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9 Things to Look For in a Statement Printing Supplier

9 Things to Look For in a Statement Printing Supplier






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    9 Things to Look For in a Statement Printing Supplier 9 Things to Look For in a Statement Printing Supplier Document Transcript

    • Nine Things To Look For In a Statement PrintingSupplierThe regular distribution of bank statements or investment updates to clients,represents a significant cost center for a financial services organization. Yet they haveto be sent out, in order to demonstrate compliance with the regulatory mandatesthat govern the financial services sector.In these circumstances, it makes sense to get the maximum benefit from thesedocuments, which are typically opened and read by recipients 95% of the time.This being said, if you’re looking for a new supplier to meet your statement printingneeds, there are a number of critical capabilities you need to consider that will helpyou take better advantage of the statements you send out.Here’s our list of the top nine factors you need to be on the lookout for:1. Ability to Accept Data From Multiple Back End 4. Statement Based MarketingSystems Sending out monthly statements is a costly business, soThe last thing you want when selecting a new statement anything you can do to amortize these costs makes goodprinting supplier are excessive upfront implementation economic sense. One way is to leverage the statementfees. So make sure you choose a supplier that has to help cross sell and up-sell existing clients with newexperience working with multiple back-end data products and services. Make sure your statement printersources. This way you can ensure that your set-up is able to easily add targeted marketing messages tocosts are minimized from the outset. your statements, in multiple message zones throughout the statement..2. Data Parsing and Transformation CapabilitiesGone are the days when you can get away with sending 5. Self Serve Proofing and QCs‘Plain Jane’ paper statements to your customers. Having the ability to add marketing messages toToday they expect to receive an attractive, easy to read statements is great, but if the process is not streamlinedstatement, so make sure your supplier is able to take it will become time consuming and costly. Look foryour system data and easily recompose it into a better a printing vendor that offers self serve solutions forlooking statement. statement preparation. Such WYSIWYG tools should allow you to add marketing messages to statements3. Advanced Statement Processing yourself and also QC the statement layout from theBecause your back end system data may not contain comfort of your own desk.all the information you need to display on a statementit’s useful if you can add data from other sources toexisting statements (e.g. a loyalty card point balance)or to add other documents, to your statement print run(e.g. a newsletter). Look out for a statement printer withthese capabilities, as they can represent significant costsavings in print, lettershop and postage.content.community.connected www.doxim.com 905.475.9876
    • Statement Printing Supplier6. Integrated Delivery 8. National PresenceToday all financial service providers need to offer an Each month you need to deliver statements withineStatement alternative – because more and more the confines of customer committed SLAs. Yet moreclients are demanding it and because it makes solid often than not it’s the mailing process that consumeseconomical sense too. So it’s important to select a the majority of the time between receipt of data andstatement printing supplier that not only understands this statement delivery. To minimize this issue, look for abut encourages the transition from paper to electronic statement printing supplier with a national presence,and provides a quality online document management allowing for statements to be printed and mailed in thecapability to facilitate this. local market in which they are to be delivered.7. Flexible Colour Printing 9. Customer SatisfactionWhile colour printing costs somewhat more than black As with any business decision, the product or solutionand white, no one can deny the increased impact of you select is only half the story. The vendor you choosedelivering print statements in colour, especially when it’s must be honest, trustworthy and respectful of thenicely designed and has integrated marketing messages. commitments they make to you. A great way to assessAnd the cost savings you can make with a successful these abilities in advance of experiencing them yourselfeDelivery offering can be used to offset the expense ofprinting the remainder of your paper statements in fullcolour. So make sure to choose a statement printingpartner that can provide flexible colour printing services– all colour, first page only, integrated colour newsletteronly, etc. To find how Doxim can help you with an eDocument solution, visit us at www.doxim.com, email us at info@doxim.com, or call us at 1-866 475 9876.content.community.connected www.doxim.com 905.475.9876