Occupational health


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Occupational health

  1. 1. Introduction to Occupational Health Dr Faisal Al Hadad Consultant of Family Medicine & Occupational Health PSMMC
  2. 2. ?What is occupational health  Multifaceted and multidisciplinary activity concerned with the prevention of ill health in employed populations (Harrington et al, 2007)  The promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers in all occupations (ILO/WHO, 1950)
  3. 3. ?Why OH is important Work ↔ Health  Costs on workers  Direct costs on employers  Indirect costs on employers
  4. 4. Costs of occupational injury or illness on workers  The pain and suffering of the injury or illness  The loss of income  The possible loss of a job  Health-care costs
  5. 5. Direct costs of occupational injury or illness on employers  Payment for work not performed  Medical and compensation payments  Reduction or a temporary halt in production  Possible reduction in the quality of work
  6. 6. Indirect costs of occupational injury or illness on employers  The injured/ill worker has to be replaced  A new worker has to be trained and given time to adjust  It takes time before the new worker is producing at the rate of the original worker  Time must be devoted to obligatory investigations, to the writing of reports and filling out of forms  Accidents often arouse the concern of fellow workers  Poor health and safety conditions in the workplace can result in poor public relations
  7. 7. ? Who is involved in OH        OH Physician OH Nurse Occupational hygienist Health and Safety adviser Counsellor/Psychologist Ergonomist Manual Handling Adviser
  8. 8. Occupational Health Physician OH services provided by OH physician:  Sickness absence assessments  Health surveillance  Advice on adjustments and rehabilitation for ill, injured or disabled workers  Advice on risk management  Meetings with managers  Setting policies and procedures
  9. 9. Occupational Health Nurse OH services provided by OH nurse: - immunizations - pre-employment screening - workplace monitoring - health promotion - counseling - first aid training - sickness absence assessments - advice on risk management - health surveillance
  10. 10. Occupational hygienist Occupational hygienist is a specialist in assessing and monitoring workplace exposures OH services provided by OH Occupational hygienist :  Hazard identification  Exposure evaluation  Management/control of hazards
  11. 11. Other OH professionals  Ergonomist: specializes in fitting the task to the human  Manual Handling Adviser: manual handling comprises any nonmechanized (or incompletely mechanized) manipulation of a load including lifting, pushing, pulling, sliding or carrying
  12. 12. Roles of the OH professional  Helping with company compliance with the law  Advising on health and safety policy  Assisting in the control of sickness absence  Reviewing the fitness of employees' post-sickness absence  Managing rehabilitation  Advising on fitness to work
  13. 13. Roles of the OH professional  Managing access to first aid services  Organizing health promotion initiatives  Designing and managing substance abuse programmes at work  Advising on the management and alleviation of stress  Advising employees about overseas travel on company business  Assessing employees' eligibility for long-term disability benefits or retirement on health grounds