Lauren's project perseverance (slide show)2


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Lauren's project perseverance (slide show)2

  1. 1. Theme of Perseverance By: Lauren Green November 2, 2012
  2. 2. Character One’s Adversity “Becoming Twelve”• Character One’s Adversity (Jonas) Jonas was becoming a 12. When the kids in the community become a 12, they get a specific job. Jonas’s job was to become, The Receiver. Receivers share memories with the people of their community. Jonas thought he was living in a perfect community, but when The Giver, the last Receiver, shares memories with Jonas, he soon realizes that this was not how they should be living.• Jonas vs. Himself- Jonas is struggling with the knowledge he receives from the memories and keeping his mandated loyalty to The Community.
  3. 3. Character One Perseveres Through AdversityJonas and The Giver make a plan for Jonasto leave the community without gettingcaught. A few days later, Jonas leaves thecommunity with his bike and a baby,Gabriel.
  4. 4. Character Two’s Adversity “A Crush”Character Two’s Adversity (Ernie) Ernie lived withhis mother for 31 years, but she died. When shedied, Ernie had to go to a group home because hecan’t live on his own. At the group home, hebrought some seeds that was accidentally sent tohis home. He loved the pictures on the cover onthe seed packets. A guy, named Jack, worked atthe group house and had a garden, but Ernie wasafraid to go into it.
  5. 5. Character Two Perseveres Through AdversityOne day when Jack took Ernie out for breakfast,Ernie fell in love when he saw a woman. That nightErnie couldn’t stop thinking about the woman andthe pictures on the cover of the seed packets.Then, Ernie was brave enough to let Jack plant hisseeds. Once the seeds were planted, Ernie put theflowers around the place where the womanworked. Every Wednesday, he would put flowersthere, but Ernie wouldn’t go meet her.
  6. 6. Character Three’s Adversity “Zebra”• Adam Martin Zebrin “Zebra”, was a really fast runner. One day, he ran so fast down a hill and couldn’t stop. A car was coming around the corner and Zebra crashed into it. Zebra’s leg and arm was injured. Now Zebra is very sad because he can’t run anymore.
  7. 7. Character Three Perseveres Through AdversityWhen Zebra meets a man name JohnWilson, John teaches Zebra how to makeconnections to the world through art. Zebrahasn’t been down the hill he injured himselfwith in a long time, so at the end, he wasbrave enough to walk down that steep hill,walk back up, past the school, and then thefour blocks back home.
  8. 8. Reflection PageAll of the characters overcame theiradversity by being brave and showingcourage. Bravery is having courage in theface of danger.
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