Dorchester County Library Headquarters Tour


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Dorchester County Library Headquarters Tour

  1. 1. Dorchester County Library Headquarters Tour of the RenovatedJennie Johnston McMahan Library
  2. 2. Street view of the Library Headquarters at 506 North Parler Avenue
  3. 3. New driveway entrance off of North Parler Avenue to the parking lot at the back of the lot.
  4. 4. This is your view as you travel down the driveway to the parking lot. You can veer leftand go to the book return box to deposit items or go right into the lot to park.
  5. 5. Views from the parking lot
  6. 6. At the entrance you can either use the steps to enter or use the covered ramp to the right of the steps.
  7. 7. Our lobby entrance has a display area where we are featuring African art.
  8. 8. The front desk is visible as soon as you walk throughthe security gates. Our inside book return is placed to the right of the desk.
  9. 9. Our new Media Room is directly across the roomfrom the front desk. It contains all our adult AVmaterials – audio books, DVDs and music CDs. A HD TV displays current new programs viewable from the casual seating in the room.
  10. 10. In the Adult area is casual seating next to themagazines and periodicals and the back corner of the room. Our Adult Fiction, Non-Fiction and Large Print collections are found in this area.
  11. 11. The featured element in our Adult area is the wall mural painted by local muralists, Steve and Virginia Bond, which depicts sites and events in Dorchester County, past and present.
  12. 12. Reference and South Carolina/Genealogy Resources Reading/Study area
  13. 13. Our public computer center has been expanded to 30 computer stations. Patronscan now make color or black and white copies in our print/copy center.
  14. 14. Our new Teen area features café andcasual seating along with 4 Internet accessible computers.
  15. 15. Our renovated kids area features a service desk just for kids, an expanded reading area and casual seating for parents. Not picturedare the computer area which contains 6 Internet connected computers for kids and the 4 game computers loaded with educational games. Off the Kids area is courtyard intended for supervised children’s programming.
  16. 16. Meeting Rooms
  17. 17. We hope you will visit us at the Jennie Johnston McMahan Headquarters Library.Thank you for taking our tour. [insert logo]