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Small Business


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Idea for a Small Business

Idea for a Small Business

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  • 1. Small Business By: Dylan Dow
  • 2. • The business idea I have come up with would be a Computer/Internet Skills Computer/Internet Skills Trainer. The job would include teaching people how to properly use a computer and the internet and also provide Tech Support over the phone. Trainer
  • 3. Products and Services • We would provide services that teach the customers about computers and the internet. We would go to the customers house and personally teach them and/or their family. This would include how to use Microsoft Products, Internet Browsers, and other products. • Prices for in-house training: $25/hour + Tips
  • 4. Products and Services Cont. • Not only would we provide in-house support but also include Tech Support over the phone. We would answer questions for people about their computers if they are having issues and don’t know how to use something such as Excel or Google Chrome. • Prices for tech support over the phone: Free
  • 5. • The age group we would be supporting would be mainly for adults who do not do well with the computer. We also cater to anyone who can read Demographics and write. • Personal Income wouldn’t have a big factor as the services would be cheap for a lot of knowledge. • The consumers would need to be interested in computers in order to enjoy our services. • Any level of education is accepted as long as they have a basic understanding of how to use a computer.
  • 6. • We would be looking for employees that have a strong knowledge of computers. They also need to have good speaking skills in order to instruct others. Employees • The employees would need to be above the age of 18 in order to drive to houses and do customer Tech Support. • The users would need to have a basic High School career education in order to apply for the job. • This is to safe-guard the customers and keep them with responsible, knowledgeable, strong working people.
  • 7. • We would use multiple types of marketing techniques in order to attract the customers to our services. Some examples would be: – Newspaper advertisements Marketing – Magazine advertisements – TV commercials – Flyers – Internet Advertisement • We would try to market towards the older age group in order to appeal to their sense of knowledge. If that works, they may ask for us to teach their family along with them. (As we would offer family classes)
  • 8. • The start-up costs can start anywhere from $10,000 up to $50,000 depending on the amount of employees, tech support, and at home courses we do. If we were to decide to publish a book on computers and how to use them then that may add Start-Up more to our profits but also add more into our debt if we don’t sell enough.
  • 9. • Short Term Goals – Start the business up – Get our first customer • Intermediate Term Goals – Get 50 at home customers – Get 500 tech support calls Goals • Long Term Goals – Earn a profit – Expand
  • 10. • New Horizons – No in-house training, ours would be cheaper. Competitors • We would offer in-house training unlike those of New Horizons that only do classroom training or online training. We come to you, you don’t have to come to us.