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It infrastructure   information system analysis presentation
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It infrastructure information system analysis presentation



Published in Technology , Business
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  • Industrial Ethernet - suitable for industrial performance, flexible applications, and video data management or playback; built to withstand harsh environs such as exposure to the outside weather conditions caused by natural disasters (Citrus Cables, 2011)Power Distribution Units (PDU)- provide energy consumption data as it is delivering power to the most critical IT equipment giving IT managers the tools they need to ensure the information system runs as optimally and efficient as possible as declared by Siemon, a datacenter cabling company (Siemon, 1995-2013). They can stand alone or can operate with third-party software through standard open network protocols and can be connected to environmental sensors that measure the temperature, airflow, and humidity in the room. Such information is relayed to IT professionals to assist in troubleshooting and the optimization of energy distribution.Petabyte Hard Drives - 300,000 PB is the equivalent of 300,000,000 TB, 300,000,000,000 GB, or 300,000,000,000,000 MB (Wojtasiak, 2010). NetSuite - uses a cloud service that stores data for you. It frees up that space, increases bandwidth, and speeds up file processing. It encrypts everything users send. Services such as PSA (Professional service automation), SRP (Service resource planning), etc. are protected at a 128 bit SSL. Anything ran in this software will be secure. Its flexibility allows NetSuite to tailor to what your business needs are at the time.
  • AdministrationExecutive Workstations = 1TB hard drive Management Workstation = 500MB hard driveData Entry Thin Clients = 0 hard drivesRadiologyModality Workstations = 1TB hard drivesX-Ray Workstations = 2TB hard drive General Workstations = 1TB hard driveLab and Pharmacy Workstations = 500MB hard drive RIS Data CenterServer = 8TB (RAID 10) 4TB available + 48TB (RAID 1) 24TB available (Janssen, n.d.)Workstations = 1TB hard drive Operating RoomImaging Machine = 1TB hard drive Workstations = 1TB hard driveNurses Workstations = 500MB hard drive IT Data CenterMainframe (NAS) = 10TB hard drive (RAID 1) 5TB available for the following: Windows Exchange ServerInternet ServerRemote Access Service (RAS) ServerWorkstations = 350MB hard drive
  • Option – CLOUD allows for information to be stored off site, but is easily accessed at real time speeds. Benefits - maintenance and back up responsibilities are the service providers; reliable backup in the event the data saved on site is lost; low cost Drawbacks - security risks that come into play when sending sensitive information (Cloud storage, 2013)
  • Accounting and Finance Information SystemCurrent - only helps management manage cash flows, assets, liabilities, and net income and generates statements for federal regulation. There is no mention of software support. Recommendation - EMA (Expense Management Automation) system allow automates the gathering of expense information (Turban, E, et. al., 2010). Human Resource Information SystemCurrent - manage personnel administration using the intranet for recruiting, training, and employee evaluation Recommendation - should include CBT (Computer Based Training) or WBT (Web based training) such as or Camtasia from (Turban, E, et. al., 2010).Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Information SystemCurrent - usedby patients to interact with the hospital externally through the internet to make recommendations, voice their complaints. Provides a patient satisfaction report to senior managers ("Patton-Fuller Community Hospital",2013). Recommendation - allow the patients to schedule appointments, chat with a nurse about an illnesses and symptoms, see their doctor’s schedule, request and refill prescriptions online, choose their pharmacy (Diagnostic Clinic, 2013). Should include customer-touching apps for smartphones. Knowledge Management (KM) Information SystemCurrent - is used by medical staff to access online medical databases to help them in patient diagnosis and to administer drugs. The system permitsfaster recognition of current prescriptions, allergies to medication, andprevious diagnosis from other medical personnel. Lacks mass customization of patient data. Recommendation - SharePoint, to generate ad hoc reports of patient data and important information not housed in a database; real time information tracking capabilities; fully integrate able with MS Office products to include Word, Visio, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook; communicates and links data with Excel or Access applications; generates reports with Access; monitor and track document lists, discussions, make announcements, etc. can communicate with Outlook with alerts or via connection tools available in SP; customizable restriction levels/management.
  • WIFI – Efficient, enables mobility, flexibleCable Internet (DSL) – Stable with fewer drops or downtimes, dependable service
  • URL addressDetermine availabilitypurchase registration Annual cost Hosting serviceDetermine preferred featuresRequired bandwidthnumber of users required number of email addresses requiredAvailable web services and informationAbility to track their health initiatives such as diet, weight management, blood sugar count, blood pressure count, etc. Subscriptions to the hospitals publications, newsletters, etc.Social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook.Applications usedUser ID generation and trackingDreamweaver web designerApplications AvailableSmartphone AppsIpad Apps
  • Citrus Cables. (Copyright, 2011). Cat5E Industrial Ethernet Assembly. Retrieved electronically on 02/07/2013 Siemon. (Copyright, 1995-2013). Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU). Retrieved electronically on 02/07/2013 Wojtaskiak, M. (May, 2010). 300,000 Petabyte Hard Drive. Seagate.  Retrieved electronically on 02/07/2013 Data Infastructure. (2013). Retrieved from Janssen, C. (Copyright, 2010-2013). Redundant Array of Independent Disk 10 (RAID 10). Techopedia. Retrieved electronically on 02/18/2013 from
  • Cloud storage. (2013). In Wikipedia. Retrieved from Turban, E., Volonino, L., Pollard, C., Sipior, J., Leidner, D., Lai, L., Cheung, C., & Cristobal, D. (2010). Information Technology for Management. Improving Performance in the Digital Economy (7th ed.). Retrieved from Cisco. (2013). Retrieved from http://Retrieved from Dreamweaver. (2013). In Wikipedia. Retrieved from


  • 1. PATTON-FULLERCOMMUNITY HOSPITALDorothy Davis, Richard Ghersi, Chad Canaynay, Donald MurphyUniversity of PhoenixDean McIntyreCMGT/554 IT Infrastructure
  • 2. Network Architecture Industrial Ethernet Power Distribution Units Petabyte Hard Drives NetSuite
  • 3. Storage Capabilities Administration Radiology RIS Data Center Operating Room IT Data Center
  • 4. Storage Capabilities Cloud Services as an option:◦ Benefits◦ Drawbacks
  • 5. Necessary Upgrades Accounting and Finance Human Resource Information System Customer Relationship Management Knowledge Management
  • 6. Network Access Services WIFI◦ Efficiency◦ Mobility◦ Flexibility Cable Internet – DSL◦ Stability◦ Dependable
  • 7. Web Services Purchase URL Address Purchase Hosting Services Available Web Services andInformation Applications Used
  • 8. References Citrus Cables. (Copyright, 2011). Cat5E Industrial Ethernet Assembly. Retrievedelectronically on02/07/2013 Siemon. (Copyright, 1995-2013). Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU).Retrieved electronically on02/07/2013 Wojtaskiak, M. (May, 2010). 300,000 Petabyte Hard Drive. Seagate. Retrievedelectronically on02/07/2013 Data Infastructure. (2013). Retrieved from Janssen, C. (Copyright, 2010-2013). Redundant Array of Independent Disk 10(RAID 10). Techopedia. Retrieved electronically on 02/18/2013 from
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