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Statements 2.0:Integrated Statement Marketing in the Digital Era - eBook

Statements 2.0:Integrated Statement Marketing in the Digital Era - eBook



Statements have become a critical part of a financial services organization's overall marketing program. This ebook delves into best practices in targeted statement marketing, the importance of multi ...

Statements have become a critical part of a financial services organization's overall marketing program. This ebook delves into best practices in targeted statement marketing, the importance of multi channel marketing and provides easy to implement ideas to help enhance and measure the success of your marketing programs. Download this ebook and visit www.doxim.com for more information on how to take your statements to the next level!



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    Statements 2.0:Integrated Statement Marketing in the Digital Era - eBook Statements 2.0:Integrated Statement Marketing in the Digital Era - eBook Presentation Transcript

    • Statements 2.0:Integrated StatementMarketing in the Digital EraWinning Strategies for Successful Statement BasedMarketing Programswww.doxim.com
    • ForewordUsing the knowledge gleaned from years of experience working with FinancialService Providers, Doxim has created a number of eBooks on the topic of Statements,ranging from a how-to of statement composition and world class statement designin “Unleash Your Statements’ True Potential”, to sharing some of our own clientsuccess stories and the details of their programs that helped them achieve high levelsof eDelivery in “Winning Strategies to Drive eStatement Adoption”.This latest eBook is targeted at organizations that want to learn how to take advantageof their statements, and especially their eStatements as a marketing tool that can beused in conjunction with the online channel to engage with customers.We’ll begin by covering some compelling evidence surrounding the importance ofdigital communications and then delve into some of the tactics and best practicesin target marketing that can help deliver maximum Return on Investment for yourmarketing programs.1 | www.doxim.com
    • Statements 2.0 - The Next Generation StatementStatements 2.0 is a term we have coined to refer to the fact that, more and more, about what they pay attention to. Simultaneously, more people are turning to the web.statements are playing a central role in an organization’s marketing programs and that They use the online world to find things they want, rate products before purchase, anda web presence can be leveraged to enable a higher level of engagement and user satisfy a growing need to be constantly connected and instantly gratified.experience — starting with statement based communications. The upshot is that smart organizations are focusing their marketing strategy andTo be successful, marketers need to leverage the multiple communication mechanisms marketing budget in this online arena, where they can better engage and interact withand mediums that are available to them — this includes their statement ads, customized their customers. This has not happened overnight, but the trend is certainly accelerating.landing pages, web content and other forms of interactive digital media. So how is thisrelevant to your organization? Online AdoptionThe Shift from Traditional to Digital Marketing The concept of ‘being online’ was introduced to the mass market in the mid 1990s and it took nearly a decade for the medium to become ingrained in our culture. But it’s onlyBy now, most people have recognized that there has been a comprehensive shift in the been in the past five to seven years that we’ve seen a dynamic shift in the way marketersway businesses must reach out and interact with their customers. The old school tactics have started to really tailor their programs to resonate with customers and prospectsof offline advertising on their own simply do not work any longer. online. In the past few years we’ve started to see transactional documents like statements becoming part of this trend.This has led to a dramatic decline or reallocation of budgeted dollars from traditionalmarketing vehicles such as direct mail, TV & radio spots to more modern marketing Statements have evolved from being an obligatory compliance document that has to bevehicles that favour online interaction. These include web properties, landing pages, mailed out, to a marketing document with a unique benefit. This evolution involves threeemail and PPC (pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimization). steps: Old School New School 1. Integrating marketing messages onto statements 2. Making statements a key component in online campaigns, especially eStatements Offline Online 3. Encouraging more customers to opt in to receive electronic statements instead Direct Mail Email of print Print Social Media TV SEO & PPC Transactional documents, like statements are the number one item of mail that gets opened and read by the recipient. Even online statements get read rates of between Radio Video 5 and 15% — which is pretty good for a document that is passively posted to an online Tele-Marketing Podcast archive once a month. Add push email notification of eStatement availability and these Website rates can go up substantially (refer to pg 12).The average person is exposed to over 3000 ads/marketing messages per day across What we are now seeing is the emerging opportunity to leverage this ‘often read’ pieceall media and we’ve all learned to zone the majority of them out. A key driver for this is the of customer communication to maximize its value as an advertising vehicle and focus onfact that life has sped up exponentially and people have less time to themselves than ever ways to use it as springboard to engage with clients in the online world.before. So both consciously and unconsciously your audience has become very selective2 | www.doxim.com
