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  • 1. How to persevere Chad martin 11-2-12 Mrs. Douglas
  • 2. Jonas Jonas asked his mother if she loved him. She answers by saying “that’s inappropriate to say, and he says yes in a sad way.” He later found out that his dad releases babies and that Gabe would be one.
  • 3. Jonas perserverance Jonas perseveres by running away with gabe on his dad’s bicycle. When gabe was cold cold jonas gave him a memory of snow that says its snow gabe.
  • 4. Victor Victor was a boy who played a role as someone else, to impress a girl named teresa. He was so determined to make her his girl before the school year ended.
  • 5. Victor’s perseverance He perseveres by saying something crazy in French class thinking that he now French to impress Teresa. After that Teresa asked victor if he can help her with her French.
  • 6. Zebra When zebra ran down a hill he got it by a car. When he got hit he was on the ground with his eyes closing very slowly.
  • 7. Zebra perseverance After the hit, and recovery he toke a try at art. He went to a place and asked a man where the art camp was. After a while he learned how to draw pictures.
  • 8. Reflections Jonas perseveres by running away from his community with Gabe and finding a new on. Victor perseveres by getting closer to Teresa. Zebra perseveres by meeting a man who can teach him art.
  • 9. Work cited Lowry, Lois (1994) the giver Boston Mc’Dougal Littell. Potok, chain (zebra) mc’ Dougal literature Boston :mc’ Dougal littell, 2009 (Seventh grade)mc’dougal literature Boston.