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McLean & Partners Optimizes Client Onboarding and Improves Client Satisfaction
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McLean & Partners Optimizes Client Onboarding and Improves Client Satisfaction


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McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. implemented OpenAdvantage® to solve to solve issues related to client information gathering and to improve the client experience. Now, customer account …

McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. implemented OpenAdvantage® to solve to solve issues related to client information gathering and to improve the client experience. Now, customer account information is readily available, easy to edit, and always consistent with corporate branding.

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  • 1. McLean & Partners’ Front-OfficeSolution Allows Business Personnel ToMake Process Updates Instantaneously,Improving Client SatisfactionEXECUTIVE SUMMARYCOMPANY CHALLENGE SOLUTION BENEFITMcLean & Partners Wealth Changes to client onboarding The OpenAdvantage ® client Enable business to takeManagement Ltd, is processes including information onboarding platform was control of system. Customeran independent wealth gathering, workflows and implemented to automate documentation is nowmanagement firm based in documentation were time client onboarding processes consistent with corporateCalgary, specializing in global consuming and not optimized and make it easier for business branding. Changes can bedividend growth stock investing to improve the customer personnel to modify customer made quickly and customerfor over 25 years - more than experience. account information. information is now stored in a$1.0 billion dollars in assets secure, central location.under management.THE CUSTOMERMcLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. provides The manual, paper-based approach to client onboard-portfolio management advisory services to high net ing presented a number of challenges. Changes toworth individuals, trusts, and not-for profit organizations. client information and documentation were not immediate,Their business model is characterized by the need to and it was time consuming to maintain and support theprovide superior customer service. In addition, the firm manual process across the entire business. Paper workis responsible for keeping abreast of regulatory changes was inconsistent and access to customer informationat every level. was not readily available. McLean and Partners turned to Arius Software for help.THE CHALLENGEMcLean & Partners’ manual paper based client on-boarding process involved a considerable amount of THE SOLUTIONtime and effort to maintain. Opening additional client McLean and Partners selected Arius OpenAdvantage®,accounts involved re-typing current information on the an electronic client onboarding solution for financialclient application, a manual and time consuming task. services firms because of its automation capabilities, and immediately realized the benefits of automating the clientThe client onboarding documentation was based onboarding and update MS Word, which left it exposed to discrepanciesbecause wording and formatting could easily be “OpenAdvantage® was chosen because of its ability to automate somealtered by any staff member. The result was a document of the client onboarding/update functions within our business.”inconsistent with the branding of McLean & Partners’marketing material. In addition, staff Alan Rees, COOwere never completely sure if they wereusing the latest versions of new account
  • 2. Arius Case StudyThis solution is designed to enable business personnel THE FUTURE(with proper permissions) to configure all aspects of McLean & Partners is now focusing on deploying somethe client onboarding process including questionnaires, additional features into their client onboarding plat-business rules, and generated documents. Updating the form. The next phase will consist of the development ofclient onboarding process is now completed in three easy several reports to track growth and further improvesteps; Change, Review and Deploy. Questions can be compliance.added and previewed immediately by business personnel,and workflows can be viewed graphically, showing theaccounts flowing through the system. “Arius has assisted McLean & Partners to focus on our clients. Having a system that allows us to generate client account documentation hasOpenAdvantage® allows businesses to focus on what improved advisor productivity.”they know, while allowing the system to transparently Danny Wong, CCOhandle the complexities of web design, data storage,document generation and pagination, audit histories andpermissions behind the scenes.With the most recent version of OpenAdvantage®,McLean & Partners’ client onboarding and updatingprocess have been automated, eliminating the needfor repetitive client data input, in effect, increasingoverall productivity. Updates can now be completedon-demand, without the long lead-time associated withthe manual process.Doxim builds and delivers automated client onboarding software, cloud-based Enterprise Content Management, and advanced documentprocessing solutions for Financial Service Providers and their outsourcing partners. These solutions are used by thousands of clients inbanking, credit unions, wealth management and investment brokerage to create, deliver and manage business critical documents andcontent more efficiently and cost effectively. Doxim solutions help these organizations to improve client communications, streamlinedocument access and meet the stringent compliance requirements associated with transactional document output and delivery.Doxim is an SSAE16/CSAE 3416 compliant organization.Toronto | Kitchener | Vancouver | Montreal1.866.475.9876 | info@doxim.comcontent. community. connected