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Our Digital World Our Digital World Presentation Transcript

  • OurDigitalWorldphoto: TF28 tfaltings.de (flickr)By: Doug McFarlane
  • We may think we live in oneworld, but in reality...we live in TWOphoto: Sweetie187 (flikr)
  • file:///C:/Users/engsoc_vpsa/Desktop/Photofigure/185979571_091342fd75_b.jpgThere’s the worldwe’re used to...Image: Bluedharma (flickr)
  • and our alternatedigital worldPhoto: sourced from google images Creative Commons filter
  • We use our digital world toconnect withfriends...family....EVERYONEimage: sullivantoph (flickr)
  • image: ideowl (flickr)Even on thebiggest of days...
  • “Forsomecouples,Facebookmay serveas a tool forrelationshipmaintenance”Photo: Gregory Jordan (flickr)Quote: I Now Pronounce You FBO: Facebook Official
  • But how closely does ourdigital self reflect our truecharacter?image:Pig Sty Avenue (flickr)
  • In the Digital Worldwe construct ourselves,and tone ourselves into what wethink people want. Photo: vancouverfilmschool☆ (flickr)
  • file:///C:/Users/Douglas/Downloads/6934233521_0dab97c2c6_o.pngAnonymity allows us to hidebehind our commentsAnonymityallows us to hidebehind our comcomments ononline.photo: raincoaster (flickr)
  • But sometimes our online livesand our real lives cross paths...Image from acagebee(flikr)
  • “Technology has also allowedus to shape who we areand highlight specific features in wayswe couldn’t do as easily offline.”Quote: The Social Psychology of the SelfiePhoto: Robby Mueller (flickr)
  • “We rely on others’ perceptions,judgments and appraisals todevelop our social self.”image: thrill kills sunday pills (flickr)quote: The Social Psychology of the Selfie
  • And to many, the connection tothe digital world is an addiction.image: Photo Extremist (flickr)Staggeringnumbers ofpeople areconnected.
  • 7/10 people in North America areusing some form of Social MediaFacebook alone has18 millionCanadian users
  • 78% of parents sur-veyed help their chil-dren lie to Facebookabout age.“78% of parents surveyedhelp their children lie to Face-book about their age.”image: Vintuitive (flickr)quote: Coming of Age in the Digital Age
  • Even the workplace hasswitched to a heavily digitallyfocused world. photo: chooyutshing (flickr)
  • Photo: Sean MacEntee (flickr)Quote: Lecture 2“80% of fortune 500 companiesonly accept online applications”
  • image: plaits (flickr)It has gotten to the point wherea day without connection makesus feel naked.
  • The digital world has given us endlessopportunities, but has it debilitates ourocial skills?“Someday, someday, but certainly notnow, I’d like to learn how to have aconversation.” - 16 year old boyphoto: Cubmundo (flickr)quote: The Flight From Conversation
  • Which path will you choose?Can there exist a balance?photo: tonystl (flickr)
  • All images are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Comercial Share-Alike3.0 agreement, and sourced from flickr.Articles used are linked below:1) The Flight of Conversationhttp://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/22/opinion/sunday/the-flight-from-conversation.html?pagewanted=all&_r=02) The Coming of the Digital Agehttp://www.wired.com/geekdad/2013/02/coming-of-age-in-the-digital-age3)The Social Psychology of the Selfiehttp://mashable.com/2013/02/15/social-media-and-the-selfie/4) I Now Pronounce You FBO: Facebook Officialhttp://www.psmag.com/blogs/news-blog/i-now-pronounce-you-fbo-facebook-offi-cial-51307/