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Feng Shui
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Feng Shui


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Qucik overview of the basic elements of Feng Shui interior design for prosperity and success.

Qucik overview of the basic elements of Feng Shui interior design for prosperity and success.

  • It is a great presentation. Its sound is very wonderful. I can hear the sound of water while watching the slides.
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  • 1. Feng Shui The Energy of Wind and Water
  • 2. Water
    • The outer, physical, manifest world of objects
  • 3. Wind
    • The inner, invisible,
    • world of energy, thoughts & emotions
  • 4. Feng Shui Types
    • External Feng Shui
    • How to arrange your home, office, or business for energy (Chi) flow to attract good fortune, harmony, wealth & happiness
    • Internal Feng Shui
    • How to open the inner worlds of mind and spirit to attract the energy (Chi) of health and well being
  • 5. Baqua Map
    • The “map” of your environment and guide to arranging objects for maximum Chi flow.
    • Use “North” for main entrance OR follow compass directions
  • 6. Baqua Map
    • Place the Baqua Map over a floor plan of your home, business, or even a single room.
  • 7. Baqua Map
    • Look at each area of your home or business according to the Baqua Map.
    • Clean and tidy each area, then…
  • 8. Baqua Map
    • Place Feng Shui objects as descbed in the following pages in each section of your home or business.
  • 9. Direction North Color Black Element Water Attribute Career
    • Flowing water features & fountains
    • Paintings of water
    • Free form sculptures
    • Black accents
  • 10. Direction Northeast Color Blue-Green Element Attribute Knowledge
    • Books & Journals
    • Meditation/Inner Reflection areas
    • Personal Posters of Wisdom
    • Blue-Green accents
  • 11. Direction East Color Green Element Wood Attribute Health & Family
    • Living Plants & Flowers
    • Wood items
    • Pictures of health and family
    • Green accents
  • 12. Direction Southeast Color Purple Element Attribute Wealth
    • Crystals, Mobiles, Moving things
    • Pictures of wealth and luxury
    • Luxurious surroundings
    • Purple accents
  • 13. Direction South Color Red Element Fire Attribute Fame
    • Fiery accents - candles & incense
    • “Red carpet” walk of fame pictures
    • Red accents
  • 14. Direction Southwest Color Pink Element Attribute Relationships
    • Pairs of things
    • Pairs of candles, bookends, paintings, posters
    • Pink accents
  • 15. Direction West Color White Element Metal Attribute Children & Creativity
    • Whimsical items
    • Craft items
    • Creative projects
    • White accents
  • 16. Direction Northwest Color Gray Element Attribute Helpful People
    • Helping information & objects
    • Travel items
    • Spiritual guidance
    • Grey accents
  • 17. Direction Center Color Yellow Element Earth Attribute Centering
    • Stable, earthy sculptures & photos
    • Space for meditation & centering
    • Objects that create feelings of safety
    • Yellow accents
  • 18. Follow the Creative Order
  • 19. Affirmations for Internal Feng Shui
    • Career I am successful and happy in what I do!
    • Knowledge Every day I grow in wisdom and knowing!
    • Health I am healthy, happy, loving & free!
    • Wealth I am a mighty magnet for wealth and money!
  • 20. Affirmations for Internal Feng Shui
    • Fame I am wealthy, successful & free!
    • Relationships I enjoy everyone and everyone enjoys me!
    • Creativity I now let my creative self come out and play!
    • Helping People I am able to help others without sacrificing myself
  • 21. Affirmations for Internal Feng Shui
    • Center Meditation
    • Go within, feel your breath, allow thoughts and feelings to just come and go as they will.
    • No resisting, No attachment
    • I am safe and at peace
  • 22. By Dr. Jill N. Henry Author, Energy SourceBook – The Fundamentals of Personal Energy