Nine Things to Look For In An eDocuments SolutionIf you’re in the business of producing and sending out banking or brokera...
eDocuments Solution6. Easy Integration                                        8. Security, Disaster RecoveryAn eDocument a...
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9 Things to Look For in an eDocument Solution


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9 Things to Look For in an eDocument Solution

  1. 1. Nine Things to Look For In An eDocuments SolutionIf you’re in the business of producing and sending out banking or brokerage statementseach month then you should also be thinking about supplying eStatements too –either because clients are asking for them, or because it just makes good economicsense to promote them as an alternative to print and mail – or both!However, if you’re going to deploy an online archive to store your statements, youneed to look at it holistically, as you have a lot more documents that can benefit frombeing put online for cross organizational access, beyond simply statements.Here’s our list of some of the key things you need to be on the lookout for, when selecting an eDocumentssolution for your organization:1. High Volumn High Speed Archive 4. Equitable Pricing ModelEven though you may put all sorts of documents in On-premise solutions are also more expensive, as theyan online archive, the initial catalyst will probably be come with heavy upfront licensing and professional serviceeStatements. So make sure the solution you select costs plus ongoing maintenance costs. Cloud basedis capable of storing millions of documents and that Document Management is a lot more affordable andretrieval times are acceptable. It’s no good having all typically comes with a predictable monthly subscription,your critical documents online if you can’t access them which covers everything – including application access,quickly. support, disaster recovery, business continuity and all upgrades.2. Metadata IndexingOnce a Document Management system gets full of 5. Document Upload Optionsdocuments, the search and retrieval capability can When you think about all the different document typesslow right down, having a very negative effect on that you might want to move to an online storageresponse times, especially in very large archives. It’s environment it’s clear that you’ll also need to deploymuch better to deploy a solution that uses metadata various approaches to document upload. This beingindexing. This limits search criteria to things like names, said, make sure you search out a solution that offersdates, account numbers, document types etc. but easy batch upload for bulk items like statements, offersalso makes document retrieval much, much quicker. It scan and capture capabilities for hard copy documentsalso provides greater flexibility by allowing you provide and also allows you to upload internally created contentdifferent document views to different users based on electronically, via a user interface.permissions.3. A Cloud Computing SolutionGone are the days when security mandates dictatethat key applications had to be deployed on-premise.By opting for a cloud based Document Managementsolution you get all the security you need, guaranteedbackup, real-time replication and comprehensivedisaster recovery – all at a fraction of the costs ofdeploying a traditional solution on 905.475.9876
  2. 2. eDocuments Solution6. Easy Integration 8. Security, Disaster RecoveryAn eDocument archive is not an island. It must integrate Your documents are the lifeblood of your business. Sowith other systems throughout an enterprise. So make make sure that any Cloud-based solution is hostedsure you select a platform that offers comprehensive in a state of the art data center with stringent securityAPIs and support for Web Services so that it can be measures in place to safeguard your data 24-7. An easyeasily, and cost effectively integrated with things like way to do this is to limit your search to vendors thatyour document processing environment (for seamless can demonstrate compliance with SSAE16/CSAE3416batch upload) and internal and external online portals. standards for data center physical and logical controls.7. Simple Administration 9. Customer SatisfactionOne of the huge benefits of a cloud-based eDocument As with any business decision, the product or solutionsolution is that you can deploy it without having to you select is only half the story. The vendor you chooseinvolve IT. To make sure this remains the case, however, must be honest, trustworthy and respectful of theyou need to select a solution that is easy to configure commitments they make to you. A great way to assessand administer. This will allow you set up and maintain these abilities in advance of experiencing them yourselfcontrol of access and permissions without having to ask is to review their customer satisfaction ratings - to beyour overworked IT department to get involved. sure they track this regularly and to verify that they have attained appropriate levels of customer satisfaction on a consistent basis.To find how Doxim can help you with an eDocument solution, visit us at, email us at, or call us at 1-866 475 905.475.9876