Dosalicious franchisee proposal


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Dosalicious franchisee proposal

  1. 1. Contact us for more details:Aniruddha M PDosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex,Kalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 Franchisee ProposalPh: +91 98866 31770Email: Aimed to grow, together!!Like us on Thank you
  2. 2. Contact us for more details:Aniruddha M P VisionDosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex,Kalidasa Road, Mysore 57002To be the next-door eat out jointPh: +91 98866 31770 for the hungry consumer and toEmail: aniruddha@infinityendeavors.combe a lucrative business model for the stakeholders acrossLike us on geography. Thank you
  3. 3. Mission Contact us for more details: Aniruddha M P● To create value propositions across the food Dosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex, offerings through continuous innovation aiming to Kalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 provide delicious food at affordable pricing. Ph: +91 98866 31770 Email:● To be a preferred business partner with detailed eye on increasing profitability for all the Like us on associates and to ensure optimum productivity across the value chain. Thank you
  4. 4. Contact us for more details: Our ValuesAniruddha M PDosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex, ● Enthusiasm – God within and never say noKalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 attitudePh: +91 98866 31770 that you do ● Passion – Own allEmail: ● Focus – An eye for detail, there is nothing ignorable in businessLike us on ● Team – Together Everyone Achieves More Thank you ● Innovate – Enhancing values in all that we deliver
  5. 5. About PromotersContact us for more details:AniruddhaFounder - CEO●Aniruddha, M PDosalicious,in Management with over 12 years of experience in Sales, Post Graduate 30-B, Anjana Comlex, Marketing and Brand building. Responsible for Branding and franshiseeKalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 expasnsion and operations● Venkateswaran H – Director and CFOPh: +91 98866 31770 Managing Director with AB Auto Brakes Pvt Ltd and a passionateEmail: entrepreneur. Responsible for fund management● Shankar Harihara – Promoter - Business ExpansionLike us on Works in the top cadre of Management with Verizon at Dallas, Texas, USA and is the key promoter of Dosalicious to channelise overseas investments.● Thank you Parshwanath – Chief Operation Officer - F&B With over 15 years of expertise in restaurant management and food production, Parshwanath will spearhead the day to day operations.
  6. 6. Our Key MentorsContact us for more details:Aniruddha M P● Chef Sudhir Anand – Hospitality consultant forDosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex, the Royal family of Mysore and CEO CrystalKalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 River hospitality services● Vaidyanathan – Practicing Chartered AccountantPh: +91 98866 31770Email: expertise in F&B business auditing with● Suresh Iyer – Branding and Media professionalLike usover 20 years of expertise in Mass Media with on● Raghu – Practicing NLP and self help trainer● Chandrika Raghu – Employee engagementyou Thank specialist and Independent trainer
  7. 7. Why Dosamore details: Dosalicious?Contact us for and WhyAniruddha M PDosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex, food, Dosa is the● Amongst the delicious south IndianKalidasa Road, Mysore 57002it self to any most versatile. Dosa will lend experiments with Desi and Global fusion flavors andPh: +91 process 31770 enhanced look, feel and taste!! in the 98866 gets anEmail: ● Dosalicious, is dedicated to do justice to thisLike us on more than 100 versatility of Dosa and has created unique recipe with Desi and global blends. And thus, Dosalicious presents Dosas in Mexican, Italian and American styles of cooking too!! Thank you
  8. 8. Way details:Contact us for more forward...Aniruddha M P● With its versatility, no wonder the Dosa hasDosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex, becomeRoad, time favorite across the age groups,Kalidasa an all Mysore 57002 social groups and nationals, creating a very vast opportunity and potential to serve.Ph: +91 98866 31770● So reaching different markets with these deliciousEmail: Dosas would serve a purpose of quenching theLike us craving for the end consumer and a great Dosa on business opportunity for the brand.● How ever, the local ownership and dedication can Thank you only spearhead the mission and thus franchising proves to be the model to work!!
  9. 9. Franchisee requirementsContact us for more details:Aniruddha M P● Passionate and self driven individuals keen onDosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex, establishing their mark in the fast growing F&BKalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 sector and willing to dedicate their time, knowledge and31770 for the growth of thePh: +91 98866 efforts business and brandEmail:● To be based in Tier 1 or 2 Cities with availableLike us of about 1000 sq ft in high foot fall area or space on about 300 sq ft area in food courts● Investment of about INR 35 Lakhs (May vary Thank you depending on the security deposits for the premises)
  10. 10. Franchisor Support Contact us for more details: Aniruddha M P● Location feasibility study● Dosalicious, 30-B, Anjana Comlex, Infrastructure development – designing kitchen layout, Kalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 procurement of required equipments and dining area● Start up Team – Production and service – Recruitment and training 98866 31770 Ph: +91● Standard operation procedures – Production and Guest Email: relationship management● Marketing Expertise – Market understanding and Positioning Like us on strategies● Quality monitoring – Random audits and mystery shopping On going support – Franchisee training, team training, Thank you● replacement recruitment services, business consulting, marketing and statutory
  11. 11. Contact us for more details: Aniruddha M PContact us for more details:Aniruddha M P30-B, Anjana Comlex, Dosalicious,Dosalicious, 30-B, Anjana57002 Kalidasa Road, Mysore Comlex,Kalidasa Road, Mysore 57002 Ph: +91 98866 31770 Email: 98866 31770Ph: +91 aniruddha@infinityendeavors.comEmail: Like us on us on Thank you