Game design through the eyes of gaming history


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Digital ame design is a relatively new profession. I present how it has evolved through the eyes of gaming history.

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Game design through the eyes of gaming history

  1. 1. Game design Through the eyes of gaming history
  2. 2. 1962 1971 1971 Spacewar! 1st gen digital game Computer space 1st gen arcade game Magnavox odyssey 1st gen home console First attempts
  3. 3. Atari First to achieve commercial success with their arcades and consoles
  4. 4. The golden coin-ops era 1972-1985 Space invaders 1978 Pac Man 1980 Street fighter II 1991 Donkey kong 1980 Asteroids 1981 10,000,000,000+ 8,000,000,000+ 6,500,000,000+ 1,120,000,000+ 500,000,000+ Typical arcade commercial
  5. 5. Game design to serve monetization ● Super intuitive controls and objectives ● Endless, race to highscore game play ● Skill based games
  6. 6. Genre innovation in the 80’s
  7. 7. 1985 NES 3rd gen console that revived the dying US market Home consoles ● In depth game design ● Exploration and progression as objectives ● New “auto-save” mechanics ● Hours of gameplay Link to arcade commercial
  8. 8. PC as a gaming platform
  9. 9. 1989 1996 Game boy 3rd gen handheld Tamaguchi 1st “casual” handheld, aiming at girls as main consumers Handhelds ● Fragmented gameplay ● Half a toy, half a game Link to Tamaguchi commercial Link to Game boy commercial
  10. 10. Hello casualers! 2001 20021990 Bejewled Downloaded over 150M times The sims Best selling PC game in all times Solitaire The most popular PC game
  11. 11. Online and social - boys MMORPG Most subscribed game with 7M paying customers. 2004 ● Massive multiplayer online role playing game ● Game as a service (IM’s, guilds, forums) ● Sandbox, an open world ● Almost endless gameplay
  12. 12. Online and social - Girls Social game Biggest social game, more than 11M DAU at peak. FTP 2009 ● Using the vast FB community to go where no game had ever gone before ● Data is a major factor on the game design ● Behaviorism is another major factor ● Clever use of in app purchases ● Appeared in Time’s “50 worst innovations” list
  13. 13. Shifting to mobile (2009) Fruit ninja New mechanics for touch screens Draw something First true mobile social success Angry birds Bringing puzzles to the people!
  14. 14. And… New audience!
  15. 15. ● The Ipad brought gaming to toddlers ● Playing gamified toys ● Dominated by free to play model Toddlers
  16. 16. App Stores 2014 Candy crush saga Top grossing, a monetization machine Clash of clans Top grossing, dumbed down RTS game Flappy bird The app store phenomena of 2014
  17. 17. Free to play ● Games are built for short sessioned gameplay ● Game design emphasizes micro transactions ● Game design by data ● Fragmented gameplay And.. Flappy bird clones.
  18. 18. 2013 2012 2002- Playstation vita 8th gen handheld Steam 70% share of digital PC games distribution Home consoles Playstation 4 8th gen console presenting amazing audio-visual experiences
  19. 19. Thoughts of the future? ● Games as a service (QuizUp) ● E-commerce games (Covet fashion) And.. Flappy bird clones.Taking a wild guess here...
  20. 20. Thoughts of the future? ● New gamers migrating to more serious gameplay. ● Indie leaps forward, due to cost-effective projects and crowdsource efforts. ● And yea, oculus rift. Taking a more educated guess...
  21. 21. Gaming is… Everywhere “Everything in the future online is going to look like a multiplayer game” - Eric Schmidt, Google chairman Xbox 1 commercialDonkey kong commercial
  22. 22. Why do we love games so much? Answers in the next lecture...