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Doug Hess's resume

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Hess D Resume 7 12 08 Training

  1. 1. Douglas S. Hess Mobile: 804-677-0747 • Email: doug_hess@live.com •Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dshess Career Highlights • Responsible for providing training for 400+ call center sales associates in four countries, doubling sales volume three years running • Created and organized management training for Circuit City’s car audio division • Helped create and deliver training for thousands of sales associates for nation’s top CE retailer • Set tone and wrote content for circuitcity.com at its launch • Shaped Corporate-to-store messaging for $12 billion company • Created online community that contributed over $1 million in revenue each month • Published on usatoday.com, reuters.com, foxnews.com and other online resources • Helped create podcast heard by thousands each week (“TechSandwich” on iTunes) Core Competencies Training • Training management Communication • Stand-up training • Extensive writing experience, published on • Needs assessment major media outlets • Training development, including sales, • Exceptional verbal skills management and processes training • Extensive editorial experience Management • Manager with ten years experience Innovation • Managed copywriters for $12 billion • History of taking on and defining new company positions • Managed trainers in four countries • Instrumental in creating new revenue stream for circuitcity.com Professional Experience 11/08 – Present Educational Content Manager – circuitcity.com Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA • Create and edit content for over 25 million circuitcity.com visitors each month • Manage production through team of copywriters and designers • Track results and make changes based on revenue and click-through rates • Identify third-party content and secure publishing rights Results: Increased traffic to content by 28% and increased revenue, close rate, and AOV significantly 8/06 – 11/08 Circuit City Community Manager – circuitcity.com/citycenter Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA •Developed and implemented circuitcity.com’s entry into online community development; responsible for all aspects including staffing, strategy, and content development • Succeeded in building a revenue-generating program that produced over $1 million per month with over 20,000 members • Instrumental in creating online community, including forums, blogs, and photo galleries • Managed team of forum moderators and bloggers • Managed relationship with online community software providers Results: Developed new $14 million revenue stream with higher close rate and AOV than circuitcity.com Mobile 804-677-0747 1
  2. 2. Douglas S. Hess Mobile: 804-677-0747 • Email: doug_hess@live.com •Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dshess 6/03 – 8/06 Training Manager – Circuit City Contact Center Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA • Created training program for new sales channel that produced $24 million in revenue annually • Managed training programs in four countries-- Richmond, Virginia; Sudbury, Canada; Mumbai, India; and Manila, the Philippines Results: Created new revenue stream that produced 100% comps each year of my tenure 4/01 – 6/03 Web Content Manager – circuitcity.com/Circuit City Direct Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA • Edited and approved all written content for circuitcity.com • Managed team of Copywriters Results: Contributed to the development and maintenance of what would become a $1.5 billion business 8/99 – 4/01 Web Content Project Manager – circuitcity.com/Circuit City Direct Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA • Researched and wrote educational articles for circuitcity.com • Worked with Designers to create useful, interesting Web pages Results: Developed content that increased both conversion and AOV 5/98 – 8/99 Manager of Management Training – Circuit City Roadshop Division Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA •Developed and delivered new management training materials for Roadshop (Mobile Electronics) • Evaluated and developed the training skills of other trainers Results: Converted over 500 Installers and sales associates into successful managers 12/95 – 5/98 Senior Production Editor of Training Magazine – Circuit City Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA • Edited materials for accuracy, clarity, conciseness, structure, punctuation and grammar • Researched and wrote educational articles Results: Helped shape Merchandising strategy by ensuring a clear, concise message to the stores 5/94 - 12/95 Corporate Sales Trainer – Circuit City Circuit City Corporate Headquarters, Richmond, VA • Trained new sales associates on product knowledge and sales skills • Developed training materials for other trainers Results: Developed and delivered training for new and experienced sales people to sell more effectively References/Recommendations Amazing. Doug is hands down the most talented and entertaining writer I've ever personally known. And here's the really wonderful thing about Doug, he is just as stellar at speaking as he is with writing. I listened to a few of his podcasts and his remarks were always clever, spot-on, and interesting to even a mostly non-techy person like me. Whether he knows it or not, Doug has been a mentor to me for many years - he's terrific and Circuit City was mighty lucky to have him. Sallie Wright Senior Knowledge Administrator, Circuit City rwright9474@comcast.net Relationship to reference: Former coworker Mobile 804-677-0747 2
