My Rare Star Wars Moments, Feats & Collection - Part 2


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Features my R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid, Tiger Lightsaber Duel Game, 5-in-1year Star Wars record Graphic Novel editorial letters, games that use brain waves to move objects, Marvel comics #1, #2, #3 and autographed Dark Horse comics by Star Wars VIPs, local Star Wars store near Shepperton Studios in London, England

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  • Copyright Ariel Torres, M.D. All rights reserved. Manila, Philippines. April 2013.
  • Copyright Ariel Torres, M.D. All rights reserved. Manila, Philippines. April 2013.
  • My Rare Star Wars Moments, Feats & Collection - Part 2

    1. 1. Part Two – Feats & Collection O wn V eryMy Rare Star Wars Moments, Feats & Collection JGM Doc ToreCopyright Ariel Torres, M.D. of Medstar 3All rights reserved.Manila, PhilippinesApril 2013
    2. 2. KOTOR #39Dark Horse publishes only 4 Star Wars graphic novel series at any one point in time (released alternate weekly permonth) except in 2008 when “The Clone Wars” was started early in December (before one of the other series ended& was replaced in January), making it 5: SW Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars Dark Times Star Wars Rebellion Star Wars Legacy + Star Wars The Clone Wars
    3. 3. Unbreakable record of 5 since only 4 are normally published for Star Wars/Year Knights of the Old Republic #28 (published May 2008) Dark Times #4 (released* Feb 2008) Rebellion #15 (published July 2008) Legacy #17 (released* March 2008) The Clone Wars #3 (Dec 2008)Different letters of the same fan have been published before but not released in thesame year & not in different Graphic Novel Series * Delayed release due to The Clone Wars
    4. 4. Some of my published letters (only those in 2008) that were featured in Star Wars graphic novel editorials (excerpts).
    5. 5. Wall with framed Wall with framed Star Wars graphic Star Wars graphic novels of novels autographed by:1977-released Marvel #1, #2, #3 Dave Prose (Darth Vader), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett),(first issue before movie debuted) Michael Stackpole (X-Wing Rogue Squadron Writer) Price in square with UPC Code & Tim Bradstreet (X-Wing Rogue Squadron Cover Artist)
    6. 6. While wearing some of my different paired & matching Adidas Star Wars apparels (jacket, shirt, shorts, jogging pants, socks, shoes)
    7. 7. TOPPS, Inc.* Bubble Gum Card Set (Vintage Era) : A New Hope 330 of 330 Empire Strikes Back 352 of 352A New Hope (1977) Series 1 – Blue Border, 66 cards Series 4 – Green Border, 66 cards Series 2 – Red Border, 66 cards Series 5 – Orange Border, 66 cards Series 3 – Yellow Border, 66 cardsEmpire Strikes Back (1980) Series 1 – Red Border, 132 cards Series 3 – Yellow Border, 88 cards Series 2 – Blue Border, 132 cards * Less than 5% of my entire card set collections
    8. 8. Before Wii & Kinect, there was already Tiger Lightsaber Game Interactive R2-D2 with Sonar (so as not to bump to others,(versus famous Jedi Masters, Sith Lords, Bounty Hunters, Droids) & InfraRed to detect Living & Non-Living things).
    9. 9. A friendly visit to the local Star Wars store (near Shepperton Studioswhere the classic Star Wars was originally filmed) in London, England
    10. 10. THE END of Part 2Log on to: to download PPS file Check out also: How To Wear Stormtrooper Costume How To Wear Jedi Master Costume How To Wear X-Wing Pilot Costume Jedi vs. Samurai How To Wear Samurai (Yoroi) Armor How To Wear Home-Made (O’ yoroi) Armor How To Wear Kendo (Bogu) Armor Courtesy of: Dr. Ariel S. Torres Manila, Philippines