Horse meat scandal- how it was presented by the Romanian Media


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Horse meat scandal- how it was presented by the Romanian Media

  1. 1. Panteio University of Political and SocialSciencesDepartment of Communication, Media and CultureAdvertising and Public Relations LabCrisis Management WorkshopInstructor: Mania Xenou, CEO Reliant CommunicationsHead of Advertising & PR Lab, Assistant ProfessorBetty Tsakarestou (@tsakarestou)
  2. 2. Horsemeat ScandalRomaniaSources: ProTvMediaFax
  3. 3. MediaFax• Objective• Mere information, just facts• quotes of romanianauthorities• third person speech :«Romania is not to beblamed»• logical : «No country blamedRomania oficially for thescandal»• journalism styleProTv• Subjective• information withcomments• « on the fielf» research,experts, interviews with theinvolved parts• first person speech: «weare not to be blamed»• psychological feeling• sentimental: «we didn’t getany apology althought it’sproven is was not our fault»
  4. 4. February 1st :«A famous chain of fast food admits officiallythat sold burgers containing horse meat »Burger King (Silvercrest)
  5. 5. February 8th :The reaction of the Romanianauthorities in the horse meat scandal in Britain:"The allegations are false"• French manufacturers blame the supplier, which would beone of our slaughter houses and threaten with lawsuits.Our authorities say bluntly that the accusations are false:the meat supplies for export are correct, but its possiblefor someone to change the documents on their way to thedestination point .• Although no official information has been received throughthe European alert system, our authorities have started aninvestigation of its own. No later than Monday will bechecked the export documents of the 25 slaughterhousesthat may slaughter horses.• Our officials say it is impossible for the horsemeat to getout of our country with false documents.
  6. 6. Romania exports horse meat, 20 percent cheaper than beef in Italy Belgium,Holland and France. The difference is easily observed in lean meats.«Our horses made lasgna»
  7. 7. Beef is red, firm and has a white fat, while the horsemeat is brown, soft and hasorange fat. Veterinarians say it is impossible for a processor of good faith not torealize that its putting in blender one instead of another. Especially Romaniaexports only whole horse carcases or pieces of meat, not mincemeat.Watch the horse, the horse is gonebeef horsemeat
  8. 8. Daniel Constantin: Romania has notexported horse meat labeled as beef• Minister of agriculture, DanielConstantin, said on Monday,that from Romania has not beenexported mislabeled horse meat.The authorities checked twoslaughterhouses mentioned bythe French company, but thesuspicions were not confirmed.In the past 48 hours the Romanian authorities have conductedextensive control actions to clarify the suspicions that fromRomania would have gone in intra-Community space mislabeledmeat. We act in a preventative manner as , so far, no officialnotification was sent to Romania,»the minister said.
  9. 9. «Since leaving the citizen’s farm and until it issealed, the merchandise passes through at least fourveterinary controls. It exits the country sealed andwill be unsealed only at its enter in the processingunit. One company of the two investigatedexported only horse meat, which means that themislabeling was impossible. The second exportboth horse meat and beef, but it has a tradition ofseven years in the field, without having eversuspicions on how they operate. Checks on thiscompany did not confirm mislabelling, »said theMinister of Agriculture.
  10. 10. February 13th : British finally make testsat their own home, concerning the horsemeat scandal. A slaughterhouse and afactory involved• After they rushed to point fingers at the French, who at theirturn have accused us, the British have thought to make checksand at their own home.• After days the British pointing the finger to slaughterhouses inRomania, on the grounds that it would had exported horsemeat labeled as beef, the British finally did checks and at theirhome. And irregularities came across in a chain: last night thepolice and food safety inspectors closed a slaughterhouse inWest Yorkshirre and a factory in Wales because they commitedfraud, meaning that it was the British who were selling horsemeat as beef.• British officials said they are stunned by the discovery, but noexcuses were pronounced for Romania.
  11. 11. "All the meat sold as horse meat was horse meat, large pieces of bonelesshorse meat, not chopped and no beef. We do not have any involment in this,and any labeling error, willingly or unwillingly was not made by us," says PaulSoneriu, director of a slaughterhouse.Who made the mistake must pay, because the Romanian industry suffered a hugedamage of image as a result of the denigrating campaign from last week.
  12. 12. Searches of premises in UK andinvestigation in Paris in horse meat scandalThe scandal of horse meat falsely stamped as"beef«, led Tuesday in performing searches inthe UK, at two companies suspected ofsupplying horse meat instead of beef, and thefirst discovery of fraudulent products France.
  13. 13. • The horse meat scandal could affect us more than the drought in2012. But if we did not do anything wrong in this case, we can notremain Europe’s perpetrators of service, says Prime Minister VictorPonta.• Thats because similar scandals such as that with the cucumberstwo years ago, produced million euros damages. So Romania isentitled to request and receive compensation from the British andFrench who played with affirmations and blew up the wholeromanian meat industry.• Especially, those who triggered the scandal have found irregularitiesin their backyard. The British closed in the last 24 hours aslaughterhouse and a factory where horses were slaughtered andsold as beef.• Even if the economic damage brought to Romania can not beestimated yet, the image one is huge.