  3. 3. Douglas S. Hess Mobile: 804-677-0747 • Email: doug_hess@live.com •Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dshess Doug is a detail-oriented manager whose passion and advocacy for the consumer electronics business manifests itself through his ability to engage and excite customers via the written word and interactive forums. Doug would be a valuable addition to any team. Steve Duchelle Senior Vice President of eCommerce, Belk 704-426-6930 Relationship to reference: Former SVP Having worked directly with Doug, then later collaborating with him as a vendor-partner, I can enthusiastically endorse Doug as a solid, knowledgeable, seasoned professional. Doug's dedication, coupled with his industry insight, makes him one of the most credible and sought out experts in our business. Doug is known for the volume of worked/ projects he can get accomplished on-time, and his accuracy is second to none. Doug Hess is an affable, well like teammate and would make a great manager/ executive for anyone needing his skill set. Clyde Roberson Vice President, Samsung America 804 683-6282 clydeR@sea.samsung.com Relationship to reference: Former coworker/mentor Doug is organized, passionate and dedicated. He is a fantastic writer, a brilliant motivator and a wise manager. He has a great understanding of how to connect with people, both one and one and in a group. He understands the power of this skill as it relates to interacting with customers and uses it to create long-term, engaging relationships. Scott Weimer Online Community Manager, circuitcity.com 804-386-5735 Relationship to reference: Former coworker I had the pleasure of working with Doug during my tenure as a consultant at Circuit City. Doug could write the book on helping customers and he was an enormous asset to the social media initiative at Circuit City. In addition, Doug is an outstanding creative writer and is adept in front of the camera as well. He will be an asset to any company and I give him my highest recommendation. Gary Smith Strategic Program Manager, Circuit City 512-809-0805 Relationship to reference: Former coworker I have had the pleasure of working both for and with Doug Hess. Doug drives his associates to not only succeed in their positions but excel. Doug is an expert in constructive criticism, providing valuable feedback on projects as well as recommendations on how to improve. His creativity, wit and willingness to think outside of the box are assets for any team. Karen McKittrick Category Manager - New Business (804) 512-5261 Relationship to reference: Former manager Mobile 804-677-0747 3
  4. 4. Douglas S. Hess Mobile: 804-677-0747 • Email: doug_hess@live.com •Web: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dshess Doug is one of those phenomenal individuals who brings a tremendous amount of passion, focus on execution, but also has a tremendous amount of creativity. Anything he does, you can be assured, will be well thought out and something the customers will enjoy. Franz Gilbert Account Executive, Hewitt (912) 704-7264 Franz.Gilbert@Hewitt.com Relationship to reference: Former coworker I have had the pleasure of working with and for Doug Hess at both the beginning and the end of my time with Circuit City. Never before have I met someone with as much passion and dedication. Doug has been an inspiration to me over the years and has helped me to find my writing style and to develop myself professionally. Of all the recommendations I've written in the past, never has someone been so deserving of the highest praise. Ryan Connelly Circuit City Stores, Inc. Relationship to reference: Former direct report I had the distinct pleasure to work with Doug while managing circuitcity.com merchandising and content teams. Doug is an energetic enthusiast with a strong sense of work ethic. His knowledge of consumer electronics is respected by all he interacts with and is a source for many. I would strongly recommend Doug to any company who is looking for a passionate CE retailer that can educate and mentor others Steve Beir Circuit City (804) 519-6758 Relationship to reference: Former manager I can't think of anyone that I worked with in CCD that was more respected for their work than Doug Hess. Anytime that someone needed a skilled writer or teacher, his name was always the first to be mentioned. Doug was really a foundational component of CCD. In the early days he managed the content team, and then he was asked to help develop the contact center. There he managed the training program and helped to make the sales rep's some of the best in the industry. Later he helped to pioneer our community program where he helped to launch our forums. Doug thrived on the interaction with the customers and made shopping for electronics much easier for thousands of people. All along the way Doug showed that he is a gifted communicator, both in writing and verbally, and that he has the capacity to lead others. Doug is dedicated, passionate, and will do anything that it takes to get the job done. I greatly appreciate all that Doug did for Circuit City, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with him. Richard Polly Circuit City 804-240-2493 Relationship to reference: Former manager Doug clearly cares about building trusted relationships, both professionally & with those who come seeking his expertise within the Circuit City community. He has a great sense of humor, is dedicated to success and is open minded when challenges present themselves, acknowledging that the best approach is not always the easiest one. I would recommend him highly. Charlie Holliday Pluck Software 512-519-3240 Relationship to reference: Business partner Mobile 804-677-0747 4