Nine Things to Look for in a TranspromoPrint SupplierTranspromo takes statements and other transactional documents and mak...
Transpromo Print Supplier6. Support for Embedded LInks                                 8. National PresenceWhen your clien...
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9 Things to Look for in a Transpromo Print Supplier


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9 Things to Look for in a Transpromo Print Supplier

  1. 1. Nine Things to Look for in a TranspromoPrint SupplierTranspromo takes statements and other transactional documents and makes thempowerful promotional tools by adding pertinent marketing messages, targeted atthe recipient. And because documents like statements are opened and read 95%of the time, they’re great place to focus effort on cross sell and up sell to existingcustomers.But how do you go about selecting the right transpromo service provider for yourorganization? What capabilities and tools should they have?Here are the top nine things to look out for when selecting a transpromo print supplier:1. Data Transformation 4. Cross Reference File SupportIn most cases, statement data originates from dated Because your back end system data may not containmainframe applications that were never designed all the information you need to display on a statement,to output print streams that resulted in nicely laid it’s useful if you can add data from other sources to theout, attractive document. So check out the data statement itself (e.g. a loyalty card points balance) or totransformation capabilities of the transpromo print add other documents to your statement print run (e.g.supplier to ensure they can provide the flexibility needed newsletters). It’s important to work with supplier that canto transform this statement data into more aesthetically offer these capabilities, as they can represent significantpleasing, easy to read formats that can be inserted into cost savings in print, lettershop and postage.better designed statements. 5. Integrated Delivery2. Document Design & Content Integration Today all financial service providers need to off anOnce a Gone Today customers expect to receive eStatement alternative. More and more clients arean attractive, easy to read statement that contains demanding eStatements and it makes solid economicalinformation that’s important to them. So make sure sense too. So it’s important to select a transpromo printthe transpromo print supplier you select is able to offer supplier that also offers a fully integrated, quality onlineyou multiple statement templates that integrate easily document archive that can be used to quickly and easilywith recomposed back end system data, outputting upload PDFs of eStatements online for access by staffthe complete package as a ‘better looking statement’, and clients.complete of course, with those targeted marketingmessages.3. Advanced Statement ProcessingBecause your back end system data may not containall the information you need to display on a 905.475.9876
  2. 2. Transpromo Print Supplier6. Support for Embedded LInks 8. National PresenceWhen your clients view their statements online you can Each month you need to deliver statements withinengage them in real time by embedding web links into the confines of customer committed SLAs. Yet morestatement based marketing messages that allow the often than not it’s the mailing process that consumesviewer to click through to ‘find out more’. So make sure the majority of the time between receipt of data andthat the transpromo supplier you select offers the ability statement delivery. To minimize this issue, look for ato embed links in your statement content so the viewer statement printing supplier with a national presence,can click through to this additional web content. allowing for statements to be printed and mailed in the local market in which they are to be delivered.7. Flexible Colour PrintingWhile colour printing costs somewhat more than black 9. Customer Satisfactionand white, no one can deny the increased impact of As with any business decision, the product or solutiondelivering print statements in colour, especially when it’s you select is only half the story. The vendor you choosenicely designed and has integrated marketing messages. must be honest, trustworthy and respectful of theAnd the cost savings you can make with a successful commitments they make to you. A great way to assesseDelivery offering can be used to offset the expense of these abilities in advance of experiencing them yourselfprinting the remainder of your paper statements in full is to review their customer satisfaction ratings - to becolour. So make sure to choose a statement printing sure they track this regularly and to verify that they havepartner that can provide colour printing services and attained appropriate levels of customer satisfaction on athat these are flexible too – all colour, first page only, consistent basis.integrated colour newsletter only, etc.To find how Doxim can help you with transpromo printing solutions, visit us at, email us at, or call us at 1-866 475 905.475.9876