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DotCom Your Event Inc. - Search Engine Optimization Services Outline

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
  2. 2. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural“ or un-paid "organic” search results. Credit: Wikipedia
  3. 3. Share of the Current Search Market 73% 15% 10% 2% Percentage of U.S. searches among leading search engine providers (July 2010) source: Experian Hitwise Google Yahoo Bing Ask
  4. 4. How Search Engines Work (the simple explanation – from the Yahoo! Style Guide) • Search engines analyze the words on webpages, especially words that are repeated or otherwise called out: in boldface, in a headline, in a link, and so on. The engine records those important words and phrases, the page’s keywords, on its servers. • When you type the words you’re looking for into a search box, the engine tries to match your words with the words from webpages it has analyzed, and it then delivers a list of matches. • The engine organizes that list from best to worst, ranking the results according to a variety of criteria (such as how many other sites find a page valuable and link to it). • People usually click the links on the first page of results, so sites at the top of the list are more likely to get visitors. And more visitors can mean more page views, more leads, more sales, more ad revenue, and other business benefits.
  5. 5. How Search Engines Work cont’d
  6. 6. Common SEO Myths…and Facts Myth • By employing a few SEO methods my website will be found immediately • SEO is a one time project – set it and forget it! • If I exchange links with any other website(s) this will help my rankings Fact • A properly optimized website has a greater chance of appearing in search results but it is not a guarantee • SEO is an on-going effort. Search engines and searchers change their methods often • This is a waste of time and will not improve your search rankings.
  7. 7. Why is SEO Necessary? • SEO is necessary to ensure your website is found and properly indexed for your targeted keyphrases. In short, a well optimized website means more traffic and customers coming to your website. • Like a physical business location the internet is a maze of competition. If your website is not visible amongst your competition than searches won’t find it. • Unlike traditional advertising, SEO is the process of making your website visible to people looking for exactly what you are offering. Meaning you are not advertising blindly to people who may or may not be interested in your products or services.
  8. 8. What are the benefits of SEO? • SEO allows your website to gain better exposure in search rankings and online in general. • SEO is the process of ensuring your website is found when searchers are looking for what you offer. This means qualified leads and more revenue. • SEO is a cost effective means of acquiring new business. • Unlike traditional advertising, you can make adjustments as you go along. • Measurable ROI in accordance with data from Analytics and conversion metrics.
  9. 9. Layman’s Terms Please All of this SEO stuff might start sounding a bit technical. So, what’s the bottom line? You’re marketing offline to attract new business. The same needs to be done online to attract the business that is searching for your services on the internet. SEO will ensure these searchers find and spend their money with you. • In 2006 data leaked from AOL’s search query logs revealed that 1st place position within organic search queries received 42.25% click-through rate. 2nd place dropped to 11.94% • In 2007 74% of Americans used Search Engines to find local businesses • In 2008 49% of internet users said they use a search engine on a daily basis • Americans conducted over 15.5 Billion searches in April 2010 • It is estimated by Forrester research that over 21% of all marketing budgets will go to Interactive Marketing by 2014
  10. 10. What We Offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Comprehensive analysis of current website condition • Keyphrase list development • Technical and on-page optimization implementation document is created. This also includes website usability and conversion recommendations • XML sitemap creation • Robots.txt file creation • Review or set-up of Google Analytics. This includes set-up of goals and filters. • Review or set-up of Google Places • Monthly Management and Reporting • Quarterly Reviews
  11. 11. SEO Project Steps/Phases Item Timeline* Step 1: Quote received & Sign-off Step 2: Client receives keyword, target and site questionnaire Step 3: Initial SEO project commences: 1-2 weeks • Website analysis • Keyphrase research • SEO implementation doc provided to client XML Sitemap Creation 1-2 days Robots.txt File Creation 1-2 days Review and/or Set-up of Google Analytics 1-2 days Set-up Goals and Filters in Google Analytics 1-2 days Review and/or Set-up of Google Places 1-2 days Step 4: Monthly Maintenance Commences Ongoing Quarterly Reviews
  12. 12. Additional Services Offered • Pay-per-click (PPC) Set-up and Management • Link Building Management • Social Media Platform set-up and training YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. • Mailchimp account set-up, template creation and strategy Including list management and industry best practices, social integration and training
  13. 13. Questions? 1.877.778.7873