Beginning Social Media - Week 1
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Beginning Social Media - Week 1






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Beginning Social Media - Week 1 Beginning Social Media - Week 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Session I: Beginning Social Media Professional Certificate in Digital & Social Media Instructor: Dorrine Mendoza [email_address]
  • Welcome!
    • Experience in print and broadcast. Currently the online content producer for North County Times
    • Email:
    • Cell: 619-339-4827(text okay)
    • Also, you can find me online!
      • Facebook| Twitter (@assignmentdesk1)
      • LinkedIn | Foursquare
    • Class introductions
      • Name, short bio, SM Quiz (later in class)
      • Why are you here?
  • Agenda
    • We have a ton to cover over the next four weeks. Fasten your seatbelts!
      • Pass out syllabus
      • Introduce course
        • SDSUDigiMedia on Facebook, Web
        • Review grading system
        • Review final project
  • Requirements
    • Weekly attendance
      • Sign-in required! With only four weeks in the course, missing a class could adversely impact your grade!
    • Completion of weekly reading & written assignments
    • Participation in class & online
    • Final project
        • Includes creating and completing profiles, finding followers, engaging in online conversations and sharing content.
  • Course Overview
    • According to the course description, we are going to be very busy!
      • Introduction to web-based social media tools. Get a broad overview of applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr and YouTube as media professionals’ tools. Class explores engagement, managing social networks and delivering quality content.
      • Note: Social media is a constantly evolving topic of discussion. For that reason, the changing times could result in a change in the syllabus. Stay tuned!
  • Course Overview
    • Goals & Objectives
      • What will you be able to do after you complete this course, you ask?
      • The point isn’t to learn the ins and outs of every one of the latest social networking trends.
      • Instead, it is to …
        • understand the hows and the whys,
        • use it to establish and enhance your online brand and expand your reach,
        • and embrace the ability to adapt regardless of the tools. Because they will change!
  • Course Overview
    • You are here, so the assumption can be made that you understand the influence and impact social media can have for a media professional in today’s fast-paced world.
    • KNOW THIS?
    • OR THIS?
  • Everyone has the power to shape opinions What are people saying?
    • The web has opened doors for all individuals – not just journalists – to be sources of news and information.
      • Citizen journalism & blogging
      • User-generated content (Yelp!)
      • DIY marketing and PR – managing own message!
      • Social media as news-gathering, news-dissemination tool
      • The quality of your messages and your content counts.
  • Examples
      • Citizen journalism & blogging
        • “11 Layers” by
        • WikiNews
      • User-generated content
        • CNN iReport
      • DIY marketing and PR – managing own message!
        • SDSU NewsCenter
      • Social media as news-gathering/dissemination tool
        • USGS and Twitter | Social Media and Emergency Response
        • Recent power outage
      • More?
  • Engagement & Quality Content Find it. Use it.
      • To promote content and drive traffic
      • Open dialogue with the community they are trying to reach
      • Research and news gathering
      • Crowdsourcing for a community of resources
      • News & information sites
      • Blog & website integration
      • Build a network
      • Establish a personal brand
      • Now what?
    From Teaching Social Media ,
  • Now it’s time for tools
    • Once you know:
      • What the message is
      • Desired outcome
      • Who the target audience is
      • Where/how to find and create quality content appropriate to this audience
    • Then it’s time to investigate best platforms
  • Social media quiz
    • In what ways do you use social media? List as many ways as you can.
    • What social media form do you use the most? Why?
    • What forms of social media are you interested in but haven’t gotten around to using? Why?
    • Do you engage with companies through social media? List the names of five companies that you follow, like, etc.
    • What company or brand do you feel does the best job of engaging you through social media? What do they do?
    • What are some key things you would like to take away from this class?
  • Things to consider
    • Develop a social media strategy!
      • Define goals and objectives
      • Pinpoint your audience
      • Identify potential evangelists/super-sharers
      • Audit your resources (I mean really audit!)
        • Encourage and reward buy-in internally
      • Establish a social media protocol
      • Start using social media
      • Measure results
    • Note: More details to come in best practices/biggest pitfalls lecture in Session II
    From How the heck do I start building a social media marketing strategy? , Green Buzz Agency
  • Up next: Big Players 101 discussions
    • Ask Wikipedia, itself a SMT, and the list of active social networking sites seems endless .
    • And the top sites not only have serious reach, but impact . It’s also growing fast .
    • And who you find there is changing, too.
  • Who are the big players? Here’s a few.