    • Changing Demographics Demographics of Internet Users Below is the percentage of each group of American adults who use the Internet,It’s quite evident that the youth segment have embraced the digital world completely according to a Pew Research study survey. For instance, 79% of women use the Internet.and have been doing so for several years. Indeed, Internet culture is slowly but surelyinfiltrating all age groups as the early adopters age and as the late adopters like Gen % Who Use the InternetXers, Generation Jones and Boomers learn to navigate the online world. All Adults 80 Men 81 Women 79 Age 18-29 94 30-49 88 50-64 79 65+ 48 Household Income Less than $30,000/yr 65 $30,000 - $49,999 85 $50,00 - $74,999 94 $75,000+ 98 Source: The Pew Research Centre’s Internet & American Life Project’s February Tracking Survey conducted January 20 - February 19, 2012. N =2,253 adults age 18 and older, including 901 interviews conducted by cell phone. Interviews were conducted in both English and Spanish. Even seniors (65 plus) are becoming more Internet savvy. While seniors seem to continue to lag behind all other age groups in terms of Internet usage in general, studies The biggest shift in Internet usage actually show that from an Internet banking perspective this gap is considerably narrower. This additionally bodes well for financial service marketers. comes from people between 35 and 64 years. The bottom line is that online adoption and over all Internet usage is going up across the board and is certainly not going away.These days the Generation Y and much of the Generation X population are completelyat home online, expecting to operate online for the majority of their interactions, whetherit be with friends, retailers or service providers. Not only do they expect to reside largelyonline, they are being taught to expect interactivity and engagement as an integralpart of their online experience and increasingly to enjoy this via their mobile device.These expectations are becoming a driving force for smart marketers to deliver a morecomprehensive online experience. And of course, this doesn’t just benefit Gen X and Y.It benefits all Internet users – which is good news, as the biggest shift in Internet usagecomes from people between 35 and 64 years, which is right in the sweet spot of ‘mostlucrative clients’ for many financial institutions.3 | www.doxim.com
    • The Importance of Multi-channel MarketingWhile it’s evident that online marketing is here to stay and should receive the lion’s These are important findings for financial service providers who are already spendingshare of focus, offline channels remain an important part of the marketing mix, and can hard dollars sending out statements to customers each and every month. Think about it —contribute value when used where it makes sense. In fact, studies show that integrated a statement can represent the first channel of communication in multichannel campaignsmulti-channel campaigns perform better than single thread online programs – and and typically, you get twelve opportunities each year to leverage this fact and use theperform even better if they contain an offline component. statement as a springboard to engage with your customers online.Results from MarketPath’s Annual Marketing Research Study support this contention, And let’s be honest, it only makes sense to put effort into leveraging statements as aindicating that multi-channel online campaigns can outperform traditional campaigns by springboard when you consider the substantial level of effort and cost that is already50%. Furthermore, they also identify that 62% of online campaigns have better Return being put into statement creation and delivery.on Investment if they include an offline marketing vehicle, such as direct mail. So how do you make that happen? What steps should be taken and how can you beTo further support these results, data gathered for a recent report commissioned by sure you’re taking the right approach? The best way to develop a winning strategy is tothe Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), shows that there is a direct correlation use proven techniques and employ best practice standards. And we’re here to help showbetween the number of channels deployed in a campaign or program and how these you how.programs provide real business value. Effects of Multi-channel Campaigns Any Hard Business Effect Any Soft Business Effect 80%80 80 74% 73% 67%70 70 65% 60% 58%60 6050 50 42%40 4030 3020 2010 10 0 0 1 2-4 5-7 8+ 1 2-4 5-7 8+ Number of Channels (across all media) Number of Channels (across all media)Source: Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA)4 | www.doxim.com
