2. DISCLOSURE OF RELEVANT RELATIONSHIPS WITH INDUSTRY Joel Schlessinger, MD Advisory Board / ConsultantAbbott Pharma., Allergan, Amgen, Dermik, Galderma, Genentech, Glaxo, Health and Wellness Council of America, Kythera, MEDICIS, Mentor, Merz, MJDCommunications, Novartis, Obagi, Ortho Pharma. (Johnson & Johnson), Researcher3M Pharma., Abbot Pharma., Allergan, Amgen, Dermik, Dow, Galderma, Genentech, Glaxo/Stiefel, Kythera, MEDICIS, Mentor, Merz, Novartis, Ortho Pharma. (Johnson & Johnson), Perrigo, Pfizer, Sandoz, Schering Plough, Quinnova, Tolmar, Revance Stockholder Allergan, MEDICIS, J and J, Obagi, owner
  • 3.  Removes 6x more makeup and 2x more dirt and oil than manual cleansing. MSRP $195
  • 4.  Opal is used for the eye area and can also be used on the lip, brow and forehead areas. MSRP $185
  • 5.  The first FDA-cleared, at- home laser clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. MSRP $499 1410 nanometers diode laser, 15 mj 250 micron coagulation
  • 6.  Hand held laser device Used every two weeks Minutes for a lip, longer for a leg, etc Generally takes up to 6 times to get best results Needs charged $395
  • 7.  Phillips 8-9 millijoules Not available yet
  • 8.  New-U: Treats periorbital wrinkles. Clear-U: Treatment of mild to moderate acne. MSRP $225
  • 9.  Presumably effective to fight signs of aging, damage (including loss of tone), firmness, color, enlarged pores, and wrinkles. Red: Anti-Aging ($399) Blue: Acne ($299)
  • 10. 2.5 minutes twice daily Easy to use $245 Cartridges for renewal Cartridges last two months
  • 11.  Uses red LED light to boost overall cellular energy, increasing the production of collagen and elastin and increasing microcirculation. MSRP $250
  • 12.  Uses a powerful combination of heat and light to treat mild to moderate acne quickly. MSRP $195
  • 13.  Acne device used to treat mild to moderate individual acne pimples. MSRP $129
  • 14.  Laser hair removal in the convenience and privacy of your own home. IPL device MSRP $499
  • 15.  Thermal filament (no laser) MSRP $250
  • 16.  Personal Microdermabrasion MSRP $179 Uses discs to abrade skin with Aluminum Oxide crystals
  • 17.  Diamond Tip exfoliates the outermost layer of skin MSRP $239
  • 18.  Obagi – Treatment for photopigmentation Lumiere Eye Cream (Neocutis) – Caffeine/Green Tea and PSP Growth Factors Nectifirm (Revision) – Treatment for neck wrinkles Colorescience Brush-on Sunscreen/Heliocare Clarisonic/Dr. Holmquist Cytoactive Bruise Cream Glytone Sunvanish – Treatment for hyperpigmentation EltaMD Clear SPF 46 Teamine Eye Complex Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum – Treatment for signs of aging Revision Intellishade – Tinted Moisturizer
  • 19.  6 Step program that includes a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, hydroquinone containing product/blender with Retin-A, hydroquinone product and sunscreen. The best program available for melasma
  • 20.  Lumixyl – Peptide Technology which directly inhibits tyrosinase NeoCutis Perle – Contains Melaplex, non-HQ helps minimize tyrosinase activity with Phenylethyl Resorcinol, Leucine, a competitive precursor of melanin formation, Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine and Sodium Glycerophosphate, aiming to target several steps of melanin formation including the transfer of the melanosome into keratinocytes. Elure – Melanozyme, decomposes melanin (Syneron).
  • 21.  Combination of interleukins, growth factors, caffeine and hyaluronic acid (PSP) Made by Neocutis
  • 22.  Product to improve wrinkles on the neck area Temporary improvement from ceramides and peptides Bamboo, Silica, English Pea Extract and Glucosamine May induce erythema
  • 23. Before After *Nectifirm used twice daily, AM and PM. Results may vary. No other products or treatments were used.
  • 24.  Colorescience Brush on Sunscreen SPF ratings are changing Heliocare Capsules – Polypodium leucotomas Elegant way to improve sun protection, but not for use alone
  • 25.  We sell more of the Mias than other devices (pricepoint is $119 now) Others (Opal, Pro devices) are also helpful  Dr. Holmquists Cytoactive Bruise Relief Cream  Main Ingredient: Glycerin!  But it works!
  • 26.  Contains hydroquinone to lighten dark patches on the skin Octinoxate and oxybenzone work together to help protect and prevent sunburn
  • 27.  Calms and protects sensitive, acne-prone skin Very lightweight, oil- free formula leaves no residue on skin’s surface
  • 28.  Contains antioxidants to benefit the skin Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots
  • 29.  Contains the Ceravitae Complex, a patent-pending formula that increases oxygen uptake, stimulate skin cell production and helps promote the healing process. Breathable and safe for sensitive skin The formula is water resistant and offers SPF 25 protection
  • 30.  Blends TNS Recovery Complex® with potent antioxidants, peptides and other innovative ingredients Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the overall tone and texture of skin.
  • 31.  Provides SPF 45 sun protection Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Available in matte or Original Radiant
  • 32.  NeoStrata Perfecting Peel – At home facial peel  BB Creams – Multi- purpose beauty cream
  • 33.  Also known as “beauty balms” or “blemish balms,” are known for their multipurpose abilities. Many work as a foundation, primer, moisturizer, sunscreen and anti-aging treatment all at once. Dr. Brandt Signature Flexitone BB Cream
  • 34.  At home two-step peel kit delivers noticeable anti aging benefits, along with improvements in the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and texture. Clinically proven to improve skin clarity and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use Formulated with a 20% blend of alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid and antioxidant citric acid
  • 35.