The Relation between Sunflowers and Spiritualty


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When we talk about the sunflower and the spiritualism, many facts are there that prove a strong connection between both of them. It is believed that these have been linked together for a long time.

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The Relation between Sunflowers and Spiritualty

  1. 1. Share 0 More Next Blog» Create Blog Sign InDpetalsThe Flower People Singapore f lower Shop Online Florist FR ID AY, FEB R UAR Y 15, 2013 B LO G AR C HIVE ▼ 20 13 (6 ) The Relation between Sunflowers and Spiritualty ▼ ▼ February (2) ▼ The Relatio n between When we talk about the sunflower and Sunflo wers the spiritualism, many facts are there and Spiritualty that prove a strong connection between both of them. It is believed that these Online Flo rists in Singapo re have been linked together for a long time. When it comes to spiritualism, it ► January (4) ► denotes continuity towards the life. Life ► 20 12 (6 3) ► goes on even after the death and it doesn’t look for the physical appeal all ► 20 11 (32) ► the time. Actually, individuals, who have ► 20 10 (5) ► faith in philosophy, for them death is the name of moving ahead into a high phase of presence. Not only this, spiritualism also trusts in the prospect of interacting with those, who have gone over to the new form of presence. It is because it doesn’t believe in the fact that life ends with the death. Now let’s come to the sunflower, it is a symbol of the philosophy of Spiritualism and it is related to the life that surrounds a person. Actually, the
  2. 2. figures that are associated with a sunflower are agreed with whatbackdrops a person. The seven branches of a sunflower stand for theseven days, on the other hand the twelve leaves for the twelve months in ayear. And when it comes to each branch, it is supposed that it stands for thedivine trinity, as it normally gives life to three sunflowers. Moreover, eachflower holds 52 yellow petals that denote 52 weeks in a year and eachflower centers with 365 seeds, just like there are 365 days in a year.The nature of sunflower imitatessomething that people, who believe inspirituality, should do and it is to turnthe light. When the sun rises, the sunflowers start facing towards the eastthat say that how people should turn tothe light of God. As the sunflowerssurvive by looking towards the east, inthe same way the flowers send acrossthe message that God meets our actualrequirements when we face his light.Here, florist with their flower delivery service helps to spread out thesame message all around the world. The florist in Singapore offers hugevariety of quality sunflowers and feasts the spirituality that is linked withthis flower. Posted by Dpetals at 9:42 PM No comments: Recommend this on Google Labels: florist, florist online , florists online, florists singapore, online florist, online florists, online singapore florist, singapore floristWED N ESD AY, FEB R UAR Y 6 , 2013Online Florists in Singapore You need to stop your search to get the
  3. 3. perfect, fresh flowers for any and every occasion right here. D’petals is the one stop online florist shop for all types of floral gifts you can think of. Beyond the beauty and freshness of the flowers, this Singapore florist offering online services is well known for its very economical prices. What makes the florists keep going is a greatand healthy supply chain, whereby they manage to procure top notchquality flowers from the world class suppliers by bidding or throughquotations. Besides, they have got a great network established that reducescosts of delivery anywhere throughout Singapore as well and hence theoverall effective cost is quite affordable.From the desk of the very few floristonline services, there is a huge varietyof flowers and ferns to pick from. Italso has an entire realm of colors tosuit the occasion. Go red this valentinesor yellow on the friendship day! Is itgifting your dear ones with a lovelyorchid bouquet or your hubby with thebest red velvet roses this anniversary –your choice is only a click away.Moreover, you can customize your bunch or the bouquet as per yourrequirements and favorites and of course your pocket. This is just not overyet, there are many offerings for complementary low-budgeted bouquetsas well. These generally include presenting flowers along with a pen set or
  4. 4. a book or a greeting card. Let us quickly browse through the list ofoccasions for which this Singapore florist has great services on the offerlist. They are many and cover all the occasions like condolences,anniversaries, new born, birthdays, house warming, baby showers,congratulating, thanking, apologizing, etc. These online florists also helpyou to learn about the various flowers and their significance associated tothe specific occasion.So what are you waiting for? It is due time to check out the various optionsat Singapore’s very own florists online services. Online florists have trulymade life easy and quick for the people living in Singapore. The onlinefeature and services have helped to a great extent. The user friendliness ofthe site besides the quick and handy information provided thereby is worthit. Moreover, they never waste time in converting the leads. With greatservices and offers, they are a big hit amongst the people. The online florist also offers different variety of stores to complement your flowers and match to the gift ideas. From accessories for the boys and gals to exquisite chocolate bouquets and umpteen gift options, it can be perceived to be a one stop shop for all your gifting ideas. Hang on for a moment and check the entire products and customizations available here. Onceyou order your bunch of flowers online, you would always do that - Sosays my experience! You just cannot think about a better option. What aboutyou? If you are yet to check out the products and services here, it’s high
  5. 5. time you get on your toes and go for it! Posted by Dpetals at 11:11 PM No comments: Recommend this on Google Labels: florist, florist online , florists online, florists singapore, online florist, online florists, online singapore florist, singapore floristT HUR SD AY, JAN UAR Y 24 , 2013Flowers Influence You to Feel Happy Flowers Influence You to Feel Happy! Yes, the title of this blog can make you think once how it is possible that flowers can encourage to feel happy and get a smile on the face. There is a great saying by Deng Ming-Dao, “Even on the road to hell, flowers can make you smile.” This beautiful quote tells that flowers have a charm in their beautiful make, soothing fragrance, &soft touch that makes people happy & smiling. It is believed that flowersare the most romantic gift as they have an ability to express the feelings thatyou can’t speak through words of mouth. It is difficult to beat positiveinnocence and emotions that are allied with flowers.Order flowers along with exotic gift itemsYou can substitute the spirit of purity and peacefulness with thousands ofdollars that flowers can bring with them. Therefore, if you are thinking togift something special to your loved one that can bring a smile on his/her
  6. 6. face, then there is nothing beautiful and better than a bouquet of his/herfavorite flowers. And with the online shopping world, it is further very easyto send flowers to your friends, relatives, or loving ones. Now-a-days,you can find numerous online florist websites that offer magnificentcollection of beautiful flowers along with various gift items such aschocolates, wine, and teddy bears. Here, one of the best things of theonline florists is that they have a huge variety of flowers to offer, whichis actually remarkable. When it comes to choose any flower among thehuge variety available, you will feel literally being in the confusion side.Beautiful flower’s bouquet makes its receiver delightfulRose and orchid are the most commonflowers demanded by the online usersand you can find these flowers in allthe array of colors. When you orderflowers online, you are able to get anoff-the-peg medley of colorfulflowers. However, you have choice toget a bouquet prepared with theflowers of your preferences. No doubt,whom you want to wish on a special occasion by sending a beautifulbouquet of flowers , it would make him/her delightful while receiving suchan exciting colorful gift. Not only this, but it will bring smile of thereceiver’s face from your behalf. The floral assortment is so captivatingthat you would want to present the beautiful flowers to your loved oneseven without any specific reason. Every florist at the online platformunderstands that there are people around, who matter to you and havespecial significance in your life. And this allows them to offer a variety offlowers arrangement for various occasions.