    • Successful Statement Based MarketingIn order to take advantage of statement based marketing programs, the first thing youneed is have a better looking statement. If your organization has yet to move from the The Importance of Calls to Actionbasic black and white statement, Doxim’s eBook “Unleash your Statements’ True With statement based advertising, the key is to deliver a message that speaks to thePotential” can help get you started. This eBook discusses the various features of a reader and incites them to do something. Statement based ads need to have a strongworld class statement design, and the how-to of statement composition and delivery. call to action (CTA), and make it easy for the reader to act on that CTA. Basically, you should treat the ad real estate just like you would a direct mail piece, with a prominentAssuming that your organization has transitioned to an enhanced statement design and compelling call to action.with multiple message zones, designed to deliver targeted messages to the recipient,you’re ready to get started! It’s important to remember that people respond to advertising differently depending on whether it’s online or offline. When viewing a statement online they can click through on a statement ad to find out more. When viewing a statement offline, they need to be instructed to do something slightly different like pick up a phone or type a simple URL into their browser. Ideally, if your statement processor and/or back end data stream allow for it, you should actually run with two different ad variants – one for your print statements and one for your eStatements — so that the CTA can be properly tailored for the delivery medium. Statement Period Ending: Nov 30, 2011 Account Number: 123456790 Pages: 1 of 4 Print Statement Ad with QR Code Online Statement Ad with Clickable Link Sample statement advertisement for print and online use Sample Enhanced Statement5 | www.doxim.com
    • A Side Note on Using QR Codes QR Code % of QR Code IndexA QR Code (Quick Response Code) is the term used for a type of two-dimensional bar Audience (000’s) Audiencecode. This bar code format can store large amounts of encoded information that can be Total Audience 14,452 100.0% 100made up of virtually any kind of data. Adding a QR code onto a print statement or other 13+ Years Oldprinted collateral allows the recipient to use a QR reader on their smart phone to scan Genderthe QR code and go instantly online. Male 8,743 60.5% 125While QR codes are all the rage right now, a word of caution; not a lot of people Female 5,709 39.5% 76interact with them. Data from a recent comScore market research study shows that in Agethe span of one month, 14 million US and 1.3 million Canadian Smartphone users 13-17 1,076 7.4% 108scanned QR codes. This is out of a total Smartphone population of roughly 105 millionusers, or approximately 14.5%. 18-24 2,402 16.6% 136 25-34 5,317 36.8% 211While these are not huge numbers, the results suggest that if you are thinking about 35-44 2,827 19.6% 117using QR codes, the best place to deploy them are on ads targeted at 25-34 yearolds, which totals 37% of all users surveyed in this study. If you want to target a slightly 45-54 1,798 12.4% 68broader audience you can expand the range to include 18-44 years old, which makes up 55-64 594 4.1% 2873% of users. 65+ 437 3.0% 22 QR Code Market Research Study. Source: comScore Tips for QR Code Usage • If you plan to use QR codes on a print statement think hard about the “post scan” user experience. • Link to mobile friendly content. Don’t just link them to your web site that they have to read and navigate using a 4 inch screen. • Consider the extra effort involved. QR codes can lead to a lot more work because you need to accommodate the mobile screen in your user engagement strategy.6 | www.doxim.com
    • Engaging With Your Online AudienceNow that you have a nicely constructed statement based marketing message with a Landing Page Best Practicesstrong CTA, the next step is to determine where the click or URL should take the reader. As with any marketing vehicle, there are plenty of best practices to keep in mind whenUsually marketers will choose one of three destinations, with the third being the most designing a customized landing page. We’ve pulled together a short list of those bestideal solution: practices that we think are worth taking into account. While we consider these among1. Your Home Page the “gold standard” that should be employed, even focusing on just a few can garnerThis is usually not a good choice, especially if the reason they have clicked is not covered positive results:by your home page content. If you were the user, where would you go from here? • Make sure the landing page content drives the reader to action. Just like in the2. A More Specific Web Page statement ad, the copy must sell whatever you are offering and incite response.For example: your responders click thru on an ad for special, limited time low mortgage • If you include a form on the landing page keep it as short as possible. Only collectrate and they are linked to your mortgages home page. It’s better, but not an ideal choice, the information you absolutely must have. Each additional field you include will be asince it was the special mortgage offer that attracted them, not just a general interest in barrier to conversion.mortgages. • If you include a form, also include a privacy statement or badge to assure the reader that any personal information that they share with you will remain safe.3. A Custom Built Landing PageThis is the ideal solution because the respondent is taken directly to a page that speaks • If you are offering something in exchange for contact details, include a “hero shot”specifically to the offer in the ad. The landing page will most likely include a CTA. It could (a photo or iullustration of what you are offering) because people are attracted tobe a suggestion to call you, or maybe a short registration form that provides