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Metro Ethernet vs T1 ~ Comcast Business
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Metro Ethernet vs T1 ~ Comcast Business



Today’s organizations require agility to adjust to changing business demands, and they are highly dependent on their Internet connection to do this. ...

Today’s organizations require agility to adjust to changing business demands, and they are highly dependent on their Internet connection to do this.

A popular way for organizations to connect to the Internet has been via a T1-based dedicated Internet access (DIA) service. T1 services are typically offered over 1 or 2 T1 circuits so the bandwidth options are limited, inflexible and may be costly as an organization’s bandwidth and application requirements grow. To be competitive, you need to quickly and cost-effectively adapt your Internet access bandwidth. T1 services are challenged to meet these elastic bandwidth requirements.

Upgrading a T1 DIA service to a higher bandwidth may take days or even weeks
Metro Ethernet network solutions provide enterprises with powerful business tools that are simple, easy to manage, and cost-effective. Compared to legacy equipment from the telephone company, Ethernet gear can be cost effective, with greater functionality and a simple upgrade path to add more  capacity. Additionally, IT personnel with special skills aren’t needed to manage Ethernet in the WAN because it is a familiar technology, which can lower overall maintenance and engineering costs.  -- All of these things combine to give Ethernet a manageable “total cost of ownership” or TCO.  However, while cost-effectiveness may spur buyers to pull the trigger on the technology, it’s what Ethernet services do for their business that makes them fans.



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Metro Ethernet vs T1 ~ Comcast Business Metro Ethernet vs T1 ~ Comcast Business Presentation Transcript

  • Ethernet or T1? Metro Network Alternatives Presented by Douglas Bushey Comcast Enterprise Business Services – Washington D.C. Metro Area douglas_bushey@cable.comcast.com 703.673.6856
  • 2 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Enterprise needs more bandwidth Enterprise options: T1 or Ethernet Price-for- performance considerations The Comcast Ethernet advantage Case studies Ethernet or T1: A Review of Metro Network Alternatives
  • 3 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Next-Generation Networks Fueling Business Growth The network is no longer a support system to “set and forget.” IT executives today see the network as a transformational asset.
  • 4 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Exploding Bandwidth Demands Driving need for the ultimate in high performance networking MORE CONTENT MORE DEVICES MORE APPLICATIONS MORE ON-DEMAND ACCESS Network traffic growth is stressing current infrastructure
  • 5 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Cloud Services Adoption 74%of enterprise application deployments will be cloud-based within five years According to a recent report, Source: IDC October 2012: “Enterprise Cloud Public and Private End-User Adoption Signals Continued Shifts in IT Spending”
  • 6 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY 2013 will be the year of the hybrid cloud Source: Network World As enterprises analyze which apps are right for public vs. private cloud, they will realize that a hybrid cloud makes the most sense.
  • 7 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY The Difference Between Private and Hybrid Cloud What good is it to put critical applications and data in the cloud if you can’t access them? What if your connection isn’t fast enough for cloud- based services? How will my connection be impacted as we migrate more software, platforms and infrastructure to the cloud? Your hybrid cloud service is only as good as your connection to the cloud itself.
  • 8 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Ethernet is Transforming the MAN/WAN Legacy solutions cannot support exploding bandwidth requirements Private line, Frame Relay, ATM, and SONET Bandwidth is limited and expensive App-specific networks are not scalable Ethernet has emerged as the leading next-generation technology Scalable with service up to 10 Gbps Standardized technology is natively data- friendly and simple to manage Legacy Carrier Ethernet Internet PSTN Cloud providers Partners Platform Carrier Ethernet
  • 9 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Business Ethernet Growth Surpassed Legacy Data in 2012 • U.S. Ethernet service revenue forecast to be $9.2 billion by 2016 (IDC)
  • 10 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Case Study: Boston Celtics Situation • Team modernizes and expands administrative offices • Existing service not designed for seamless collaboration between office and separate practice facility • Disparate IT environments at each facility difficult to manage Challenge • Use one vendor for data, Internet service • Add reliable, data and high-speed Internet connection between facilities Solution • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet and Ethernet Private Line Results • Seamless data, Internet connectivity between offices • Faster upload and download times • Unified management of separate IT environments
  • 11 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Case Study: Sarris Candies Situation • Growing specialty chocolate and candies company relies on Internet to support payment, ordering, fulfillment, shipping and marketing efforts Challenge • Existing T1 connections could not scale to support operations and outbound marketing efforts Solution • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet Results • Reliable, scalable Internet connectivity
  • 12 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Case Study: Atlantic Cape Community College Situation • Community college needed to connect multiple campuses and cloud-based apps • Reliable Internet service critical to support planned WiFi expansion Challenge • Boost capacity between campuses to improve collaboration, support new services • Establish fast, reliable Internet connection across scalable campus-wide network • Manage operating expenses Solution • Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet and Ethernet Private Line Results • Reliable, high-speed Internet service • Cost-effective, scalable connectivity
  • 13 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Comcast Business Ethernet Services Secure, scalable, high-performance point-to-point and multipoint connectivity Optimized for businesses with multiple locations in a metropolitan area or region Fully managed and delivered over Comcast’s national, private, fiber-optic network
  • 14 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Four Distinct Offerings to Fit Your Business Ethernet Private Line Service Point-to-point connectivity between two sites for bandwidth-intensive apps Ethernet Virtual Private Line Service Point-to-multipoint connection that lets customers tailor bandwidth, performance characteristics, and cost based on applications Ethernet Network Service Multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity for businesses with high-bandwidth requirements and multiple locations Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Service High-bandwidth connectivity between customer LAN and public Internet 1 2 3 4
  • 15 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Benefits of Carrier Ethernet Impact of Carrier Ethernet Faster application deployment Customer satisfaction Data center and server consolidation Manages costs Unprecedented reach Manages application costs and overhead High bandwidth, on-demand Enables new applications Ideal for converged networks Low latency, jitter Certified services, predictability Risk reduction, dependable QoS Independently-certified performance Reliable planning, deployment Simple implementation Saves resources, stress Service-level management User control Cost trend Down Comcast Business Ethernet Benefits Comparison
  • 16 HIGH-PERFORMANCE NETWORK CONNECTIVITY Why Comcast Business Ethernet? Performance Performance improvements and manageable costs Network diversity Delivered over Comcast’s fiber network with separate facilities and diverse network routes from ILECs and CLECs Scalability Ability to scale quickly, easily, and incrementally – from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps Guaranteed service levels SLAs that ensure maximum network availability, 24x7 support, 365 days per year MEF-certified First service provider CE 2.0 certified for E-LAN and E-Line by Metro Ethernet Forum
  • More at business.comcast.com/enterprise