Perseverance of characters


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Perseverance of characters

  1. 1. Perseverance of characters. Javyre Brady 11-1-12 project
  2. 2. About JonasJonas is now charged with the enormous job of maintaining all the memories of the community fromsnow, colors, grandparents, love, and Christmas to grief, broken bones, horror, and war. When Jonasexperiences all these memories he is torn. The pleasant memories urge him to desire the world as it wasbefore the government instituted Sameness. He wants to have parents that love him, not ones who applyto have a son and then only "like" him. Jonas is not sure whether or not the people should be shelteredfrom these essential characteristics of the human spirit Jonas is struggling against his community that hasmade everyone the same, taking away individuality.
  3. 3. Jonas showcase• Jonas description of fear at the beginning of the novel immediately darkens the tone of the story reading us for the even relative of the community dystopian nature Jonas explains that he is curious about release because his father released a new child that day. The Giver says that he wishes that new children were not released, and Jonas reminds him that it would be confusing to have two identical people walking around. The Giver tells Jonas that, as Receiver, he is allowed to have access to any information he wants and that if he wants to watch a release, he can. Since all private ceremonies are recorded, Jonas can even watch his father’s release of the new child that morning. Jonas agrees to watch it, and the Giver calls the recording up on a video screen
  4. 4. Character 2• Victor is in the 7th grade. And his goal was to ask out Teresa. And Teresa is a girl that victor likes. And they both take fence. Victor and his friend Michael where trying to in press girls. But victor only wanted Teresa.
  5. 5. Victors conclusion• Victor finally found an idea to surprise Teresa. He stared to follow her at one point. Then when they went to there fence class. Victor acted liked he knew fence. and I guess the teacher with along with it. And victor new that Teresa wanted to know fence. So at the end of there class period Teresa asked victor can he help her more. And he said yes.
  6. 6. The titanic• Ruth Becker was twelve years old boarded the titanic along with her mother Nellie, four year old sister Marion and one year old brother Richard. As second class passengers on April 10,1912 at Southampton, England Twelve year old Ruth Becker’s faith helped her survive the sinking of the Titanic and she lived a full and joyful life before she returned to the Titanic. Self sufficiency had been a way of life for Ruth Becker for several of her twelve years, but she never dreamed how much the voyage on the Titanic would test her self reliance.
  7. 7. • Shortly after the ships collision with the iceberg at 11;40 p.m. on April 14 Ruth recalled that a steward told her mother “ we’ve had a little accident they’re going to fix it, and then we’ll be on our way. Nellie took her kids on the deck but told Ruth to go back to the cabin to grab a blanket.RUTH BECKER perseveres Lifeboat Eleven descended to the smooth dark ocean below, carrying over seventy people, the largest number of people of any Titanic lifeboat. Nellie screamed to Ruth to get into another boat. Ruth walked to Lifeboat Thirteen and asked the steward if she could get in. He told her she could and he pushed her into Lifeboat Thirteen.
  8. 8. • THE giver Jonas was living in a good life everything wasTHE REFLECTION PAGE safe and with no poverty, no crime or sickness • For seventh grade victor just wanted to achieve his goal for his seventh grade year and that was to go out with Teresa • And the titanic Ruth and her family was okay. And Ruth was very scared she though that she was going to die. But she also was very young
  9. 9. Work cite page• Lowry, Lois (1994) The Giver Boston: mc Douglas, Littell• Seventh grade by Gary Soto•• Literature book