access to some pictures and process what they mean much more quickly than words.value added content like a “How to Choose the right Mortgage for a First Time Home Buyer”. • Focus on the click through button. “get my FREE Mortgage Guide NOW ” will drive a lot more conversions than having a button that just says “Submit”Options one and two raise issue with tracking responses as many • Stay away from flash based landing pages. They can look fantastic but they canother people visit these pages from different sources. cause issues with analytics and tracking and are also taboo from a usability perspective. (Did you know there are over 325 million Apple iOS devices out there that don’t support flash!) • Make sure the critical content of the landing page is ‘above the fold ’. This means it can be read without the reading having to scroll the screen at all. Typically this means your landing page needs to fit into a 1024 x 768 resolution screen.7 | www.doxim.com
    • Keeping Things Above the FoldThe following example shows two versions of a landing page from a bank that was used Version B drove 13% more visitors to open savings accounts than version A. A niceto sell its savings accounts. Two page variants were created to test which page drove illustration of how keeping key content above the fold can positively impact the successmore savings account openings. The only difference between the two landing pages of a campaign.was that version A has one more benefit in the three columns, which served to push theSubmit Button below the fold. Version A Version BLanding page samples illustrating the importance of a good design. Quick Tip “Which test Won.com” is a great resource for studying the impact of various landing page designs. You can register to receive monthly emails with examples and vote on which one you think performed best. The results can be eye opening.8 | www.doxim.com
    • The Importance of A/B TestingThe A/B testing deployed in this example is an inexpensive yet powerful method for A/B Testing Statementsa quick comparison of two different designs. By using controlled tests and gatheringdata, you can determine exactly which strategies work best for you. When you know Testing can also be used on statement ads as well– and it’s simple to do. Simply createwhat works and what doesn’t, and have evidence to back it up, it’s easier to make two ad variants and split them across your recipient base. Then, measure the responsedecisions. The data you collect, especially over time, can help you develop more levels (e.g click throughs or visits to a specific URL) for each ad to identify which oneeffective marketing campaigns. resonates best with your audience. Use this ad to communicate with your entire customer base in the following month.There are a number of benefits to leveraging A/B testing for things like landing pages: You can use learnings from statement ad tests to help focus the design of other materials • Low risk such as web content, in branch posters and direct mail pieces. • Inexpensive (compared to focus groups for example) • Provides quantifiable proof • Invisible to most of your users • Great way to ‘test run’ new designs • Can solve internal design disputesA/B Testing Landing PagesJust like you might test different variants in an email subject line, ortwo different paid search ads, you can also test different variables inlanding pages to identify which of two variants drives better results. Bestpractices dictate that you should minimize the changes you make to yourtwo variants as much as possible .For each test you should change just one variable, like the colour of abackground, the size, colour or words on a CTA button, or the headline.If you change multiple variables at once and get an improvement it will beunclear which changed variable actually impacted the result. The mainvariables to focus on are: • Copy – tone, length, nomenclature • Design – colour, imagery, layout • Call to action – mixture of copy, colour, placement(s) and promotionEven small changes to a landing page variable can significantly impact responserates and conversion rates so it really is worth deploying A/B testing if you can.9 | www.doxim.com
    • Measuring Your SuccessSo you’ve created engaging statement based ads with strong calls to action that link Google analytics can also be used to help you to identify:to compelling, targeted landing pages that engage the reader and incite further action.How do you know whether all this hard work is yielding any results? • Keywords that people use to find you online • Which of your web pages get the most visitsThankfully the online world provides endless opportunities for tracking and measuring • Which get the most attentiondata, so it’s quite simple to determine what’s working and what’s not. Here are a few keymetrics that you should focus on: • Where your site visitors are located • Which sites are referring traffic to you • Click Through Rate – On your statements (at least your eStatements). This can be measured by using a conversion code on the URL link itself, or simply by tracking the • Vistor’s preferred screen resolutions number of visits to your landing page. Previously, in the landing page best practices section, we suggested that landing page • Visits to Landing Page – If you are going to track the number of visits, it might be content be kept above the fold. Tracking the Top 10 visitor screen resolutions is a great better to have two landing pages, one for the eStatement ad and one for the print way to find out what size to build