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Kid sized portions of our classic supper club menu.

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Shack Kids Menu

  1. 1. SMOKEHOUSE & G RILLE K ID ’ S M ENU R ESERVED F OR C HILDREN 12 & U NDER T HANK Y OU F OR B RINGING Y OUR C HILDREN T O T HE S HACK ! (Adults may not order from this menu under any circumstances)
  2. 2. SMOOTHIES Orange Push-Up Tastes just like an orange Dreamsicle! 3.99 Strawberry Slide Coconutty flavors with strawberries...hmmm! 3.99 IALT Y! Raspberry Popsicle S PEC Raspberry and vanilla combined for a sweet treat. 3.99 Peaches & Cream Peach and mango flavors make this a creamy delight. 3.99 KIDTAILS Laguna Beach Tea Sprite, splash of cranberry, grenadine, and a wedge of lemon. 1.99 Y! Strawberry Shaquiri IALT S PEC Sweet & tart at the same time. 3.99 Shack Swamp Water NEW A tropical blend of juices with an orange & cherry garnish. 2.29 Frozen Pond Scum Ice cream with mint flavoring. 3.99 Kiddie Colada A creamy coconut & pineapple delight. 3.99 Gramma Trudy Says: “Good kids always eat their vegetables!” Shake It Baby! Enjoy a vanilla or chocolate ice cream milk shake, topped with whipped cream. 3.99 Beer Please… Root Beer That Is! 1919 Draft Root Beer. 1.99 Root Beer Float A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with 1919 Root Beer. 2.99 Warning: Uncooked or under-cooked foods could cause food borne illness. The Shack cooks all hamburger products to medium-well temp to prevent illness. In accordance with State Health regulations, no outside food products may be brought in. 060106
  3. 3. HOME COOKIN’ FOR BIG KIDS! Steak Dinner Meatball Sandwich A six ounce sirloin grilled the way you like it! A toasted steak bun topped with meatballs and Served with French fries and vegetables. 8.99 topped with marinara and melted cheese. Served with French fries and vegetables. 6.99 Barbecue Ribs Three meaty St. Louis ribs served with crispy Y! S PEC IALT French fries and seasonal vegetables. 8.99 Add a dinner salad Boneless Pork Chop with any A four ounce center-cut chop, served Kid’s Meal for .99 with French fries and vegetables. 5.99 Add a second chop for 1.99 Roast Turkey Dinner U-13 Spaghetti Now you can have Thanksgiving Dinner every Noodles tossed with our tangy marinara sauce. time your folks take you to The Shack! Served Sauce can be on the side if you like. 4.99 with mashed potatoes and vegetables. 5.99 Add one meatball for 99¢ NEW Shrimp Dinner Small A bunch of breaded shrimp fried until golden Juice or milk and served with French fries and vegetables. with any Kid’s Meal Served with cocktail dipping sauce. 6.99 for .99 Taco Salad Crisp tortilla “bowl” chock full of mixed greens, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, spicy taco meat, salsa & sour cream. 5.99 Mashed potatoes may be substituted for fries at no additional charge. SMALL FRY FAVORITES Grilled Cheese Sandwich Mac & Cheese & Veg, Oh My!!! Texas toast grilled with cheddar cheese until For those days when you want to keep it bubbly, and served with golden French fries simple, that old standby Mac & Cheese! and seasonal vegetables. 4.99 Served with a side of vegetables. 4.99 Chicken Strips Quarter Pounder Golden fried strips of chicken breast meat Who doesn’t like a burger? Served plain served with honey mustard dipping sauce, or with cheese, and accompanied by golden French fries and vegetables. 5.99 crispy golden French fries. 4.99 060106
  4. 4. SWEET TOOTH TREATS Chocolate Cake Ice Cream Sundae Multiple layers of chocolately fun! Two scoops of vanilla ice You’ll love it! 3.99 cream topped with your Add one scoop of ice cream for 99¢ choice of chocolate or caramel syrup (or both!), whipped cream, and a cherry. 2.99 Plain Ice Cream Please! Maybe you prefer your Ice cream straight up. How about two scoops of vanilla ice cream, hold the rest? 2.49 JOKES TO BUG YOUR PARENTS WITH Why did the Why doesn't tuna slide cookie crumble? off your plate? Because its mother had been Fish Sticks a wafer so long! Who is the mascot of the What happens when ducks monster baseball team? fly upside down? The Bat Boy They quack up! CAN YOU FIND 3 DIFFERENCES IN THESE PICTURES?