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  1. 1. SMTP 49871007 廖珮紋
  2. 2. Directory <ul><li>Introduce SMTP </li></ul><ul><li>Work </li></ul><ul><li>Set up </li></ul><ul><li>SMTP Related issues </li></ul><ul><li>Conclusion </li></ul><ul><li>The End </li></ul>
  3. 3. Introduce SMTP The full name of the SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP is an e-mail in the Internet which transmission (E-mail) protocols, which are used to control the message, and POP3 e-mail transmission and reception, or agreement, but SMTP is responsible for issuing letter, but POP3 is responsible for the receipt of the letter. ? Added: POP3 ( Post Office Protocol version 3 ) is among the Internet's e-mail, to receive E-mail protocols , mail server, which normally would have POP3 and SMTP are two programs, namely the resumption of letter and the letter of the work, which in most of the ISP, POP3 and SMTP server, E-mail address is half of, for example . 】
  4. 4. Work 1.SMTP is working in two cases: one e-mail transmission from the client machine to the server; second is transmitted from one server to another server. 2.SMTP is a request / response protocol, command and response are based on ASCII text, and to meet the end of CR and LF. That returns a status response includes a three-digit code.? Added: (1)ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange? American Standard Code for Information Interchange, the definition of units of computer code            (2) CR : PC converter or shared devices            (3) LF : low frequency 3.SMTP connection in the TCP protocol 25 connection requests Fu listening
  5. 5. Work 4. Connection and send the program: (1) to establish TCP connection? (2) client sends HELO command to identify the sender their own identity, and then send the MAIL command server, the client wishes to OK as a correct response, that is ready to receive? (3) The client sends a RCPT instructions to identify the e-mail program to receive one, you can have multiple RCPT line server-side, said the willingness of the recipient to accept the message? (4) end of the consultation, send e-mail, with instructions to send DATA? (5) . that is sent along with the end of input? (6) the end of this sent out with the QUIT command. 5. Mail Road program:? SMTP server based on DNS MX records to route the e-mail, MX record of the domain name registration and related SMTP relay host, is the domain of e-mail should be sent to the host.
  6. 6. Set up SMTP software can be set up and use many But because it involves the issue of network environment Although not difficult, but also a little complicated First of all ... In terms of hardware, you have to have a 24 boot server host to do And ... to apply for DNS, if it is not DNS-floating ip Can dslcity or no-ip dynamic ip It can be used If your iis is the 6.0 version, it has built-in SMTP Just install iis is installed, the SMTP function to open Other settings configured so that you can use it? (Simply process it, a detailed look to you to find the book) Otherwise, you can install the Lightning this mail server software If you do not intend to frame the words of the host Then you can try your isp's mail server to play to go up For example you are using hinet ADSL, then it's SMTP is &quot;;
  7. 7. SMTP Related issues Q: Will the use of SMTP Server can not be sent to the general free-mail you?? Like, yahoo, hotmail, etc. A: normal status yahoo, hotmail's SMTP server does not allow you to send mail through him. You can first try to use outlook through yahoo, or hotmail send a letter, if you can then send your program to use. If you want to write letters components, you must have SMTP Server Mail Server part), and if you stand SMTP Server's IP if floating IP, probably not, because most of the host city block letters. Q: Web Mail refers to those mentioned above mail address? hotmail or yahoo, etc. A: The so-called Web Mail, simply means that a Web version of Outlook. Otherwise transfer real letter Mail Server address.
  8. 8. SMTP Related issues Q: Will the use of SMTP Server sent each other the need for POP3, SMTP and POP3 that correspond to each other then? A: Your SMTP messengers out after the receipt of a letter from the other side of the SMTP, SMTP received after the decision to discard, keep, or forward. If the reservation will be under the recipient's account into the recipient's mailbox. POP3 is for Outlook Web Mail or the receipt of a letter attached to the mailbox. Q: SMTP Server sent with each other's address must also be a support SMTP/POP3 mailbox La A: no SMTP will not receive the letter, this did not have to choose, as between the individual and the mail can use POP3 to download mail or IMAP, but this part and not so much for your program. Q: Where to go to get a free SMTP Server in the Address it?? A: Do you think someone would be stupid enough to provide SMTP Server to send spam makes it? Own frame it.
  9. 9. Conclusion E era of living in many things seem easy, but it will make good use of Bring convenience to use, but if it is not brought many disadvantages to the above will be reported Report of the SMTP can send a letter of instructions ex control many so I think science and technology Changing position all the convenience, but does not want people to it when it is lightly My experience
  10. 10. The End