Final Social Media Class


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Final slides for SDSU's Beginning Social Media course, Spring 2012.

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Final Social Media Class

  1. 1. Beginning SocialMediaFinal class
  2. 2. Overview There are more than 205 "popular" social networking sites listed on Wikipedia.
  3. 3. Visual social networksInstagramInstagram is growing twice as fast as Foursquare — which grew faster than Twitter — which grew faster than Facebook.According to “Zuckerberg’s Law of Information Sharing“… each year the number of people sharing information doubles in size.This is great news for anyone launching a new service wanting quick distribution. As the number of social platforms grows, there isexponential growth in the amount of sharing. Case studiesFlickrAccording to Nielsen/NetRatings, Flickr is currently the fastest-growing photo sharing site on the web, and the 5th mostpopular overall. And comScore recently announced that, according to its stats, Flickr had 5 million unique visitors inMay, 2006, making it the 7th-most trafficked social networking/media site. Clearly, opportunity is knocking for the smart,creative small business owner. Read more: (Brands were not allowed until Feb. 2011.)Pinterest - Case studies. Your boards. Pingram Kraft Pin&Win contest Mashable Rob Quigley TechCrunch
  4. 4. Suggested best practices● Use a consistent hashtag, keyword to curate the rich range of photos. (Instagram & Pinterest use #)● Use it to share brand messages● Don’t be too over-promotional about your brand, but be sure to highlight the people in your community and let them be the collective voice for your Instagram feed.● Capture behind-the-scenes images and share them with your fans.● Activate you fans and encourage them to share.
  5. 5. Location-based networksFoursquareFoursquare makes the real world easier to use. We build tools that help you keep up with friends, discover what’s nearby, savemoney and unlock deals. Whether you’re setting off on a trip around the world, coordinating a night out with friends, or trying topick out the best dish at your local restaurant, foursquare is the perfect companion. Over 1.5 billion check-ins, with millions more everyday. Businesses: Over 750,000 using the Merchant Platform (more information studies: Jamba Juice Neiman MarcusYelpYelp is a review site that was started in 2004 to help people find information on local businesses, since its inception it has grownby leaps and bounds. In addition to being a business review site, Yelp has information on events, special offers, business lists andis moving into the social networking arena with the ability to add friends and talk with other Yelpers. According to Yelp Yelp has tens of million of visitors a month and Yelpers have written over 9 million local reviews, over 85% of themrating a business 3 stars or higher. (They sell search marketing) Walgreens
  6. 6. Video servicesYouTube | Vimeo |UStream & LivestreamThere are more than 200 video sharing services. comScorefound that US Internet users watched nearly 40 billion videos,12.2% of which were video ads, in January 2012. Theaverage viewer watched 22.6 hours of online video content.Case studies show that viewers have been 65-84% morelikely to buy after watching a product video. Kissmetricsalsohighlighted that video now appears in 70% of the top 100search results listings.Cisco reported that mobile video accounted for 52% of mobiledata traffic by the end of 2011, and it is expected to increase25-fold to make up 70% of traffic by 2016.Mashup: Digital brand and content manager of Lionsgate,Tahndi Campbell, says that within five days of Feb. 1, whenLionsgate introduced video content to its Pinterest profile,Lionsgate BeFit’s YouTube activity doubled, from 200,000 to400,000 views.Case study: YouTube
  7. 7. Google+A dominantly male platform, almost 70 percent, Google+ is slowly but surely attracting a more diverse user base. Big brands aretaking notice and many have fully integrated the platform into their social media strategies for 2012. Is Google+ a part of your 2012social media strategy? It should be! Kalia StrongInsight: Don’t expect Google+ to perform exactly how Facebook or Twitter brand pages do. It’s a new platform and all of us arestill waiting to see how the community shapes up. Take the lead from H&M and start interacting. Find an anchor topic, like H&Msfashion picks of the day, and stay consistent with your messaging. If it’s not working then switch it up, but at the very least try! Kalia Strong13 Examples of branded pagesSocial Media Insight from 6 SuccessfulBrands on Google+
  8. 8. FacebookNew change this week! Lists More on listsTimeline: 850×315 (850px wide and 315px height)Facebooks guide for Facebook PagesSubscriptions: How journalists are using it