NCDC Income Producing Newsletters


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Newsletters can generate income when developed effectively.

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NCDC Income Producing Newsletters

  1. 1. National Catholic Development Conference Webinar Series March 16, 2010 Creating Income-Producing Newsletters Presented by Douglas K. Shaw Chairman/CEO Douglas Shaw & Associates
  2. 2. Doug Shaw Webinar Presenter Chairman/CEO Douglas Shaw & Associates Doug is a veteran fund raising consultant serving a variety of organizations for the past 30 years. His firm, Douglas Shaw & Associates, has been privileged to help the nonprofits they serve generate hundreds of millions of dollars by creating effective newsletters, totally custom direct mail, income-producing annual reports, on-line, social networking and developing personal cultivation and special event strategies for major donors. Doug is a graduate of Simpson University in Redding, California and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. You can review DSA’s website at:
  3. 3. “… Get wisdom, get understanding! Do not forget or turn aside from the words I utter. “… Forsake her not, and she will preserve you; love her, and she will safeguard you;” • Proverbs 4:5-6 (NAB)
  4. 4. BIBLICAL MATH Matthew 25:14-30 5 Talents + 5 Talents = 11 Talents 2 Talents + 2 Talents = 4 Talents 1 Talent + 0 Talents = 0 Talents
  5. 5. Institutionally Focused Donor Ministry Changed Life 5
  6. 6. Example of institutionally-focused writing: This year HBM has provided 100,000 pieces of Christian literature, 15,000 inspiring broadcasts and brought Catholic programming to over 15,000,000 people, with over 600 conversions to the Catholic faith through the sacrament of baptism. HBM has radio programs for men, women and children and our intention is to reach every person in our listening areas with the message of Jesus Christ. HBM has been reaching the lost, lonely and hurting of this country since 1947. We are a member of the NCDC. We fully believe the power of the Gospel is the only way to change a person's life.
  7. 7. ® Donor-Focused Strategic Marketing Donor Ministry Changed Life 7
  8. 8. Example of donor-focused writing: This year, your prayers and your gifts have enabled Heavenly Broadcast Ministries to provide inspiring broadcasts to a listening area of 15,000,000 people in our country. With God's provision through you, over 100,000 pieces of Christian literature and 15,000 hope-filled Catholic broadcasts have been provided. Because you care and give, we have heard from over 600 people that they have converted to the Catholic faith and received the sacrament of baptism. Since 1947, friends like you have been reaching out and making it possible to provide meaningful Christian programs and literature to the lost, lonely and hurting people of this country through Heavenly Broadcast Ministries. We are grateful for your partnership and we are grateful to be a part of The National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC) to insure the proper handling of your gifts. We believe that only Jesus Christ can change the human heart. We present Him to every man, woman and child we serve. Thank you for your partnership in this ministry!
  9. 9. Newsletters • Are you doing newsletters? • What are you trying to accomplish with your newsletters? • How do you measure success? • Are you achieving your goals/are you having success?
  10. 10. Purpose of a newsletter • Communicates results – report card back to your donors • Thanks the donor for what has been accomplished through their gifts • Builds relationship • Not perceived as a fundraising device • Delivers ministry • Generates net revenue
  11. 11. Newsletter Package Includes… • Carrier Envelope (#10) • Newsletter (8-page 4 color) • Response device (8 ½ X 3 5/8) • Response envelope (#9)
  12. 12. The Powerful Role of Packaging
  13. 13. Newsletter content • Cover • Letter from ministry leader • Ministry impact stories • Stories that set up a future appeal • Teaching/ministry content • Vision casting • Ministry announcements • Results
  14. 14. Elements of effective newsletter • 4 color tested and recommended • Cover – Capture attention – Get them inside the newsletter • Stories communicate key elements related to offer development – Problem or opportunity – The work done as a result of the donor's support – Life change/ministry resulting from the donor's involvement
  15. 15. The Importance of Good Design
  16. 16. The Importance of Good Design
  17. 17. The Importance of Good Design
  18. 18. The Importance of Good Design
  19. 19. The Importance of Good Design
  20. 20. The Importance of Good Design
  21. 21. The Importance of Good Design
  22. 22. Elements of effective newsletter • Stories are compelling • Supported with effective photos • More visuals than copy
  23. 23. The Importance of Good Design
  24. 24. The Importance of Good Design
  25. 25. The Importance of Good Design
  26. 26. The Importance of Good Design
  27. 27. What makes a good response device? • Echos the most compelling story in the newsletter and moves the reader to take action • Suggests gift amounts based on giving history • Makes it clear and simple how to respond • Preprint donor information • Donor codes for easy and accurate inputting donor information • Uncluttered • Space for credit card
  28. 28. Purpose of the carrier • Deliver the newsletter and related contents • Get the envelope opened
  29. 29. What makes a good carrier? • Gets attention in the mail box • #10 window envelope • Identifies what it is – Newsletter and not an appeal – Consistent branding • Generally heavier on graphics
  30. 30. The Importance of Good Design
  31. 31. The Importance of Good Design
  32. 32. The Importance of Good Design
  33. 33. Put it all together # Mailed 49,615 Responses 6,415 % Responses 12.93% Total Dollars $411,373.80 Avg. Gift $64.13 Total Cost $47,136.95 Net Income $364,236.85 ROI $8.73 NYPM $7,341.26
  34. 34. Thank you for joining us. If you would like a copy of this presentation, please send an email to: