Ten Things to look For In an Automated DocumentFactory SolutionAn Automated Document Factory (ADF) application infrastruct...
Automated Document Factory7. Differential Job Processing                               9. Integrate DeliveryThe month end ...
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10 Things to Look for in an ADF Solution


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10 Things to Look for in an ADF Solution

  1. 1. Ten Things to look For In an Automated DocumentFactory SolutionAn Automated Document Factory (ADF) application infrastructure is used to address the unique problems encounteredin high volume transaction output (HVTO) production environments, especially in printing and mailing operations.Many HVTO suppliers have built their own custom ADF platforms, typically comprising a number of point solutionsfrom different vendors, all tied together with custom code.In many cases the resulting infrastructure has become, dated, inflexible, hard to maintain and even harder to evolve.Although alternatives do exist, the selection process can be fraught with difficulty.Here are the top ten things to look out for when selecting an ADF platform solution:1. Ability to ingest data from multiple back end 4. Advanced Statement Processingsystems Because your back end system data may not containWhen selecting a new ADF platform, integration costs all the information you need to display on a statement,can rapidly become substantial. So it is important to se- it’s useful if you can add data from other sources to thelect a solution that has a proven track record of easy statement itself (e.g. a loyalty card points balance) or tointegration to multiple back-end data systems. This way add other documents to your statement print run (e.g.you can ensure that set up costs are minimized and the newsletters). It’s important to work with supplier that candata feeds you need to work with are integrated quickly offer these capabilities, as they can represent significantand easily for downstream processing. cost savings in print, lettershop and postage.2. Data Transformation 5. Statement Based MarketingIn most cases, statement data originates from dated Sending out monthly statements is a costly business, somainframe applications that were never designed to anything you can do to amortize these costs makes goodoutput print streams that result in nicely laid out, attractive economic sense. One way is to leverage the statementdocument. So check out the data transformation to help cross sell and up-sell existing clients with newcapabilities of the ADF platform to ensure they provide products and services. So make sure the ADF platformthe flexibility needed to transform this statement data you select supports the addition of targeted marketinginto more aesthetically pleasing, easy to read formats messages to your bank or brokerage statements.that can be inserted into better designed statements. 6. Self Serve Proofing and QC3. Document Design and Content Integration Having the ability to add marketing messages toGone are the days when organizations can get away with statements is great, but if the process is not streamlinedsending out ‘Plain Jane’ paper statements to the end it will become time consuming and cumbersome. Youcustomer. Today they expect to receive an attractive, should also look for ADF platforms that offer self serveeasy to read statement that contains information that’s tools for statement preparation. Such WYSIWYGimportant to them. So make sure the ADF platforms tools should allow you to add marketing messages toyou shortlist are able to manage multiple statement statements yourself and also QC the statement layouttemplates that integrate easily with recomposed back from the comfort of your own desk.end system data, outputting the complete package as a‘better looking statement’.content.community.connected www.doxim.com 905.475.9876
  2. 2. Automated Document Factory7. Differential Job Processing 9. Integrate DeliveryThe month end statement production process is Today all financial service providers need to offer andependent on the timely arrival of the data required eStatement alternative. More and more clients areto output statements to print and mail within defined demanding it and it makes solid economical sense too.SLAs. Unfortunately this does not always go the way it So it’s important to select an ADF solution that is fullyshould, often resulting in delays in processing. Finding integrated with a quality online document archive that canan ADF solution that can differentially process jobs or be used to quickly and easily upload PDFs of eStatementsparts of jobs is therefore advantageous as this means for online access by staff and clients.complete jobs don’t have to wait until ALL their differentcomponents are received and marshalled prior to the 10 Cloud/Hosted Solutionprint process starting (e.g. while waiting for check A traditional on-premise deployment of a specializedimages to arrive, you can print all the statements in a AFD platform can easily run into hundreds of thousandsjob that don’t have any associated images that need if not millions of dollars and take months to implementappending). and integrate with other systems. If your budgets are somewhat more modest, look for an ADF platform that8. Enhanced Reporting can be accessed on a cloud or hosted basis. This canFor continual process improvement it’s important to be provide the functionality you need – all at a fraction of theable to report on what you are doing to know where cost of a traditional solution.to focus your efforts. The same applies in documentprocessing environments, so be sure to check out thereporting capabilities of an ADF platform to ensureyou’ll have access to the data you need to continuouslystreamline your print processing activities.To find how Doxim can help you with transpromo printing solutions, visit us at www.doxim.com, email us at info@doxim.com, or call us at 1-866 475 9876.content.community.connected www.doxim.com 905.475.9876