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WordPress for Beginners by
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WordPress for Beginners by


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WordPress for Beginners by is a presentation deck used for my WordPress workshops, see for more information. This deck covers the basics of the WordPress …

WordPress for Beginners by is a presentation deck used for my WordPress workshops, see for more information. This deck covers the basics of the WordPress dashboard, with the workshop structured around answering questions along the way, and with lots of time at the end for more specific questions to be answered.

Published in: Internet, Technology, Business

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  • 1. WordPress for Beginners by Rob Marlbrough For WiFi, connect to: bcenter
  • 2. Logging In to WP ● Always remember: /login or /admin Security Concerns ● Strong passwords, don’t get hacked ● Use or ● Avoid using “admin” as username ● Limit Login Attempts plugin minimum ● All in One WP Security and Firewall
  • 3. The WordPress Admin Screens ● Toolbar on top ● The Dashboard ● Posts ● Media ● Pages ● Comments ● Appearance ● Plugins ● Users ● Tools ● Settings
  • 4. Admin Dashboard “At a Glance”
  • 5. ● Posts are dated blog posts ○ Sorted by date, or category, or tags ○ Excerpts or Full output options ○ Permalinks sets the web address style ○ Used for blogs, news, articles, updates ● Pages are static web pages ○ No dates, no categories, no tags ○ Used for About, Contact, Team, Support Posts vs. Pages
  • 6. Categories ● Large bucket of collected content ● Useful for menu navigation ● No more than 10-20 main categories Tags ● Small drops of content tags ● Useful to form tag clouds ● Hundreds of tags Categories vs Tags
  • 7. ● Upload photos, PDFs, other media ● Upload & embed from a post or page ● Drag/drop files for easy bulk uploads ● Editing, scaling, and cropping online ● Library of all images to share site-wide Media Library
  • 8. ● Manage comments made on blog posts ● Comment spam is a big concern ● Use Akismet for comment filtering ● Switch to Facebook Comments or Social Comments (Disqus) ● Comments can be moderated, manually approved before they appear - but slows engagement. Comments
  • 9. ● Themes (Upload custom themes*) ● Customize ● Widgets ● Menus ● Optional: Header & Background (Theme dependent) ● Editor* (edit/break theme files directly - dangerous) *self-hosted only Appearance Section
  • 10. ● Extend functionality of WordPress ● Search and install from the WordPress Free Plugin Repository ● Upload plugin .zip files (premium) ● Activate/Deactivate plugins ● Keep plugins updated at all times ● Breaking the site vs. site being hacked Plugins* (Self-hosted Only)
  • 11. ● Add, Edit, Remove users ● Default Roles, levels of permissions ○ Subscriber: Read-only ○ Contributor: Create content, Submit for Review - cannot publish ○ Author: Create and Publish own content ○ Editor: Create and Publish all content ○ Admin: Editor + all site config, themes, plugins Users
  • 12. ● PressThis browser bookmarklet ● Categories & Tags converter ● Import (Blogger, Tumblr, WP, etc) ● Export (Full w/ images, or Partial) Tools
  • 13. ● General: Site title & tagline ● Writing: blog posts options ● Reading: Posts or Static Front Page, Syndication (RSS) options ● Discussion: Comments & moderation ● Media: Default sizes ● Privacy: Search engine visibility ● Permalinks: Blog post address format Settings
  • 14. Questions and Answers - Yoast SEO - Photography themes - e-Commerce / Digital Content - Selecting themes and plugins
  • 15. Don’t Be Afraid Of Clicking Around! Bad things have confirmations. There is a trash. Posts and Pages have revisions/history. Holler for help.
  • 16. Thank You for Attending! Take a business card, email me with any follow- up questions or want help with your site. Rob