  7. 7. Online florists offer flowers for everyone’s requirement Just like a person has different feeling for different people, in the same way, flowers also express different feelings. You can get beautiful floral arrangement for your mother, sister or other family member as per the choice. You would get floral options to gift your friends and even to your favorite teachers, who teach you the real meaning of the life. In fact, youwouldn’t have to do much search upon that as the online florist have propercategories made on their site, from where you can choose properly. Fromthe section of New Year, Christmas, Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Sorry,Thank You, New Born, and many others, you can select the best one foryou friend or family member. Further, as a cherry on the cake, thesefacilitators highlight a specific flower gift with the right kind ofaccessories such as teddy bear, chocolates, wine, and many more.With a gift of flower, you can make someone feel special and let him/herknow how much caring you are. It can bring an amazing feeling to thereceiver. The flower sellers at the online platform facilitate you to makeeasy payments via credit or debit card for their purchase orders. Moreover,florists in Singapore ensure on time delivery of flowers and make yousure that the receiver will get the flowers delivery on the right time that youmention during the time of making order. Posted by Dpetals at 3:53 AM No comments:
  8. 8. Recommend this on Google Labels: florist, florist online , florists online, florists singapore, online florist, online florists, online singapore florist, singapore floristMO N D AY, JAN UAR Y 21, 2013Know Which Flowers You Can Have To Glee YourWedding It is a special moment when two people get ready for wedlock, as here their life takes a new track of happiness. The venue of the wedding, dresses of the wedding couple, and other arrangements are the common things that become important to consider for ensuring a delightful wedding. If you are going to trammel in a beautifulrelation with someone and you are done with the arrangements ofcelebration venue and your wedding dress, then the next big decisioncomes to make the choice of flowers that you will need to have for makingyour wedding a special one. No doubt, it is something that takes worth timeto decide on; and why it should not worth time taking, after all yourwedding bouquet is going to be capture in your wedding photo album.Let’s take a short flight of the instances of wonderful flowers that you canhave for your wedding bouquet and other arrangement.Calla Lilies: Picking Calla lilies for the wedding bouquet can be yourgood choice, as these have a sophisticated elegance that is unique.
  9. 9. However, white callas are very much famous for wedding at the localflorist shops, but once you approach the online florist, you can have ahuge range of Calls with different colors to prepare your wedding bouquet.Here, you can pick bright yellow callas for a pretty bouquet.Gerberas (Gerber Daisy): For last many years, it has been the choice ofmany people to arrange the wedding bouquet. You can find Gerbera orGerber Daisy in a wide array of colors; and as it is available all yeararound, you can pick it in any season. Gerberas are classic in shape andimmensely draw the attention of people. Apart from the choice for thewedding bouquet, it is also used for table arrangements.O rc hids : Wow! When it comes toCymbidium Orchids, it sounds alike.Orchids allow you to have amagnificent wedding bouquet willsurely impress your partner. There is anamazing fact regarding Orchids thattheir heads look delicate and not onlythis, but they can survive for a longtime after they are plugged out andeven without water before sagging.Therefore, it becomes the choice of many, who normally concern about thesurvival of their wedding bouquet, when they are getting married late in thehot summer’s day.Roses: If you ask, which wedding flower is the most classic, then simplythe answer is “Rose.” When it comes to the online florist in Singapore, itoffers an outstanding variety of roses, whether in color, shape, or size.Roses are known for spreading out wonderful fragrance. The colorful
  10. 10. Roses are known for spreading out wonderful fragrance. The colorfulvariety of roses may include yellow, pale green, white and near black. It isbelieved that by creating a rose wedding theme, you can bring a romanticfeel in this occasion.Tulips: Undoubtedly, these flowers are always loved for wedding thosemore than 500 varieties draw the attention of people. We can say that youhave an adequate choice to create a tulip wedding theme. With a flowerbouquet that is arranged with tulips can make you to express your lovefeelings in front of your partner.Hydrangeas: These are increasingly becoming the choice as weddingflowers and many people prefer to arrange the venue of their wedding withHydrangeas. No doubt, Hydrangeas are graceful and classy on their own,but they also work equally well when assorted with other type of flowers.You can find these flowers from sprint to through autumn. Freesias: Do you know that Freesias are a perfect choice for weddings? Yes, these are and if you want to make your wedding delightful, then you can also look for the Freesias arrangement. Apart from the use for bouquets, these can be a good choice for table adornments. The online florist in Singapore offers a great variety Freesias that come in different colorslike orange, white, lilac, pink, and red.Moreover, as there is a wonderful variety of wedding flowers, you don’tneed to stick to just a single flower in your bouquet. You can create a