  14. 14. Ponta on BBC News: We checked all theinformation in the case of horse meat andthere were no irregularities• The Romanian authorities have verified all theavailable information for horse meat, includingthe one related to the meat processing procedure,and so far have not identified any irregularity, saidWednesday, Prime Minister Victor Ponta BBCNews.• He also said that this problem is a very seriouscrisis for Europe, not only for Romania, UnitedKingdom and France, as it affects the right ofEuropean consumers to food safety.
  15. 15. February 14th : Victor Ponta• Romania could be a «victim or a scapegoat» in the horse meat scandal if ithad not reacted very quickly and clearly, consider Prime Minister VictorPonta.• The French company Spanghero is at the origin of wrong labeling horsemeat, according to a survey conducted by the government in Paris, reportsAFP.• The Government will begin the «offensive» for a better promotion ofRomania after the crisis of horse meat is over, given that so far theRomanians "shut up every time," said Prime Minister Ponta.• «We stopped the attack and now we must go on the offensive, to say thatwe were falsely accused. Under the circumstrances was created - I thinkmore of because of us, of Romanians, because we shut up every time - thefeeling that for any trouble at European level, Romania and Bulgaria arethe perpetrators of service, so we must promote the fact that Romaniahas a modern agriculture and comply with all European regulations.»saidPonta.
  16. 16. "Horse meat and cucumber with E coli: scandalsin which Romania was accused unjustly»
  17. 17. Employers ask for compensation due to theimage damage in the horse meatscandal.What measures will take the EC?• Romanians didn’t do anything wrong and did not sellhorse meat as a beef. The French company Spanghero,as European authorities have established, is the one thatactually started the scandal by committing the fraud.• Romania was unfairly wrinkled by this scandal,because there was no fault.• "We seek to inform very well in France and in othercountries that in Romania, we respect the Europeanstandards, and that the listed companies havedefrauded" says Daniel Constantin, Minister ofAgriculture.
  18. 18. February 16th : Prime Minister VictorPonta on CNN
  19. 19. • "Romania does not have to agree all the time to sit with his head inthe ground." This is the premier Ponta reaction which, in aninterview with CNN, said the culprits who sold horse meat as a beefshould be punished harshly.• "It’s not an usual scandal, is a very serious problem, because wetake very seriously the confidence of European consumers," saidVictor Ponta.• "Fortunately, according to the survey and the results, even to thejournalistic investigation, it was revealed that all the companies inRomania have met the established standards" contained thePremier.• I scrupulously avoided to blame someone. But unfortunately,some countries are involved in what appears to be an internationalconspiracy said British Environment Secretary.• So far, nobody explicitly says that Romania is part of this conspiracy.• Accusers did not have rushed to apologize to Romanian producers.
  20. 20. 20th february: A new scandal of horse meatmislabeling comes to the light.The scandal is moving to Romania
  21. 21. • After the British and French got mad at us and accusedus unjustly that we have sold them the product, ourauthorities have discovered horse meat labeled beef inRomania . It was ment for the stores in the country.• NSVA (National Sanitary Veterinary Authority) said themeat lot found in a storehouse in Ilfov was intended forconsumption into the national market, rather thanintra-community commerce, that way «it can not bemade a connection between the isolated case of Ilfovand the situation in other EU member countries.»
  22. 22. Greece accused Romania forexporting horse meat labeled as beef:«We are always the one to blame »• The European horse meat scandal brings Romania backin the center of accusations. This time, Greece claimsthat discovered horse meat in packages of frozen beefimported from Romania.• The scandal erupted after the Greek authorities fornutrition announced that they discovered horse DNA insamples of frozen beef. Of the 26 samples analyzed twocame out positive: meat labeled as beef was actuallyfrom horse.• The two samples were from a total amount of 1064pounds of meat from Romania.• 27 february
  23. 23. The Greek point the finger at us
  24. 24. • Greek authorities say that the meat wasdelivered to Greece in the form of "beef"and "beef loin" in frozen packages and didnot got to be sold. Our authorities confirmthat the products were delivered by aslaughterhouse in southern Romania that iscurrently checked.• National Sanitary Veterinary Authorityclaims that the checks so far revealed noirregularities.• «We are guilty of Service. When a horsemeat case comes positive, everyone refersto Romania. We are in alert for three weeks,we are checking all the units, have giventhis , we have very specific data, we knowall the lots, it is verified the traceability onall lots for the past two years. As proven inthe other cases, it is a false alert andprobably in this case it is a matter ofcounterfeiting labeling. Currently nodeviations were noticed in this regard, »saidMihai Turcan, president of NSVA.
  25. 25. March 12th :Horsemeat scandal:Exports of horse meat and beefdropped dramatically«The sales of horse meat, as they were, 6000-7000 tons,we no longer expect to produce thisyear. It was money that Romanian agricultureneeded. Sliced ​​beef is no longer exported.Everyone wonders: what if is horse meat?although it was not our fault. Currently inRomania, the beef is no longer exportingalmost at all,»said Tuesday the president ofNational Federation Pro Agro, AlexandruJurconi.
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