your landing pages to ensure the majority of uses can statement ad, so you can gain more granular insights. Alternatively, you can setup a see the complete page without the need to scroll. friendly redirect specifically for the print ad so that you can identify visitors coming from that medium.At the landing page level there are two key measures to consider: • Conversion Rate – This is the percentage of readers that take action as a result of the landing page content. If conversion rates are low, take a look at the time spent on the page. • Time on Page – If this is very short, then there may be some issues with readability or clarity of the landing page message that you will want to address.Tracking ToolsNow that you have some ideas about what to track, you’ll need a tool(s) to measure allthis stuff. A great starting point is Goggle Analytics. It’s free and it’s easy to install anduse. Google Analytics allows you to gain insights into a huge range of tracking variables,not just page visits and conversions. Almost every metric that is tracked is actionable and Sample Google Analytics Reportfocus and adjustment can help lead you to more visits and improved visitor engagement. There are a number of other analytics tools available out there that will deliver similar capabilities to Google Analytics – such as SiteCatalyst, Webtrends and Coremetrics if Google doesn’t meet your needs.10 | www.doxim.com
    • Advanced Data Segmentation – Taking it to the Next LevelSo let’s imagine your statement ads, landing pages and analytics are all running For those of you ready to embrace these new approaches and techniques we wish yousmoothly. The next place to think about applying some focus might be in segmenting every success. There are many additional online resources where you can find out moreyour statement audience. about every aspect of the process, from calls to action, to QR codes and mobile enabled sites, to landing pages and conversion best practices. Some good sites include :If you are able to break down your customer data by demographic segment, it can beused to target your statement based marketing to specific demographics (depending • www.marketingsherpa.comon your statement providers ability to manage this demographic data). For example, you • www.marketingprofs.comcould tailor specific ad campaigns to seniors about estate planning, students about debt • www.hubspot.comconsolidation and 25-45 year olds about special mortgage rates. Targeting specific adsto specific segments will help to increase response rates significantly. • www.eloqua.com • www.marketo.comConclusion • www.brainrider.comAs you can see, the idea of leveraging statement based marketing to drive onlineengagement makes a lot of sense. There are many best practices that have been triedand tested by others, which you can leverage to help you to get things set up right thefirst time. By engaging more effectively online with customers you can help drive cross-sell / up-sell activities, contributing to top line growth.11 | www.doxim.com
    • A Few Additional Statement Based Marketing Tips…While we’ve covered off some key points and tips relating to online engagement with Amortize Your Statement Costs — Think about store coupons or third party adyour statement recipients, there are many other related activities that you can think campaigns as a way to actually amortize your statement costs. For example, you couldabout tackling as well. Here are a few more marketing tips and ideas that are relatively run an ad for a special car loan rate in conjunction with a local car dealership that payssimple to implement and can help engage your audience and noticeably enhance your you for the ad impressions you are providing to them.marketing programs. Think About Colour Printing for Paper Statements — If you have achieved, or canLeverage Push Email – Push email is a simple notification to the customer that their drive good levels of print suppression (around 50% plus) the savings you make shouldeStatement is ready to be accessed online. This email could contain a link to the online be enough to deliver the balance of print statements in colour. And colour really doesbanking portal, or even a secure link to the eStatement itself, using a hashed URL. improve the impact of your statement based ads. If you don’t want to spend all thateStatement open rates can be increased significantly with push email. money, think about delivering colour statements to your high net worth clients who have more disposable income to direct to other products and services that you offer.Use Incentive Based ads on the Statement – Think about trying an incentive like:“Check out your statement online and find out how you can get a free home renovation Working with a trusted partner like Doxim can help you with these advancedvoucher.” You can even refer to these in the notification email to drive readership. segmentation activities as well as the simpler tasks of putting ads on your statements and delivering them electronically to your customers. Let’s find out how...Leverage Coupons – Use coupons like a free $100 big box home renovation storevoucher that you associate with an ad to incent recipients to take out a home renovationloan. Or even offer coupons for store savings right on the statement in a secondary adspace. These could be used to incite seniors to go online to look at their statements, atwhich point you can also leverage your primary ad space to promote pertinent services tothem like retirement savings accounts, RIFs, estate planning and more.12 | www.doxim.com