  11. 11. beautiful blend of colorful flower, where each gives complement to theothers in terms of color, size, and texture. Now, with the help of creativeflorists you can make use of huge variety of floras and arrange them inwonderful shapes using foliage like aspidistra leaves and steel grass. Posted by Dpetals at 11:25 PM No comments: Recommend this on Google Labels: florist, florist online , florists online, florists singapore, online florist, online florists, online singapore florist, singapore floristT UESD AY, JAN UAR Y 15, 2013Know Which Rose Is Perfect For Your Valentine Valentine Day! Yes, it is just going to knock the door. No doubt, everyone would have been waiting for this day of love with full eagerness. However, its craze in young generation can be seen beyond the belief, but it doesn’t mean that old age people don’t celebrate this day. Some celebrate it as their love anniversary, whereas others think to propose their loving ones on this day. It is fact that crowd in market even don’t allow you to move a single step on the Valentine Day. When itcomes to gift something special to your sweetheart, the online florists inSingapore offer good option of sending beautiful flowers along withvarious gift items. Here, the idea of sending roses via an online florist isalways on the top that doesn’t even make you think twice to go with.Yes, if you are thinking to bring a smile on your sweetheart’s face, then
  12. 12. nothing is special than gifting roses to him/her. But, do you know number ofroses that you choose from online florists to gift matters a lot? Yes, it isso. The number of roses that you gift to your loving one has differentmeanings depending on how many there are. If you are not aware of thisthing, then you don’t need to bother, as here we are going to discuss aboutthe same matter and the understanding of it would help you to order aperfect amount of roses via an online florist for your valentine.A single roseGiving a single rose is the symbol of love at first side. Yes, if you arethinking to propose to someone with whom you are in love at first side andwant to know his/her notions about you, then giving a single rose can helpyou a lot. On this Valentine Day, you can express your feeling towardhim/her. And if, you are in relationship, then offering single rose throughoutthe life expresses that “I still love you.”Two rosesWhen you offer two roses to your loving one, it shows that you are inmutual love and affection. Offering two roses says that your love has beenincreasing with the time.Three rosesWhen it comes to offer three roses, it is considered as a traditional onemonth anniversary gift. On this Valentine Day, while wishing your spouseone month anniversary, you can make him/her feel special by offering threered roses that expresses “I love you.”Six rosesGifting a bouquet of six roses showsthat you are in fascination with itsreceiver and here, it doesn’t matter thatthe relationship is new or a longstanding one.Nine rosesDo you want to say, “I love youforever” to your sweetheart? If yes,
  13. 13. then offering a bouquet of nine rosescan deliver your message to him/her.Ten rosesAs number ten stands for perfection or accomplishment, offering a bunchof ten beautiful roses shows that your love is perfect.Twelve rosesWhen you offer twelve roses to someone, it delivers “Be mine” or “I loveyou” message just like the traditional dozen roses.Thirteen rosesAn amount of thirteen roses says that as a friend you will always be therefor him/her.Fifteen rosesDo you want to say sorry to your loving one, but don’t know how toexpress it? If it is so, then you don’t need to worry, as a bouquet of fifteenroses will work for it.Twenty rosesThis amount of roses is the symbol of sincere feeling towards someone. Twenty-one roses No doubt, you can show your dedication in many ways, but offering twenty-one roses is the best way to express it. Twenty-four roses Say “I am yours forever” with twenty- four roses and see what a wonderful response you get from their receiver. Twenty-five roses A bouquet of twenty-five roses isperfect to congratulate someone for any occasion.
  14. 14. Thirty-six roses A bouquet of thirty-six roses simply expresses that “I am head over heels.” Forty roses You can find it a bit difficult to say that “My love is honest,” but a beautiful bouquet of forty roses says it all. Fifty + roses If you want to express that your love has no boundaries, then noting is perfect than the idea of offering fifty or fifty plus roses to your loving one. So, on this Valentine day, just become ready to express your feeling towards your sweetheart by offering him/her a specific amount of roses that has an especial meaning behind it. Posted by Dpetals at 11:05 PM No comments: Recommend this on Google Labels: florist, florist online , florists online, florists singapore, online florist, online florists, online singapore florist, singapore florist Ho me Older Po sts Subscribe to : Po sts (Ato m)Dpetals The Flo wer Peo ple. Simple template. Template images by ko nradlew. Po wered by Blo gger.
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