    • The Doxim Difference Doxim ECM Doxim ECM is a comprehensive, web based, enterprise content management solution that enables organizations to easily capture, store, search and share all internal files andDoxim is a leading provider of a broad range of document management products and services. customer information – safely and securely via an online repository. Doxim ECM enablesDoxim leverages these products and services to provide organizations with proven statement organizations to:solutions, designed to help improve your statement related marketing activities. • Streamline how content is stored, shared and accessed across all departments and branchesStatement Design Services • Speed up operations by automating business processes and decisions,Doxim’s unique statement composition process converts difficult to read, unattractive print increasing employee productivity, while reducing costsouts into attractive, easy to read statements complete with targeted marketing messages • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings,and a custom, look and feel that faithfully respects organizational branding guidelines. and enhance customer interaction via self-service capabilitiesDoxim’s sophisticated statement composition process enables you to enhance your customerexperience and communicate more effectively with these customers by: • Ensure content security and access rules are maintained in accordance with regulatory mandates • Delivering great looking, easy to read statements • Contribute effectively to corporate environmental strategies • Placing branded ads directly on the statement to support cross-sell / up-sell • Including marketing messages that have the same look and feel as web campaigns Doxim MessageCentral • Adding targeted marketing messages to statements, directed at specific demographics Doxim MessageCentral is an easy to use self serve interface designed to help you to better manage their statement based marketing. Users can upload the ads they want to ““ use on their statement, Quality Control them on the statement and then release them for Our new statements are much clearer and facilitate “ print. It also allows users to self manage the submission of online and print based inserts and newsletters. However, much more importantly than this, MessageCentral allows effective marketing message delivery. Staff and users to select, upload, stage and deliver multiple targeted ads to different customer member feedback has been very positive. segments. Using Doxim MessageCentral along with rich demographic data sources will allow you self administer the targeting of all these ad messages to different demographic Joe Agro, Teachers groups, leading to more meaningful reader engagements, better conversions and ultimately, more success in cross-selling and up-selling new products and services.eStatement SolutionsDoxim eStatements are designed for organizations that want to convert their existing Doxim eDocumentsprint statements into an electronic format where staff can quickly and easily access them Doxim’s eDocuments solution allows financial service providers to seamlessly integrateonline, and customers can easily access their eStatements, online via their banking or the Doxim Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository with their own onlinebrokerage portal. customer portal. This allows portal users to gain secure access to an array of documents, ““ which may include eStatements, tax forms, customer notices (like term and renewal Our members love the flexibility and convenience of “ notices), marketing materials and newsletters. By implementing Doxim eDocuments businesses can: e-Statements, and we love it because it saves us money. • Reduce costs for postage, call center and in branch visits Barb Restagno, Education CU • Specify which documents they want to expose via their portal • Provide a higher level of customer service and convenience13 | www.doxim.com
    • Interested in Learning More?We’ve delivered hundreds of affordable statement solutions to Banks, Credit Unions andWealth Management firms across North America. We can do it for you too. If you’d like toknow a little more about Doxim’s comprehensive Statement services, please visit our website:Statement Design Services • Statements Design Services – Learn More • Great Looking Statements brochure – Download NoweStatements • Doxim eStatements Solution – Learn More • Doxim eStatements Brochure – Download NowECM • Doxim ECM Solution – Learn More • Doxim ECM Brochure – Download Now • Doxim Health Check & ECM Strategy Consulting Brochure – Download NoweDocuments • Doxim eDocuments Solution – Learn More • Doxim eDocuments Brochure – Download NowGet started today! Contact a Doxim representative to learn more.Statement Solutions from DoximDoxim provides a comprehensive range of advanced statement composition and processing services forthe Financial Service Provider community. We output these documents in both print and electronic formats, Presented by:leveraging our Cloud Based Enterprise Content Management platform for secure online document access.Doxim statement solutions include: • Secure Statement Printing • Personalized Statement Marketing 445 Apple Creek Boulevard • Secure Daily Confirm Printing • eNewsletter and eInserts Markham, Ontario L3R 9X7 866.475.9876 • Cheque Processing and Exceptions Matching • In-line printing of Newsletters and Inserts www.doxim.com • Cloud Based eStatements • Data Insertion and Merging • Enhanced Statement Design14 | www.doxim.com